The Pilgrim Virgin is a wood carving of a dress created by the sculptor Luisa Roldán in 1687. It is another of the many invocations of the Virgin Mary, such as the Virgin of Carmen, the Virgin of Fatima, the Virgin of the Way, among others.

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History of the Pilgrim Virgin

The history of the Pilgrim Virgin goes back many centuries, when a group of monks were able to obtain the carving of the Virgin, which was of great value. At the end of the XVII century, the convent or monastery where they lived was in a state of abandonment and little life.

virgen peregrina

In 1683, Fray Francisco Salmerón was the guardian and he had the idea of moving the missionary college, which was located around Sepúlveda, to Sahagún. The proposal was accepted by the General Commissioner and the convent was able to revive and develop.

In 1687 he made a journey with the new guardian of the convent, Fray Antonio González, and the new secretary, Fray Felipe, who had the pleasure of visiting the workshop of the famous sculptor Pedro Roldán.

In the workshop, Fray Felipe saw the head and hands of the figure of a virgin, as well as the child she would be carrying, in unassembled parts, but this beautiful work was largely made by the sculptor’s daughter, Luisa Roldán.

virgen peregrina

When Fray Felipe saw it, he immediately thought of how this image would look on the high altar of the convent of Sahagún, to be venerated by the seminarians and missionaries who lived there, but the price was very high and the convent did not have that kind of money, but thanks to the generosity of a merchant who donated it, the Franciscans were able to acquire the sculpture.

A chapel was built to protect it, but due to its deterioration it was moved to San Juan de los Lagos, but the parishioners there were more devoted to San Lorenzo, so they decided to move it to a safer place and took it to the Museum of the Benedictine Mothers of Sahagún.

The Pilgrim Virgin is commemorated not only in Sahagún, but also in Rosario and Pontevedra, and it is the families who entrust her with the most to protect and help them in their times of need.


Prayer to the Pilgrim Virgin

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This prayer is dedicated to the Pilgrim Virgin of the Family for protection and help:

oh my beloved pilgrim virgin, you know the needs that I have in my life, I ask you to protect me, please take care of each member of my family, that we have peace and tranquillity, that we do not lack our daily bread, that health is the first thing in each of us.

As well as asking you, I must also thank you, Pilgrim Virgin, for being an exemplary mother, for the protection you have given me for so many years, for not leaving me alone and for always taking care of me, I thank you for this and I dedicate the Holy Rosary to you. Amen.

Pilgrim Virgin of Fatima

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The Pilgrim Virgin of Fatima is the image of the Virgin under this invocation that travels to different places in the world.

It is called the Pilgrim Virgin of Fatima because the image of this consecration travels to different places, stays there for a while and then is taken to another place and so on, the mission of her pilgrimage is to evangelise and to leave the Marian message in every corner of the world.

Schoenstatt Pilgrim MTA

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It is a campaign that encourages the devotees of the Pilgrim MTA to strengthen their bonds with the prayer of the Holy Rosary.

It is a pastoral strategy for the evangelisation and transformation of families. The Campaign began on 31 May 1949, so it is sixty-eight years old.

This Campaign was born out of Father Kentenich’s desire to have allies to be missionaries, to extend and popularise the Covenant of Love, to complement and enrich Schoenstatt, that is, to strengthen the popular apostolic pilgrim movement.

This Campaign wants to guide families to give them what they urgently need: joy, the person of Jesus, concrete help in the service of man, of all men and women, in all circumstances.

In the video below you can listen to a song dedicated to the Pilgrim MTA: