The Virgin Mary has many devotions, one of them that you may not know is the Virgin of Juquila, located in the town of Juquila, in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico. Stay with our article to know which is the prayer to the Virgin of Juquila that can help you for that moment of worry that you are going through.

Oración a la Virgen de Juquila-1

Virgin of Juquila, Oaxaca, Mexico

It is celebrated on the 8th of December and many traditional Mexican dances and festivities are held there. Its cult is preceded only by that of the Virgin of Guadalupe and the Virgin of San Juan de los Lagos. A prayer is a way of communicating with God, a saint or a deceased person, either to bow down, make a request or ask for a favour, or simply to say what a person is thinking or feeling. Prayers have already been written down by the Church and can take two forms: as a devotion or practice of piety that is done individually or collectively, publicly or privately; and the second form is a ritual in which a series of phrases must be recited or repeated by the individual or the whole congregation.

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Below we present the different types of prayers to the Virgin of Juquila so that you can find the one you need for the moment you are going through.

Prayer to the Virgin of Juquila Milagrosa

Oración a la Virgen de Juquila-2

1930 image of the Virgin of Juquila

Virgin, adored and pure, holy and blessed Juquila, I send you an endless prayer, I want it to reach your heights, you who are divine beauty, free us from all pain.

Send us motherly relief with your love! What sadness the sorrows of the past have left.

Send us your warmth! Today I ask you, Mother, these three wishes: Send us health, love and money. Send us health, love and money!


Another prayer you can make is the prayer to Our Lady of Mount Carmel, which is also widely used to ask for miracles.

Prayer to the Virgin of Juquila Oaxaca

Oración a la Virgen de Juquila-3

Oración a la Virgen de Juquila Oaxaca

Most pure Virgin of Juquila, Mother of God, conceived without original sin, full of grace you are, impregnated with original righteousness and innocence, all immaculate and spotless to be the worthy Mother of Jesus. O Lady, who in your conception is the beautiful dawn of the happy day of grace and the joyful east of the divine sun of justice, which dispels the darkness of sin, dissipates the shadows of death and opens the gates of glory.

Let us rejoice, O Lady, in your glory! Let us celebrate this day, we honour your immaculate conception, we acknowledge that you are all beautiful and without blemish. We congratulate you and your most holy parents, Joachim and Anne, and we glorify the Holy Trinity for enriching you on this day. We beseech You, most pure Mother, we beseech You to give us purity of soul and innocence of habit, now and always and at the hour of our death.


Prayer to Our Lady of Juquila for Difficult Cases

This prayer to Our Lady of Juquila should be made for nine consecutive days and on the ninth day a poster should be published in the press, lighting a white or light blue candle for each day of prayer. It is said that this prayer is totally effective and after the nine days the request will be granted and another poster should be made in the press when this happens. Another prayer you can pray is to the Virgin of Carmen for difficult cases.

Dear Mother, Virgin of Juquila, Virgin of our certainty, I ask You to forgive me for my faults, because they are many, our life belongs to You, protect us from all evil, when in this world of injustice, misery and sin You see that our life is troubled, never leave us.

Dearest Mother, protect the pilgrims, walk with them on the roads, care for the poor who have nothing to eat, and give back to them the bread that is taken from them. Come with us in all our lives of sin and free us from every kind of sin.


(Write here your petition or what you want to achieve)

Oración a la Virgen de Juquila-4

In difficult situations many people turn to the Virgin of Juquila for help.

We thank the Virgin of Juquila for the favours we have received and for those we are about to receive.

With this prayer you should ask for three wishes, one for business or work and two impossible ones, however difficult they may be, the Virgin, with her great benevolence and maternal love, will surely grant them.

Say nine Hail Marys, nine Our Fathers and one Glory Be.
Say the prayer and prayers for nine days in a row
with great faith, hope and trust in her.

In this video you will find the prayer to Our Lady of Juquila for difficult cases:

Prayer to the Virgin of Juquila for love

Virgin Mary of Juquila! Give me, Mother, your eyes so that I may see with them, for if I do so with them, I know that I will not fall into sin again. Give me, Mother, your lips, so that with them I may pray to you; for if I can pray with them, God the Father will hear me. Give me, Mother, your tongue, that I may communicate with you; for it is only love and holiness. Give me, Mother, your arms that I may work, for then it will be easy for me to do many times more.
Give me, Mother, your mantle to take away my shame, for with your mantle I shall be able to reach heaven. Give me, Mother, Jesus, your Son, that I may adore Him; for if you give me Jesus, what else can I ask for? And that must be my happiness forever.
Thank you, Mother, for being with me in the hardest moments of my life, I long for you to help me to get out of this immense pain quickly, give me your strength, faith and hope so that there may be love in people. I ask you to obtain the liberation of all the prisoners who are innocent, most pure Virgin Mother of Juquila! protect us from all evil forever and guide me on the right path of life and never let me fall; in advance I thank you infinitely for the love you give and offer me. Our Mother, we will always venerate you with much devotion and love. Thank You.


This prayer should be said with faith for nine consecutive days and a red candle should be offered to the Virgin. All people want to find the great love of their life, the one that lasts forever, or as the priests say, until death do them part, you can also read the prayer to the Virgin of Candelaria for love.

Prayer to Our Lady of Juquila for Business

Oración a la Virgen de Juquila-5

Image of the Pontifical Coronation of the Virgin of Juquila in 2014

Heavenly Mother of Juquila, most loving and attentive, I come to you to ask for your blessing to give me and my family an abundance of goods in this business we are going to undertake. I know that you know that a family is more than a mother, a father, a brother or sister, a wife or husband. The family is a group in which each of its members must believe in you, so I offer this prayer to give me your blessing on my finances. I also ask for the blessing of the business of (name the person who has a business) and I ask you to bless all those whom I love and I know that they will benefit from receiving your blessing, for the power of prayer extends in the union of all who believe in it and in you, beloved Mother.


Prayer to the Virgin of Juquila for work

Whenever possible, we ask God and the Virgin to help us get a job. This prayer is said to be very powerful if you pray it with faith to the Virgin of Juquila, you can also see other prayers like San Benito Abad.

Oración a la Virgen de Juquila-6

The holy Virgin of Juquila, protector of labour

Holy Virgin of Juquila, mediator of all difficulties, help me to find a job that will fulfil me and that will provide my family with everything they need. May I be able to keep it, despite the problems and the envy of those who envy us. May I progress in it, increase my quality of life, and have health and strength. And may I be of help to those around me every day. And that in the company of the Holy Family, to whom you are close, I give you my word to spread your devotion as an expression of my gratitude for your favours.


Prayer to Our Lady of Juquila for the Family

Oracion a la virgen de Juquila-7

The Virgin of Juquila offers protection to those who believe in her.

Great Lady of Juquila, we ask that this home be a place of your love, that there be no offence, for you give us understanding. Let there be no sorrow, for you give us blessings. Let there be no ambition, for you teach us to share. Let there be no hatred, for you give us forgiveness. Let there be no forgetfulness for you are always with us. May we learn to reach out to you in our daily lives. May each day dawn and be one of devotion and sacrifice. May you find in each night much love for our husbands. Lady, may our lives be united and filled with you. Make our children, Our Lady, what you love most; help us to teach them and set them on your path. We want consolation to be mutual and love to be a reason to adore you more. May we give the best of each of us to be happy at home and with every dawn may we come to meet you and may you grant us how to be with you always.


Another powerful prayer for the family is the prayer to the Blood of Christ for the protection of the family.

Prayer to the Virgin of Juquila for the sick

Oracion a la virgen de Juquila-8

The Virgin of Juquila has healed many people.

Beloved Mother, Virgin of Juquila!

Virgin of our hope, I come before you full of confidence to ask you to grant me health of soul and body, to cure me of all my ills and to forgive me all my sins, so that I may have the strength to love you and to help you to serve and be of service to my fellow human beings, and at the moment when you ask me to share your sufferings with my illness, grant me the grace to do so with patience and resignation, so that I may offer you my ills for the purification of my soul and the healing of all the world’s needs. This is how it should be.


Another prayer we recommend to ask for health is the prayer to Our Lady of Lourdes.

Novena to Our Lady of Juquila

Oracion a la virgen de Juquila-9

Novena to the Virgen de Juquila

Novenas are devotional practices that should be done for nine consecutive days to obtain a grace or to ask for a specific intention. By praying we establish a direct communication with God and for this we think lovingly, just as Jesus did when he praised his Father, thanked him and asked him for forgiveness for the sins and faults committed by man and at the same time asked for his help. With the power of prayer we unite ourselves to God, we fight against evil and we can obtain graces from God.

This novena to the Virgin of Juquila should be made for nine consecutive days at the same time. A white candle should be lit on each day of prayer. We invite you to learn more about the novena or rosary to the Virgin of Juquila by visiting this link

Our Lady of Juquila!
Pure and immaculate in your conception, Queen of Heaven and Foundress of the Son of God. Dear little Patroness, who lavishly and graciously receives the petitions that come to you, and we know that through your divine intercession countless miracles have been accomplished.
My Mother of Juquilita, who heals the sick and comforts those who need you most, who takes care of dangers and difficulties and frees us from worries, who will never abandon us and who is our great hope, hear my sincere petitions which I address to you today with faith and trust:
(The petition is here)


Listen to the song to the Virgin of Juquila and pay attention to the beautiful lyrics:

Prayer to Our Lady of Juquila for the Home

Oración a la Virgen de Juquila-10

Holy Virgin of Juquila protector of homes

People always want peace, love and harmony to reign in their homes. For this they always say a prayer to God, the Virgin, Jesus or any other saint of their devotion, here we show you the prayer to the Virgin of Juquila for the home:

Divine and glorious Virgin of Juquila, who blesses and protects the house where you are exposed and where your holy image is venerated, we choose you today and forever as the Lady and owner of this house, we ask you to deign to show your powerful help in it, protecting it from sickness, fire, lightning, floods, earthquakes, thieves, discord and the dangers of war.

Give your blessing and protection to those who live in this house, and give them peace, faith, true devotion to God and their brothers and sisters, forbearance in sorrow, love of eternal life, that they may find work, employment and study, and the virtue to avoid bad examples, vice, sin, eternal damnation and all other misfortunes and accidents.


Prayer to Our Lady of Juquila for Reconciliation and Peace

In these troubled and violent times, people look to God and to the Virgin to ask for her intercession to stop the violence. A country cannot move forward if the level of violence is high and the insecurity does not allow its inhabitants to walk the streets in peace. The Virgin of Juquila has this prayer for reconciliation and peace in the country:

Oracion a la virgen de Juquila-11

Virgin of Juquila Mother of Reconciliation and Peace

Virgin of Juquila, have mercy on us!

Lady, who can bring us the peace we need, look at our people, disgraced by vandalism and scattered by fear and insecurity. Have mercy on those who are in pain and suffering. Give the gift of wisdom to the decisions of those who govern us.

Reach the hearts of those who do not remember that we are a brotherhood and only want people to suffer and die. Give them the gift of understanding, protect homes and all people of all ages, especially our children.

As your missionary disciples, people of social responsibility, may we be promoters of justice and peace, so that you may reach out to our people for a life of dignity.


Mary, Queen of Peace, pray for us.

A mother’s prayer to Our Lady of Juquila

From dawn to dusk, mothers place the lives and souls of their children in the hands of God and the saints, so that they may go and arrive safely.

My mother, help my children! May this expression be the cry of my heart from dawn.
O Virgin Mary of Juquila, may your blessing accompany them, care for them, protect them, encourage them, sustain them everywhere and in everything they do.

Oracion a la virgen de Juquila-12

Mothers call for their protection and that of their childrenMother of Mine, bless my children! when they go to their place of work, when they go from one business to another, may every action they take and every step they take be blessed.

My Mother, help my children, may Your Holy Blessing, My Mother, descend upon them as they go to seek healing for their ills and relief from their wounds in the court of understanding and peace, My Mother, bless my children. When at nightfall they go to rest to begin the next day with new courage to do all their labours for the love of God and so continue on their way to the eternal Fatherland. May Your blessing be upon them by day and by night, in their breathing, in their sorrow, in their work, in their daily rest, in their health and especially in their sickness, in their life and in the day of their death, so that they may be happy forever.


If you would like to learn another prayer for children, we invite you to pray the Prayer to Our Lady of Fatima for Children.

Prayer to Our Lady of Juquila the Teacher

Oración a la Virgen de Juquila-13

Teachers have their prayer with the Virgin of Juquila

Teachers have the responsibility of guiding young people through their teaching, and with this prayer to the Virgin of Juquila, they have the opportunity to ask the Mother of God to bless their work.

O Virgin of Juquila! Give me the gift of patience in my work as a teacher, so that I may be competent in the work of pedagogy.
Show me how to live with the students in a bond of charity, how to collaborate with their parents, how to encourage their personal qualities as students, and how to guide them in their formation with adult advice and friendship.
Give me a self-sacrificing soul, so that with my word and my life I may bear witness to the Eternal Teacher who is You, Mother of God.


Prayer to Our Lady of Juquila for Drivers

Oración a la Virgen de Juquila-14

Drivers have the double responsibility of taking care of their lives and of the other people who travel with them, including the pedestrians on the road. With this prayer, they can ask the Virgin to help them in difficult moments, to guide them and take them safely along the roads they travel.

Grant me, Our Lady of Juquila, a firm hand and a watchful eye, so that when I drive I do not hurt anyone. I humbly ask you, Lady, who gives and preserves life, to take care of my life today. Deliver me, Madam, and those around me from any discomfort, illness, disaster or accident. Teach me to use my car as an aid for the needs of others.
Lady, I ask you not to lead me into the path of speed, and that I may be able to admire the beauty of this land, and that I may be able to continue on my way and reach a happy end.
I ask this, Our Lady, through the merits of Your Blessed Mother and through the intervention of St Christopher, the patron saint of drivers.


Prayer to Our Lady of Juquila for migrants

People who, for whatever reason, have to leave their country can ask Our Lady of Juquila to take care of them as they travel around the world.

Watch the video below and see how they go from different parts of the world to offer devotion to this Virgin of Juquila:

O Virgin of Juquila! I pray for all those people who live far from our countries and who have had the experience of emigrating to another nation.

They are also your children who seek a better quality of life, who flee violence, who are families who sometimes walk the streets without knowing where to go. All these people need your protection. They are our brothers and sisters who need your enlightenment so that they are not deceived by the false words that sometimes attract their attention. They need your intercession so that they are not alone spiritually.
Fill their bodies with the love you give, for you are the beginning of all good. Defend them from every difficulty and strengthen their faith so that they may find joy not only on this earth but also in eternal life.
Pray for us, Holy Virgin of Juquila!


Prayer to Our Lady of Juquila by a student

O Mary, my Mother, Virgin of Juquila, you who are in the holy heavenly court where wisdom dwells forever… fill me with your grace and virtue so that I may study with dedication, be educated quickly and have the confidence and security to succeed. For the glory of God the Father and the salvation of my soul. ….


Prayer to the Virgin of Juquila when going out

Oración a la virgen de Juquila-15

Prayer to Our Lady of Juquila for when you go out of the house

When we leave home to travel, to walk, to work or to study, this prayer should be said so that the Virgin of Juquila protects us on our journey.

I go with your image, pure Virgin of Juquila, and I trust in your authority, because when I go with you I am under your protection and I know that my soul will be there for its return.

Sweet Mother, do not go away or take your eyes off me, I want you to be with me wherever I go and never abandon me, dear Mother.

For you are the one who gives us the protection that only a true mother can give, ask God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit to give us His blessing.


Prayer to Our Lady of Juquila for difficult times

All those who are going through difficult times can find in this prayer the consolation to overcome their sorrows, if they pray it with faith and hope.

Holy Virgin of Juquila!

You know that I have difficult problems to solve: help me.
From the enemies of my soul, save me.
In my clumsiness, enlighten me.
In my uncertainties and sorrows, comfort me.
In my distress: be with me.
In my burden: strengthen me.
In my moments of rejection, encourage me.
In temptations: protect me.
In times of trouble: reassure me.
With your motherly heart, love me.
With your great power, protect me.
And when I am about to die in your arms, receive me.


To conclude this article, we invite you to watch this video which explains the meaning of the clothing of the Virgin of Juquila: