They are the most important thing we have in the world, so there is nothing like putting them in the best hands with the prayer to St Michael the Archangel for our children, so that they are protected at all times.

Oración a San Miguel Arcángel por los hijos

What St Michael the Archangel gives us

He is our defender at all times, in life and in death, against the attacks of the forces of evil and darkness, which constantly lie in wait for humanity with their dense energies, with psychological and toxic attacks that harm us. That is why the prayer to St Michael the Archangel for our children should be practised daily.

He also protects us from physical dangers, such as attacks on our personal integrity or our material goods, which could be the object of robbery. This is why it is necessary to pray the prayer to St Michael the Archangel for our children and to entrust them to his protection. And when it comes to children, it is better to know many prayers of protection and to practise them daily.

Oración a San Miguel Arcángel para los hijos

He gives us the strength and courage we need when we turn to Him for faith and strength to overcome adversity, and to ourselves when we fall from hopelessness and lack of faith.

He is the fortifier of willpower to face the challenges of life. He is the light that illuminates our path, restoring peace and divine justice when necessary. So with the prayer for house cleaning we help to keep away the bad energies and give way to St Michael the Archangel to illuminate us with his light.

Oración a San Miguel Arcángel por los hijos

Meaning of his tools

The first thing to mention is his sword, with which he cuts and releases any negative and dense energy, including unwanted thoughts, as well as bad energies, worries and what we consider obstacles. It is always necessary to say a prayer for the protection of the house in order to dissipate these dense energies with the help of St Michael the Archangel.

Another tool are the chains, which can represent the great power that has to break what binds and enslaves the human being and subdues him, such as some vices or ties to the past and also any attachment that ends up causing much damage.

Oración a San Miguel Arcángel por los hijos

The other is the scales in his left hand, which can be said to represent justice, with its respective balance, and of course the order that must exist at all times and in all circumstances of life. And it can be compared to the balance and love that fills the soul with salvation.

And on the other hand, the mantle with which it protects us all from all negativity and evil beings that lie in wait for our souls. This mantle is like a shield at all times.

It is good to remember that the day that is specially celebrated for him is the 29th of September each year, when his faithful followers honour and thank him for the favours and protection he has given them.

Prayer to St Michael the Archangel for children

Glorious St Michael the Archangel, mighty leader of the heavenly militias, ever conqueror of evil

Whom you subdue with your holy sword in all circumstances. Great is the power God has given you in reward for your love, courage and faithfulness, and since you enjoy so many privileges before our Lord, I humbly ask you to intercede for my son/daughter before Him.

Oración a San Miguel Arcángel por los hijos

(Give first name and surname) I ask for your help to help my son/daughter get out of the bad times he/she is going through. May these circumstances be temporary and everything return to normal. Glorious Archangel Michael, be you his guardian and protector My faith in you knows no bounds and I know that you can master the most conflicted and dangerous situations. So I ask you to keep my son or daughter

on the right path, under Your protection and may he/she enjoy perfect health and well-being at all times. I ask You to protect him or her from the dangers in which he or she may be involved. May You inspire in him sanity and good feelings at all times. May he remain steadfast in his studies and education. And may he always remain with his united family, where love, peace and joy reign.

Mighty Saint Michael the Archangel, into your hands I place the protection of the one I love most, the blood of my blood, I trust in you and know that my petition has already been heard and will be fulfilled, with all your love for us, with your greatest glory before our God the Father and Lord, Amen. So be it!…. So be it!


An excellent meditation to do as a family to seek protection and deliverance from all that is evil and unpleasant that disturbs all that surrounds us and therefore our home. Very good. Enjoy it.