Who has not wished for the power to remove bad neighbours? Learn about Saint Alejo’s prayer for the removal of bad neighbours, which purifies many communities.

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How annoying it is when we have neighbours who are really annoying.

They come in all shapes and sizes, as if they were designed to be annoying.

For example, there are the ones we all think of as the “worst”, the noisy ones.

You can’t have peace and quiet in your own home!

The thing about these people is that they always seem to be very happy.

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Because they have music playing in their house from sunrise to sunset.

But the problem is not that they listen to music, but that they listen to music for the whole community.

Usually, people who like to listen to loud music also like to watch television.

In other words, the neighbours around them are victims of noise pollution at all times.

Therefore, they have no choice but to pray the San Alejo prayer to keep bad neighbours away.

Another type of annoying neighbours are those who think they have a shop next to their house.

They are so brazen that they can ask for anything from a match to light the stove to a tool that they never return.

These people prey on people who are too embarrassed to say no. They know they won’t get it.

Since they know they won’t get a refusal, it’s easier for them to squeeze them.

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How do you deal with it?

There is a class of neighbours who, although they do not make noise or ask for anything, are just as annoying.

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Because they keep an eye on the lives of everyone in the community.

They know with Swiss precision, at what time the neighbours leave and enter their community.

And of course if they arrive with someone, or if they don’t arrive at all that night.

The only thing they seem to care about is the lives of others.

For obvious reasons, these people are the ones who have the most problems with society.

And that is because he who wants to know a lot, wants to tell a lot!

People resort to the Saint Alejo prayer to keep bad neighbours of this type away.

But we still don’t know the story of this patron saint.


Saint Alexius

Alexius was the son of a Roman senator who was fortunate to be born into wealth.

His parents taught him from an early age the value of sharing with those in need.

On the premise that whoever serves mankind is as if he were lending to God.

So his treasure may decrease on earth, but it will increase in heaven.

This is how this child grew up, sharing everything he had with the needy.

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n this way he was greatly blessed by God.

But as Alexius grew up, he realised that opulence would not allow him to grow spiritually.

So one day he left his parents’ house with only the clothes on his back.

Legend has it that Alexius devoted himself to worship and penance.

And that his life was an example of virtue and humility.

He was happy to serve others and to offer his humiliations for sinners.

After his death, he is said to have performed many miracles for his faithful followers.

This gave him an infinite number of followers who still worship him today.

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Saint Alejo Prayer to ward off bad neighbours

Blessed Saint Alejo

You who renounced the pleasures of vanity

to serve the Lord

I ask you to grant the petition I present to you today.

As you humbled yourself to sacrifice yourself for the neediest of the needy

I humble myself at your feet to pray the

Alejo’s prayer to get rid of bad neighbours who do not let me live in peace.

I know, blessed Saint Alejo, that one must love one’s neighbour.

But these people are very difficult to deal with.

For this reason, blessed Saint Alejo

Today I have recourse to you, who are at the right hand of the Lord

So that you may intercede for me before him.

Send my prayer to him, Saint Alejo

So that he may make my neighbours amend their ways.

For there have been many people who have been angry with him.

So I ask you

That just as you left your home for Syria

May you also make your neighbours leave my house.


An anecdote for reflection

There was once a Christian pastor who had neighbours who were difficult to get along with.

Whenever anyone asked them to moderate their behaviour, the people got scalded.

So one day the pastor rebuked him and told him to leave things in God’s hands so that he could take control.

It turned out that within a few days a storm broke out, with the misfortune that lightning struck the offending neighbour’s house and it caught fire.

The neighbour immediately sued the pastor for the damage to his house.

In the lawsuit, the neighbour said that his house had burned down because the pastor had asked God to send him lightning.

Of course, the pastor defended himself by saying that he was not to blame.

For lack of evidence, the pastor was acquitted and the neighbour had to buy a house somewhere else.

Who do you think had more faith in God?

I am not telling you to pray for your neighbour’s house to burn down, but to put your problem in God’s hands so that He can take control.

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