The dresses of the Virgin of Juquila, this beautiful tradition was born after a terrible fire in the town of Oaxaca, Juquila, Mexico, in the year 1633, the houses and the temple were consumed by the fire, and among the ashes was the Virgin, bronzed by the fire and with her nine dresses intact.

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How to make the dress of the Virgin of Juquila?

The design and elaboration of the dress of the Virgin of Juquila will depend on what you want to do and your creativity, you must take into account the size of the Virgin that you are going to dress to know how much material you will need. I invite you to make your own beautiful and colourful dress for the Virgin of Juquila so that she can wear it during her next celebration on the 8th of December.

The first thing you should do is to look for all the materials I am asking you for, so that when you have them, we can start working on this beautiful dress.

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Dress of the Virgin of Juquila: Materials for making the dress

  • Paper to make the pattern for the dress.
  • Fabric of your choice (about 25 centimetres of fabric, depending on the size of the Virgin you have or will be making the dress for).
  • Measuring tape.
  • Needle, thread and scissors.
  • Ribbons, lace, beads.
  • Fabric glue.
  • Velcro or magic fastener.
  • Lots of creativity.
  • You can use a sewing machine or make it by hand. But if it is small, it will be easier to make it by hand.

Dress of the Virgin of Juquila: Procedure

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We are going to determine the length, so you will have to take a tape measure and measure, in our case the length of the front is 17 centimetres, once we have taken this measurement we must also measure the height of her hands because we must leave the marked hole of the little hands.

With these measurements we go to the paper and we are going to measure in the upper part the 17 centimetres or what you have measured your virgin, we also mark the distance of the little hands that we have measured of our virgin, and also the neck, after having made the marks we fold the paper making a triangle, when folding the part of the bottom of the triangle, a semicircle is drawn that will have to cover the whole part of the back, this is much longer than the front part.

Cut it out and you have the pattern, because the dress of the Virgin of Juquila is very simple, just have a little patience, but to see how easy it is, I will show you this video, in which you will see how to get the pattern in five minutes, and you will better understand the indications of the text in the previous part. So get ready to make a dress for the Virgin of Juquila and also one for the Virgin of Guadalupe.

As you can see, it is very easy to make a dress for the Virgin of Juquila, with a little time and creativity you will be able to make a beautiful costume and dress her up for the next fiesta and take part in the procession, as many of her followers do to pay homage to her.

Models of dresses for the Virgin of Juquila

vestido de la virgen de juquila azul

We will find a great variety of models and colours of dresses of the Virgin of Juquila, but on the day of her coronation, which was the 8th of October 2014, the Virgin wore a dress for her gala embroidered with gold and silver threads and a mantle of turquoise blue cloth embroidered with beautiful images that remind us of the Holy Family.

The most significant features of the dress of the Virgin of Juquila are the thirteen new signs and symbols with which she has sought to emphasise her importance to her people, among which stand out:

  • The crown, which establishes her as the queen of this community.
  • The halo of 12 stars and the moon at her feet, representing the eternal struggle between good and evil.
  • Her hair has been transformed into two large braids, symbolising indigenous women.
  • Her turquoise dress is embroidered in gold and silver.

Woven dresses of the Virgin of Juquila

vestido de la virgen de juquila 10

Vestidos de la Virgen de Juquila, los podremos encontrar también tejido con croche, y tejido en los telares tradicionales de la población indígena, aledaña a la región, son muy coloridos y llevan los colores pintorescos que caracterizan a los mexicanos. Ademas  le puedes colocar hermosas flores, perlitas o piedras brillantes. También puedes encontrarlos en los establecimientos cerca del templo y llevarte uno para tu Virgencita.