Holy death is jealous: everything you need to know

la santa muerte es celosa

Knowing if the Holy Death is jealous will help you decide if it is a good idea to start worshipping her, because you will need a lot of time to do so, it is important to know the good and the bad if the Holy Death is jealous or not.

la santa muerte es celosa

Holy death is jealous

For the faithful, the holy death is not jealous, well, it all depends on the perspective from which you see it, but from the perspective of the Catholic Church, it is not good at all to pay tribute to death, because it is the punishment that all men receive for being sinners.

la santa muerte es celosa

It can be said that the Holy Death is jealous because there are a number of things by which it can be seen that the Holy Death is jealous, that is, the consequences that all those who pay homage to it live and suffer.

The Holy Death is jealous because it takes those who invoke it.

Whether you pay tribute to the red, white or golden Holy Death or not, whether you believe in its power or not, everyone knows that sooner or later we will all die, but we know that it is she who decides when.

la santa muerte es celosa

It is clear that she would not take the people who worship her very soon, because she is strengthened by having followers, but there have been cases in which the people who paid tribute to her repented and decided to trust more in God, and their death came very soon.

That is to say, Holy Death is jealous, because when it sees that the person no longer pays tribute to it but to another saint, it decides to take them away as soon as possible, rewarding them for not paying tribute to it, while those who are its faithful followers last longer on earth.

Holy Death is jealous because it takes revenge on a loved one if promises are not kept.

This confirms that Holy Death is jealous, because if you don’t keep any of the promises you’ve made to her, she’ll take revenge and take away the most precious person you have in your life.

She does not want anything to happen to any of her followers, because she fulfils as long as they are honest with her, but the moment she discovers that the promises made to her are not fulfilled, after she has fulfilled the request made, as a form of punishment or penance, she retaliates with the loved ones of those who were her followers. And she abandons the one who does not comply.

The holy death is jealous, for the majority of thieves and murderers worship it.

la santa muerte es celosa

In the beginning, those who went to ask for the protection of the Holy White Death were those who knew that their last day was coming soon, so they went to her to ask her to leave them on earth longer for various reasons, such as their children, their partner, their parents, in short, for things or people who needed them.

But soon the circumstances changed and paying homage to her became a positive thing for bad people, in the case of thieves and murderers, they entrust themselves to her so that the police or any other person who discovers them in the act will not kill them.

Holy Death is jealous because she defends all those who worship her, and there is something that connects her with murderers, because she has the power to end a person’s life, she watches over their lives, and instead of the thieves and murderers dying, she makes the good people who pursue them and want to catch them to make them pay die.

The holy death is jealous, because it is said that his cult is satanic.

We return to the same thing, the Holy Death is jealous of those who betray the trust that she gives them and do not appreciate or thank the favours received in her name, she is linked to Satanism because death is something dark and bad that all men fear.

It is the energies that manifest in her cult that make us see or believe that she is satanic, but in many cases she is used, for example, to cast evil spells and acts of witchcraft against other people.

The Holy Death is jealous because only she should be worshipped.

la santa muerte es celosa

The power that the Holy Death has shown herself to have has led to an increasing number of followers, for those who follow her it is not bad, but for the traditionalists it is quite certain.

She may have strong powers, apart from deciding when everyone dies, but she is so jealous that anyone who pays tribute to another saint at the same time as her can be punished, or people who, after paying tribute to her, change saints and do not keep the promises they have made.

After reading all this, you can decide if it is good or bad to pay tribute to the Saint Death, in the following video you can see all the things you should know about the Saint Death: