The purple holy death is the one that helps us to raise our spiritual level, therefore it is the most recommended for beginners, although the holy death dresses in different colours, each one has its specific meaning, for example this one helps to channel positive energies.
Santa muerte morada

Meaning of the holy death dwelling

Santa muerte morada

The Holy Death can be identified by the different colours of the tunic she wears, and it is well known that each colour represents something different.

For example, the red death is the one in charge of love, to revive it, to return to the person who loves you, to help you in your different difficulties.

The purple death also has its meaning, as we know, especially in Mexico, they are very venerated and have an important place in rituals and supplications.

On this point, the colour of the Santa Muerte will depend on what you are asking for. The white Santa Muerte is associated with purity and peace, among other things.

La santa muerte morada es utilizada a la hora de dar un refuerzo a las diversas actividades psíquicas que se desarrollan, Santa muerte moradaIt also helps to awaken these qualities in the person.

On a spiritual level, it is the ideal aid, as it is of total help to people who are just starting out in this field, always taking into account the pros and cons that need to be considered.

Negative energies can be better channeled through the holy dwelling of death in order to transform them into positive energies that help us to strengthen ourselves and thus be able to advance even more in our spiritual power, and it is also a great help in accomplishing the mission that has been entrusted to us in this life.

Altar of the Holy Death

Let’s start by knowing that the Holy Death, which the Mexicans venerate more than anything else, is a cause of honour and is worshipped and paid homage to, in the beginning it was represented by skeletons or skulls of human origin, apart from that the Holy Death has symbols that represent it and have their meaning, for example the world in his hands, a guadana or a balance.

Santa muerte morada

In order to make an altar to the purple holy death, you must be aware that you must have enough faith and also be convinced of what you are doing, this is how you will get your petitions fulfilled and their presence will be made manifest, otherwise things will be worse than they started.

The purple holy death is a figure that is not evil and is not connected to strange or evil entities for any reason, but it has its power and it is useful to know how to use it and to have faith in it, as the purple holy death does not like to be played with, the same happens with the black holy death.

Santa muerte moradaIf you have decided to make an altar to the Holy Death, it is necessary that you take into account some tips to make the altar in your house or in the place of your choice.

First of all, consider that you must have a lot of faith in her, you must know that if you place her there, it is because you believe that she will help you in what you ask her.

You have to know that the sacred death abode is there to support you and help you with what you need.

The place should be the best, always try to keep it in the same place so that it is not the object of ridicule by people who visit your house, make sure that it is well supported and away from curious onlookers, and that the place is preferably well ventilated.

Clean the image of the Holy Violet Death well and consecrate it, it is advisable to take a clean cloth with boiled water to clean it, the cloth or cloth must be new, when you have done this it is time to place the image of the Holy Violet Death in its place andSanta muerte moradalight a white candle and wait for it to be consumed.

It is advisable to do this for a week to see if this is the place where the Holy Death Dwelling feels comfortable; if you do not experience strange dreams that are out of the ordinary, it means that the Holy Death Dwelling is happy with the place you have chosen.

Decide to tell your family or the people who live with you about the Holy Death Dwelling, at least if they don’t believe in it as you do, they will have some respect and that will help to fulfil your wishes. Above all, it is important that you can make it clear to them that they should not speak out against it. Watch this video.