Find out what Nicanor Ochoa’s prayer for money is that makes this gentleman’s followers earn money in spurts, and every day he has more faithful.
oracion de nicanor ochoa para el dinero


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There is no man who does not like money.

In fact, there is not a person who does not like what money can do for them.

We all need and want money in our pockets.

Some people want to be multimillionaires and never have to work again.

Others are content with having enough money to live comfortably.

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And some of them are already well off but want to indulge a whim or two.

But they all have one thing in common: money.

There are many people who would do anything to get their hands on money.

That’s why they play the lottery, do the Nicanor Ochoa prayer for money, and get into any business that will put more money in their bank accounts.

Sometimes it is dangerous because of the saying “ambition breaks the sack”.

We have seen cases where people have lost everything because they wanted to make more money than they had.

It is also dangerous when people get involved in fraudulent businesses that can cost them their lives.

In short, there are many people who believe that there is a magic formula for making easy money.

And the proof is in those who make the Nicanor Ochoa prayer for abundant money.

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Let’s learn about Nicanor Ochoa, who according to those in the know, is handing out money left and right.

José Nicanor de Las Mercedes Ochoa Pinto Morillo

Better known as Nicanor Ochoa, he was born on 19 February 1868 in Miranda, in the Venezuelan state of Carabobo.

In his hometown, he was known as a very powerful sorcerer.
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He was called the sorcerer who could kill and heal in 24 hours.

He always dressed elegantly and was said to be a hopeless womaniser.

According to the story, Don Nicanor Ochoa had seven wives and countless children.

His first wife was Ofelia Ojeda, with whom he had several children, the most famous of whom was Aristobulo Ochoa, a great sorcerer. He also had a sweetheart called María Eustaquia Jiménez, with whom he had Simón “el nono” Jiménez.

Those who knew him say that this gentleman had incredible motor skills.

They say that he would lie on the ground and give people sticks and clubs to beat him with.

He would offer a considerable sum of money to anyone who could beat him.

But such was the gentleman’s agility that no one could ever win a penny from him.

He enjoyed surprising people, especially children.

For example, he had a trick where he would make a snake grow out of nowhere between his hands.

When he let it go, the people were terrified and he took the opportunity to leave.

The people in and around his village admired him and said the Nicanor Ochoa prayer for money.

Although it is typical for witches to smoke tobacco, Don Nicanor did not like the taste of it.

He preferred to smoke cigarettes and drink black coffee without sugar.

Death of Don Nicanor Ochoa

Don Nicanor died of a heart attack on Monday 17 May 1957 at the age of 89.

The story goes that the day before he died he had an argument with a local man.

It turns out that Don Nicanor Ochoa was a fan of cockfighting.

And his favourite cock, called Mantequilla, killed his opponents in two seconds.

As this rooster already had a reputation as an exterminator, the gentleman gave up betting on his cock.

Don Nicanor was furious and said he would never set foot in that place again.

According to his relatives, it was the displeasure of that day that made Don Nicanor unwell and he died the next day.

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Aunque nunca se supo que se haya empleado para hechizos y maleficios.



Don Nicanor Ochoa is one of the representatives of the Yerbatera or Chamarrera court of witchcraft.

It is said that his image must be on the altar of anyone who boasts of being an excellent sorcerer.

This famous sorcerer is now in demand for all sorts of jobs.

Because of his qualities as a womaniser and conqueror, he is sought after for work involving love.

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And because he makes so much money from his roosters, most of his followers ask him to allow them to make easy money.

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Today he is believed to have thousands of followers who worship him.

His mausoleum is in the cemetery of Nirgua, in the state of Carabobo.

People gather there to offer him cigarettes, bottles of liquor and other things that Don Nicanor liked.

There are even people who have brought him women’s underwear, in memory of his passion for women.

nicanor ochoa’s prayer for money

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit

I offer this tobacco to Brother Don Nicanor Ochoa.

I ask permission of the Universal Creator and all spirits

To invoke brother Nicanor Ochoa, witchdoctor of Nirgua

Who kills and heals in 24 hours

Brother Nicanor Ochoa, I offer you the smoke of this tobacco

so that you may grant me the petition that I bring to you today.

(Make your petition)

I ask you to protect me from all my enemies.

But above all, protect me from evil

And health and happiness to enjoy the money you help me to earn.

Deliver me from all obstacles in my way.

Hail Mary, most pure, with God I lie down and with God I rise.


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Whatever situation you are going through in your life, remember that salvation is found only in Jesus Christ.

God bless you.