The Golden Sacred Death is used to attract good luck in the field of work or to ask for the multiplication of money and finances. Learn more about the Golden Death.

Santa muerte dorada

History of the Golden Death

The Golden Death is a Mexican cult, just like its Marian invocation, the Virgin of Guadalupe. Its central day is 2 November, or in some cases its celebration dates back to the day before.

Santa muerte dorada

At the beginning of pre-Columbian times, the Spaniards tried to eliminate this culture of the Holy Death, initially by destroying villages and allegorical figures representing the Holy Death. Although the conquistadors partially eradicated this cult, it remained deeply rooted among the surviving indigenous peoples and spread more rapidly.

The indigenous people, for their part, began to venerate the Holy Death in 1795, when they began to worship the skulls they found in the villages of central Mexico. In Catemaco, in the department of Veracruz.

Legend has it that a man saw the figure of the Holy Death on the planks of his hut. The man went to ask the priest of the region to consecrate the image, but the priest refused, considering the request to be a satanic rite; something that still inspires fear today.

In 1695, the cult of the Golden Death began in Hidalgo, especially for people who needed help in the field of work, to ask for a financial request, to pay off debts or to increase money in the household. Just like the holy golden death, Buddha’s prayer for money can multiply it.

Meaning of the holy golden death

Santa muerte dorada

The golden colour of this sacred death symbolises success, prosperity and good fortune, and augurs good financial fortune for those who cling to it; or, on the contrary, an improvement in finances due to a substantial loss of money.

What is the holy golden death for?

The Golden Sacred Death makes it possible to attract good fortune and to take care of the home, just as Saint Benedict prays for the protection of the home or the business in which it is placed on the altar. The power of the golden colour is superior, therefore the success that comes with the veneration of this image will lead to the multiplication of profits and monetary prosperity.

Santa muerte dorada

The Golden Saint is ideal for companies, shops, warehouses, long-term projects, industries, etc. If the company is new, it will have a good start. If it is in a bad situation, then it is ideal to cover this economic gap through its powerful prayer.

Powerful prayer to the Holy Golden Death

If you want to pray for business prosperity, multiplication of profits or never lack of money at home, then invoking the Golden Holy Death with a petition or you can also know what is the most powerful prayer in the world powerful prayer will help in any of the cases:

Hail, holy lady, holy death, my holy death of golden colour, you who help the poor, the needy and the afflicted; do not forsake them from your protection. Holy Golden Lady, you know my needs and that is why I prostrate myself before you.

Santa muerte dorada

At this moment, I urgently need you to cover my fortune with your golden shield, so that I can pay off all my debts and have some relief in my walk, regain my dignity, overcome my fears and promise me prosperity.

Beloved Golden Lady, give me the money I need and I will repay you with alms and offerings. With much love, faithfulness and in expectation of Your infinite grace. Amen.

Prayer to the Golden Lady for money

() Your name

Holy Golden Death, I bow at your feet with all my devotion. I ( ) ask You to remove poverty from me and from the whole world and transform it into wealth and abundance. Help me never to lack money in my business and home, so that I can give the fruits of money to those who need it most. May all the bad things go away, may the good things come, may the temptation to go into debt go away from me.

May bad energies and the desire to waste be transformed into financial prosperity. For those who depend on me, may the paths of prosperity and employment be opened to them. I ask You, Holy Almighty, by the power represented by the golden colour, to grant my requests. Amen.

Santa muerte dorada

Prayer to the Golden Death for Business

Great Holy Golden Death, you who give us the good fortune to achieve what we want. May the business I am about to start be successful and may I be able to feed my family with it. May I live with your golden blessing. May the money I earn from my business give me complete satisfaction and also provide employment for other people who need it. May my profits be multiplied and may my family be prosperous. Amen.

Prayer to Holy Golden Death to keep away financial problems

Holy Golden Death, You who help the most helpless who come to You, keep away the financial problems that are approaching in my business and in my life, open the way for the money I need in my daily life. May my wishes reach your holy golden mantle. Amen.