This beautiful Marian devotion of praying the novena or rosary to the Virgin of Juquila is a cult that originated in Juquila, Mexico. This miraculous Virgin has a large following, second only to the Virgin of Guadalupe.Novena o Rosario a la Virgen de Juquila 4

Who is the Virgin of Juquila?

Our Lady Immaculate of Juquila, is an invocation of the Virgin Mary of the city of Santa Catarina Juquila in the country of Mexico, founded in the year 1272. The image of the Virgin was carved and brought from Spain as a gift from Fray Jordan to a peasant who placed it in his house. The story goes that one day the house caught fire, but the image of the Virgin was only slightly burned. The feast day of the Virgin of Juquila is 8 December, and it is one of the most popular cults in the country. Thousands of people make pilgrimages to her sanctuary.

How do you pray the rosary to the Virgin of Juquila?

To pray the Rosary correctly, we must do it from the heart and with great humility. Before you begin, I suggest that you

  • Find a quiet place where you can pray in peace.
  • Have a rosary or beads or a decenario ready, whichever you prefer.
  • You will need a white candle.
  • If possible, put some flowers around and create a pleasant and cosy atmosphere.
  • It is important that you think about what you are going to ask, be specific, the Virgin of Juquila has worked many miracles, but do not digress, write down what you are going to ask, this will help you to be clear about what you are going to ask.

novena o rosario a al virgen de Juquila manos 2

Steps to follow to c

Once we are ready, we take the rosary in our hands and make the sign of the cross with our right hand, taking the rosary by the cross, then we pray the act of contrition, it is important to pray this prayer from the heart and really repent of all our sins. So that our petition may be heard by the Virgin Mary in this invocation of purity and humility.

When we have finished the act of contrition, we say Hail Mary most pure, without original sin consevida. We are now ready to offer the intentions of this novena or rosary to the Virgin of Juquila. To do this, we must pray the following prayer:

Novena o rosario a la Virgen de Juquila manos 2

O glorious and wonderful Virgin of Juquila. Immaculate Mother of Jesus, adored, venerated and beloved Queen. Today I come before you, my Lady, to offer you, Holy Mother, with humility of heart and with much faith, this rosary, to thank you for all the acts of love, favours and miracles that your Blessed Mother, with her kind heart, has granted us through this beautiful invocation of the Virgin of Juquila.

Dear Mother, Virgin of Juquila, Virgin of Hope, I ask you to forgive me my sins, which are many, my life is yours, Holy Mother, take care of me and protect me from all evil. Dear Mother, protect your devout spreaders of your faith who go through this world spreading your seed, accompany them on all the roads, watch over the poor who have no food for their body and spirit and the bread that is taken from them, Holy Mother, may they obtain it by your heavenly grace. Accompany me throughout my life and free me from all my sins, Blessed Mother. Amen.

(At the end of this prayer you should have your petition ready, if you have written it down much better, and ask for the favour or favours you need at this time).

Novena o Rosario a la Virgen de Juquila imagen 3

Now say the first mystery corresponding to the day of the week. You do this on the medal in the middle, then you pray an Our Father and ten Hail Marys on each of the following beads, and at the end of the ten Hail Marys you pray a Glory Be.

You continue with the second ten beads, which announce the second mystery, the Our Father, the ten Hail Marys and the Glory Be. Continue in this way until you have prayed the fifth mystery.

At the end of the last mystery and after the Gloria, say one Our Father, three Hail Marys and one Gloria. Then say a Hail Mary in thanksgiving to the Blessed Mother.

Graphic scheme for praying the Rosary

The following picture gives you an outline of what I have explained above, so that you can orientate yourself more easily.

rosario o camandulaLetanías


Once all this is done, it is time to do the litanies, which are very important because they help us to connect our spiritual frequency and strengthen our religious beliefs.

Then we conclude with some prayers, which I show you in the following picture together with the litanies.

novena o rosario ala virgen de Juquila Letanias

We have already finished praying the novena or rosary to the Virgin of Juquila, but we have to do it for nine days. The most important thing in this novena, or any other novena, is to show the Virgin that we follow her teachings, because the rosary is a chaplet of prayers that we offer to the Virgin to obtain a favour.

For miracles to happen, we have to believe and make merits to obtain them, so it is important to complete the Rosary all nine days and to publish the prayer on the ninth day. I suggest that you listen to the following music, which I have left in this video, while you are praying the Rosary to create a pleasant atmosphere.