Those who have read a little about the Catholic religion are not sure how many virgins there are, and this is understandable, as there are virgins to suit all tastes and needs.
cuantas virgenes existen


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As most people know, Mary was a virtuous girl.

Of impeccable behaviour and, above all, a follower of God’s law.

She was betrothed to Joseph, a humble shepherd who was looking forward to his wedding day.

Because of her good testimony, God found grace in Mary’s face and sent an angel to tell her that she would bring the Messiah into the world.

She did not understand, being pure and chaste, how such a thing could happen as the angel told her.

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That it would be through the work and grace of God’s Holy Spirit.

The same angel appeared to Joseph so that he would not reject Mary.

How could she explain such a thing to him, since they had kept each other apart until their wedding day?

So God sent the angel to tell Joseph that this was His will.

And so it was, and nine months later Mary gave birth to the child Jesus in Bethlehem.

Mary was then the mother who gave birth to Jesus of Nazareth and his earthly father Joseph.

If you are wondering how many virgins follow Mary in the Bible, there are none.

She alone was chosen by God to carry Jesus in her womb.

The Catholic religion attributed special powers to Mary because she was the mother of Jesus. See what Catholics believe, unlike other religions.

How many virgins are there in the Catholic religion?

It is not known exactly how many virgins there are in this religion.

What is known is that because of the popularity that this religion gave to the mother of Jesus.

She has gained many followers who worship her as their mother.

They believe that because she is the Mother of God, she can intercede with her followers so that God will listen to them.

Even when she was on earth, it was Jesus who decided how things should be done.

And this is shown at the wedding in Cana when she told Jesus that the people had no wine.

Her son replied that it was not yet time.

The Word of God is very clear: “No one comes to the Father except through the Son” (John 14:6).

In short, the Virgin Mary gained and continues to gain many followers.

Catholics say that there is only one Virgin Mary and that she is represented in many ways.

Marian invocations

For Catholics, the invocation is a mystical allusion to the apparitions of the Virgin Mary.

That is, the different ways of naming the Virgin Mary.

The Church recognises an infinite number of invocations with similar gifts and attributes to the Virgin Mary.

But she is still the Mother of Jesus.

These titles are also worshipped in different ways.

For your information, there are two types of titles.

Of a mystical nature

These have to do with the Virgin’s gifts, supernatural acts, mysteries or thaumaturgical phenomena.

Apariciones terrenales

These apparitions have always inspired the construction of shrines and other monuments.
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When these invocations appear, a patron is attributed to them.

For example: the Virgin protector of the Conchinchina.

They are also often given proper names, such as Dolores, Carmen, Lourdes, among others.

But whatever the name, it always refers to the same Virgin Mary.

These invocations have their own feast day.

And although we do not know how many virgins there are, they are all celebrated on 8 September.

It is common for many Catholics, due to a lack of education, to confuse different names with different saints.

There is only one Mother of Jesus, but she is usually called by the name given to her at the place of her apparition.

That is why you will have heard names such as Our Lady of the Rosary, Fatima, Chiquinquira.

As well as Our Lady of Peace, or Mother of the Eucharist, Holy Mother of Heaven.

Each one of them represents the same Virgin Mary, the Mother of Jesus.

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The apparitions of Mary

These began in the 40s AD.

She first appeared to the apostle St James in Saragossa. Spain.

The characteristics of the apparitions of the Virgin Mary are always the same.

According to those who have seen her, she appears in a balloon with a very white light.

She always wears a long tunic and her head is covered with a veil.

They say that the colour of her veil varies according to the message she wants to leave.

Her feet are never seen because she is always in a cloud or mist.

And sometimes she has been seen with a child in her arms.

Some claim that her appearances are preceded by thunder and lightning in the sky.

Angelic beings or clouds in the shape of a cross or open doors have also been observed.

Names of virgins in the Catholic religion

Virgen del Pilar in the year 40, Zaragoza, Spain, Guadalupe in 1531 in Tepeyac, Mexico.

Our Lady of Siluva 1608, Siluva, Lithuania, Our Lady of Laus 1664, France.

Another is Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal 1830, Paris, France, Our Lady of La Salette 1846, La Salette, France.

Our Lady of Lourdes 1858, Lourdes, France, Mary Mother of Mercy 1876, Pellevoisin, France.

Our Lady of Knock 1879 Knock, Ireland, Our Lady of Fatima 1917 Fatima, Portugal.

Mother of God 1932 Beauraing, Belgium, Our Lady of the Poor 1933 Banneux, Belgium.

Our Lady of Tears 1953 Syracuse, Italy, Our Lady of Kibeho 1981 Kibeho, Rwanda.

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We are privileged to be called children of God.

Not only that, but to be able to speak to Him without any intermediaries.

Open your heart to God!