Read our article about the Novena of San Onofre, which can help you get out of the monetary and financial problems you are going through.

novena a san onofre


The novenas are prayers that are made to the saints to ask for the solution of some problem that you are going through, they are made for nine consecutive days, with a lot of faith, devotion and hope that our petition will be heard by the saint to whom we are offering it.

The novenas to San Onofre are another part of the prayers made to this saint (see: Prayer to San Onofre), which are widely recited because this saint helps people to get out of their financial problems, money and work.

The only thing you have to do is to do it for nine days, it can be in the morning or at night before going to bed, and place a lighted candle in front of an image of this saint.

Novena to San Onofre for money problems

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God (See: Who is God for Catholics), You are my rock and my fortress. In you I find the answer to all my needs. I praise you because you are the one who moves mountains and walks on water. And you are the one who can calm the seas of guilt in my life.

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I ask that through your intermediary, San Onofre, you can always help me in times of need. You know every part of my financial situation. You see my material needs. You see my lack of money and my debts.

Holy San Onofre, you see my mind and my emotions filled with the heavy burden of unpaid bills and mounting debts. You see it all. Nothing has escaped Your gaze.

I come to ask you to bring your loving intervention into my finances. Show me how to get out of every financial disaster in my life.

Show me how to bring my finances into a healthy place. Guide me in every financial decision I make.

Give me a vision of a debt-free life that will motivate me and lead me to that blessed place of financial peace. Amen.


Novena to San Onofre to get a job
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Blessed San Onofre, my husband is a good and hardworking man, an exemplary husband and father. You have been so good to us and we are truly happy for all you have given us.

His work is having financial problems and I ask you to help him to sort it out so that he does not lose his job.

Please, dear Holy One, help him to get through this and if he loses this job, help him to get another one quickly. You are very gracious and wonderful. In the name of Jesus and the Blessed Virgin Mary, I ask for your blessing for my husband. Amen.

You can perform the following ritual shown in this video when you make this novena to Saint Onofre:

Novena to St. Onofre Prayer Promise

Blessed San Onofre, whom I have chosen as my patron saint to guide me and take care of me, I put my trust in you and I ask you to grant me your power of intercession before God to help me in all my needs, I promise to be faithful to you and to continue faithfully in the service of God until the end of my life.

I ask you not to forsake me in my request, for you are wonderful in what is asked of you, and I know that you can bring my requests before God to be heard and resolved. Amen.

Novena to San Onofre to attract money and happiness

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Great San Onofre, who reveals to everyone your true state as a disciple of Christ, following in the footsteps of St John the Baptist, who was nourished by dates, and all that God sent you through his angels, I fervently ask you to help me attract money and happiness into my life.

Grant me the divine grace to give light to my thoughts, so that I may realise that I must obtain the money I need in a good way in order to get ahead.

Do not abandon me at this time, give me the good fortune to win the lottery and to have more income through my efforts and work, for this I will make this novena consecutively and I will make Your name known forever. Amen.

You can also do this ritual to San Onofre to attract money into your life:

Novena to Saint Onofre to solve debts and financial problems
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Dear Saint Onofre, I entrust my financial affairs and worries about money to your divine care and love.

I ask you to remove my worries, anxieties and fears about money and replace them with faith. I know and trust that my debts will be paid and money will flow into my life.

I need only look to nature to see evidence of the abundance it provides. I release all bad thoughts about money and know that prosperity is my true state.

I commit to being grateful for all that I have in my life now. I learn to manage my finances wisely, asking for help when I need it.

Finally, I ask Him to help me understand my purpose in life and to act on that purpose with courage and strength. I know that prosperity will come in part by doing work that I love. Please help me to use my skills and knowledge to serve the world. Amen.

Another prayer you can pray for seven days is the one in this video, which you can pray to San Onofre to bless you in the lotteries: