Read our article on how to pray to San Onofre for love, which you should do with great faith and devotion in order to find your ideal partner.

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Saint Onophrius was a hermit born in Ethiopia, the son of an Abyssinian prince, who was born and lived in the fourth century AD.

The life of Saint Onophrius is told in a memoir by the ascetic Saint Paphnutius. Both men are believed to have been born in the 3rd century.

In the writings left by Paphnutius, he writes that he settled in the desert of Egypt to live the life of a hermit, like St Francis of Assisi centuries later. After a while, he ran out of food and water and, by the grace of God, carried on alone.

Then, suddenly, I saw a man approaching who looked like a wild beast. He was terrifying in appearance, hairy all over, with a skirt of leaves. When he approached me, he was terrified and feared that I would kill him.

He ran to the top of a hill, but he went to the foot of the hill, bent down and looked at it and said: ‘Come down to me, most holy one, for I am a man like you, living in this desolate solitude’, for God’s sake”.

The man, Saint Onofre, went on to explain that he had lived as a hermit in this desert for sixty years. He had previously been in a monastery in Thebaid with 100 holy brothers, but in the light of the example of the prophets Elijah (Elias) and John the Baptist, he decided to take up the life of a hermit.

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The angels brought him food and water to survive, and at weekends they gave him Holy Communion. Paphnutius stayed with St Onofre for a short time until the latter’s death, which was accompanied by the singing of the angels.

Western portraits of St Onofre include the abundant hair mentioned by Paphnutius. Images in the Orthodox religion (See: What is the Orthodox religion) strive for greater dignity, reducing the hairiness to a long beard and retaining the skirt of leaves.

Prayer to San Onofre for love

San Onofre has many prayers with different uses (see: Prayer to San Onofre), here we leave you a short prayer to ask for love to this saint.

Oración a san onofre para el amor

O Blessed San Onofre, I come to you to ask that my life be filled with the blessings of love. May the spiritual bond that unites me with my soul mate be established with a better rapprochement, when they meet our lives will be enriched.

And I ask that we be connected in body, mind, heart and soul. May our two lives soon become one. And I ask that this blessing reach God so that He may grant me what I ask of Him with faith and devotion. Amen.

Here we leave you with the prayer to San Onofre, which can be said every day to ask for whatever you need:

Oración a San Onofre para el amor y estar listo recibirlo

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Dear San Onofre, I am ready to have a relationship with a wonderful person who really catches me and loves me, who adores me and is ready to build a life with me. I know in my heart that there is someone special for me.

I humbly ask that my name be written on his heart. Please, I ask You to put the right man on my path to true love and lead me to a place where our love is committed. I am willing to work on myself and prepare myself to receive this love.

Please, Blessed San Onofre, give me the strength to see love through spiritual eyes and to be sincere in finding the relationship I have been longing for. I give you my word that I will call on your name and God’s name for the rest of my life. Amen.

Prayer to San Onofre for love finding my soul mate

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O glorious San Onofre, loving essence of all that is. Please fill me with your holy presence. I ask for your love and guidance and your blessing as I explore the depths of my heart, I ask for your help in releasing that which stands in the way of true love.

My heart is clear, my intentions are good. Please bring me my perfect partner. I seek a partner who will make me better for his or her being. I ask the Virgin Mary to intercede for me as well.

May my heart be open and my head unclouded. May my life be ready to find true love. May I be in a true relationship of love through the grace of your name and of God. Amen.

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