Elijah, a prophet of God. Against the pagans. He fought to survive and then performed miracles, the most notable of which was the resurrection of a young man. Hence the prayer to St Elijah of Mount Carmel, which we will see related below. Considered the Baron of the Cemetery.

Oración a San Elías del Monte Carmelo Revocación

Who was St Elijah?

Prophet of God. in the decade

850 BC. He carried God’s message. His name was Javeh. That means God. He tried to convince the people that there was only one God. The king at that time was Ahab. He was a very weak man who was very much led by his wife Jezebel. She was a heathen and very wicked. She hated the true religion and was ready to destroy it.


Jezebel had all the prophets who spoke about God killed and made people stop following them by threatening them with death.

Elijah came to punish those who had turned away from the truth. He stopped the rain for 36 months, bringing drought and famine. God wanted to save his life. So he isolated him in a cave with only a source of water and ravens to feed him until his life was no longer in danger. After he survived, God asked him to go to the town of Zarephath. There he stayed with a widow and her son (see article: Saint Elijah of Mount Carmel for Love).


It was at this time that the first resurrection took place. When the widow’s son died, the widow cried out in grief, asking why this misfortune had happened to her. After praying with great faith, Elijah was able to revive him and restore the mother’s faith. He became the patron saint of the dead. People began to believe in him and in God. They saw him as a prophet who spoke for God.

He asked to go to Mount Carmel and, surrounded by 450 of King Ahab’s prophets, performed another miracle. Fire rained down from heaven on his sacrifice. The people were excited and began to put an end to the false priests. They began to call him the Lord of Fire. When Jezebel found out, she asked for Elijah’s life. He had to flee into the desert and try to survive for 40 days. After so much suffering, God appeared to him and he learned to appreciate his destiny.

When he learned that King Ahab and his wife Jezebel had committed a great sin by killing a farmer just to get his farm, he told them. He told them that all their children would die and that Jezebel would be eaten by dogs. These revelations took place when Ahab died. His sons were killed. Then God called Elijah to heaven and looked for a successor. This would be Elijah. He would carry on the legacy of carrying the word of God. And when Elijah ascended to heaven, the powers of Elijah, along with all his qualities, passed to Elisha and he began to work miracles.

Oración a San Elías del Monte Carmelo Revocación

Biblical beliefs

After being a place of miracles for Elijah. The Carmelites began to have a fervent faith in him and in God. They imitated the life of Elijah and were guided by the Holy Scriptures. They oriented their lives to the Mother of God and to the prophet Elijah. At that time, he was the only tireless prophet of the Lord of the True Heavens (see article: Saint Elijah).

He was a man of spirit and faith. He continued to perform miracles, such as making the rain return. He only believed because God asked him to. And so it happened. He was not divided, on the contrary, he had an intimacy with God that allowed him to feel his salvation all the way to heaven. People could not see where his tomb was, so they assumed that God had called him to his side. (See article: Prayer to St. Elijah for money)

Oración a San Elías del Monte Carmelo Revocación

Prayer to St Elias of Mount Carmel Revocation

Prayer for Faith

Your Lord, Eternal Father Who used St. Elijah, our prophet, to live filled with Your wisdom and inflamed with the zeal of Your greatness. We ask that we may have in our hearts your love and zeal for your faith. Amen.

Prayer to St. Elias of Mount Carmel Revocation (To Avert Evil)

Great Baron of the Graveyard. I ask your spirit to send me three of your spirits to protect me from any evil that man or woman may wish to cast upon me. If anyone has any evil wish against me, let him desist from it. May he crawl to me and ask my forgiveness for the evil he has wished. I invoke your spirits, O Great Baron of the Graveyard. Amen.


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