Love as long as you have faith he will remain present, you have to devote a lot of patience with a lot of respect and motivation, in this article you will have the prayer to St. George for love.

Prayer to St. George for love You must be positive

Every person goes through ups and downs in matters of love, but do not worry, you must always remember that love is an emotional factor and that even if you try to move away from Saint Alejo, who also helped with his prayer, always attracts you more and more reason that you should not move away, put your faith in the prayer to Saint Alejo for love (see article: Prayer to Saint Alejo for love).


Have a positive spirit and never let your guard down, you just have to do things from the heart, if you have lost a love through bad luck and you want it back or you want to attract one back into your life because you have seen that this is the right person to fight like George fought the dragon. Do the St George Prayer for Love (see article: St George and the Dragon)

There are different problems in love, that is why you have to put firmness and heart in the prayer to St. George for love, which will help you in a very heavenly way, St. Onofre opens ways to the doors of love so that you can be safe and with a good spirit to keep it alive (see article: Prayer to St. Onofre for love).

Prayer to San Jorge for love to return

San Jorge, the love that I love so much and that I fight for every day is gone, I offer you my life, my soul, my feelings and my heart so that it returns to my life. I do not want to go on with this that drives me mad every day, “come back, come back” and so I can continue with my full and happy life that I had before.


He is gone, but I have faith that he will come back. Please I ask you with this prayer to St George for love and so I raise my hands to heaven and pronounce your name with all respect every day I will thank you if you make my love come back and make me regain my trust my faithful noble and holy fighter.

This love must return to me because you have the power to make it return and I entrust my will to you so that you can help me and protect me from the adversities that influence me at this time, bless me with the power of love, blindly I believe in the prayer to St George to bring back a love.

Prayer to St George to recover love

Saint George, you who are strong, you who destroyed the dragon, with your good wishes I ask and implore you to return to me the love that I have lost, with your light and your courage, which perished before those who did not remain calm, I ask you to return to me the person who was once the light of my life and who today is going away (see article: Saint George and the dragon).


This love I have to regain it because You have the power to make it return and I entrust my will to You so that You can help me and protect me from the adversities that are affecting me at this time, bless me with the power of love, blindly believing in the prayer to St George to return a love.

I want to love without limits, without mistrust, from my heart help me to fight as You did before the adversities that were presented to You by those who did not appreciate Your presence. Help me to recover my love, so that my path may be illuminated, please, that my partner may return. Amen. St George.

St George’s prayer to attract love

Before the fears of true love do not allow me to give up, give me your weapons so that I can fight against these adversities and find full love; make sure that my bad energies do not take hold of me and that I can be in trust with myself before I can find that love so longed for.


Allow me to deserve love, allow me to illuminate my paths and find true affection, allow me to fight against all the evil that gets in my way, allow me not to fall and always keep my head up, allow me to have everything that is good for me and to find happiness, but do it with me.

You who care for the poor, help this poor heart that lacks love, give me with Your fruits a person who wants to share some beautiful moments with me, the ideal partner that I hope for, that I desire and that makes me change my way of being to give him the best of me. Amen.