The anima sola is a very powerful element that can separate and destroy both the mind and the heart of any person. All believers take this into account when they pray the prayer to destroy the anima sola. Find out more in this very interesting article.

oración al ánima sola para destruir

Anima sola destruction ritual

The following ritual will allow you to destroy an enemy’s mind and heart. Remember that the Anima Sola can also separate people (see: Prayer to the Anima Sola to Separate). Now you should take note of the following requirements:

  • Perform the ritual on Friday. Whatever the phase of the moon, the most important thing is to do the ritual on a Friday.
  • Obtain a black candle. The magnitude of the spell is so powerful that it is associated with black magic.
  • Take the candle with your right hand and invoke the prayer to destroy the soul alone. The aim is to destroy the mind and heart of the person involved.
  • Light the candle and say the following words:

oración al ánima sola para destruir

O holy anima sola, on this occasion I ask you to destroy (name of the person you wish to destroy) for all the evil he has done to me. I ask you for the greatest pain, so that he suffers all the pain he has caused me.

If he wishes me harm, may it be doubled against him. As he wishes my destruction, I will destroy him before he destroys me. O soul alone, I wish my enemy to come to me dragging, begging for mercy and attention. I want to see him dragged as poisonous snakes move in search of their prey.

Torture him forever. Let his mind think only of me and all the harm I do him. Soul alone, great spirit, alone in the fire. Let his heart feel no emotion. Let him experience the greatest torment. Amen.

oración al ánima sola para destruir

Prayer to the Soul Sole to Destroy Enemies

By praying to the Soul Alone to destroy, you will be able to defeat all your most furious enemies. It should not be forgotten that the novena to San Marcos de León for taming fulfils the same dominant function. All that remains is to pray it with great fervour and responsibility, because it is so powerful.

-O Supreme Soul alone, waxed in the terrible fire. I beseech you to destroy all my enemies until they are utterly consumed. Bend the mind and heart of each of my adversaries. Let every day of their lives be a torment so that they can neither eat nor sleep. I destroy them in the name of the soul alone, so that they have no moments of happiness.

Destroy them, blessed immortal power. I wish that their intentions to destroy me are not fulfilled. May every ounce of bliss that each of them possesses vanish like the wind. So be it.

oración al ánima sola para destruir

Both ritual and prayer to the Anima alone for destruction can be powerful. There are devotees who inquire into other, even more powerful elements, such as the Black Holy Death, which can even madden any victim the speaker wishes to destroy forever. Their powers should be used with great caution.

Prayer to the Anima Sola to destroy lovers

A wife or husband can use the prayer to the anima alone to destroy a lover who is interfering in their relationship. But if you want to restrain a person or drive away a third party, there is no one better than the Holy Red Death, who is an expert in the discipline of love. Here is the prayer to anima sola to destroy lovers.

-O anima sola, I humbly offer you this desperate request. I ask you to help me destroy (name of person) because he/she is interfering in my relationship. Put an end to him/her so that my partner will never look into his/her eyes again. Don’t give him/her a second’s peace of mind. Let all his/her mornings, afternoons and evenings be eternal torment. Eliminate all thoughts of my partner from his mind.

oración al ánima sola para destruir

Oh (repeat person’s name) I wish for your total collapse and destruction. I wish that you will no longer stand in the way of this relationship that belongs only to two. I destroy you so that your evil intentions will not be fulfilled. I destroy you in the name of the anima alone, so that the discord you have sown against me may fall like a house of cards. O anima, I bid you farewell with great respect, in fulfilment of this simple prayer.

Thus ends the prayer to the anima alone to destroy lovers.