Praying to dominate the soul alone, with these effective prayers to conquer the heart of the being you love so much, that his gentleness is only for you, that his love and destiny is only yours, and to dominate and conquer the woman you love so much.
Oración al ánima sola para dominar

Prayer to the Anima Sola to tame, dominate and bind

The legendary tradition of the cult of the image of the Ánima Sola tells us that this devotion has gained followers in many parts of the world because of its effectiveness in performing miraculous works, such as curing illnesses, protecting from enemies and undoing spells, and among the miracles attributed to it, it is said that praying to the Ánima Sola to tame will ensure a permanent union with our partner.

Although it is not a devotion accepted by the Catholic Church, its diffusion among Catholics and Christians dates back to the earliest times of Christianity, it is a different devotion from that paid to traditional saints, since the Ánima Sola must be promised something that we can fulfil, that will help her to leave Purgatory or alleviate her pain, and if we do not fulfil it, we risk her revenge.

Ánima Sola, soul and being that walks in the confines of Purgatory, scorched by the purifying fire of God, I come to you in this hour to ask you to humbly grant me the grace to tame, bind and dominate this person, ____ that his love is on my side, I ask you with great humility to dominate him in my favour and I will thank you with this promise, ____ that I make in this prayer to the anima sola to dominate this love. Amen (See: What is Purgatory according to the Bible).

Through Jesus Christ, our Redeemer and Merciful Lord, I implore Your help, adored Ánima Sola, to help me, by the grace of Your miracles, to dominate and tame this person, _____, and to be able to bind her forever to the love I profess for her, I humbly implore Your holy benevolence, grant that she may have patience and submission with me, I implore You by means of this prayer to the anima sola, to dominate her heart. Amen (See: Prayer to the Soul Alone to Bind).


Most Holy Virgin of Mount Carmel, I ask You to bless this prayer to the Soul alone, to rule the One I love most, I humbly beseech You, may the Soul alone be forgiven her sins, I ask You, Virgin Mary, who comforts souls in pain, intercede with God so that this soul in Purgatory may finally reach the heavenly light, I ask You, may my prayers rise to the mercy of God. Amen.

Ánima Sola, lonely soul who suffers eternal damnation, I beg you, listen to my prayer to the lonely soul to dominate and tame ____ because I love him so much that without his love I cannot breathe, I beg you to bind his love to mine, forever, I will always dominate him and he will never leave my arms, may his tenderness towards me be present every day, I implore you, with a heart full of faith in your wonderful power. Amen.

Prayer for the soul alone to dominate a woman


If you want to dominate the love of a woman, you must shower her with tenderness, be constant and consistent with your feelings, but if you notice that in spite of your good attitude, her indifference towards your love is growing and she refuses your affection, dedicate this prayer to the Anima Sola to dominate her and you will see that this soul of purgatory will grant you the grace to have her meek and bound to your being, but fulfil your promises to the Anima Sola and you will always have her by your side.

Soul alone, your marvellous presence in this hour, I humbly invoke you to bring this prayer to the soul alone to dominate the woman I love so much, I ask you to annul her cold indifference towards the love I show her, I ask you with deep faith to make me dominate her heart and that her love be all tenderness and patience, that she seek my presence at every moment, I implore you with all the humility of my humanity. Amen.


I come to your holy image at this moment, soul alone, to humbly ask for your worthy and miraculous favours, and to be able to bind this woman to me forever, to subdue her meekly, so that her love for me may be one of harmony, I pray you with much faith, help me in this and I promise you today,____ and I will fulfil you if you will hear this prayer to the soul alone to subdue a woman. Amen. (See: Why do Catholics worship images when the Bible forbids it?)

Lord Jesus Christ, you are all love, I ask you with my humble heart to forgive my offences, that this prayer to the soul alone may dominate with all my love to the woman I love, I ask you to make her see that her destiny is to be tied to my side because only I love her so much, I ask you to bless this union and that my heart may always dominate her love, I implore you to protect us from all evil envy, weeds and unhealthy rumours. Amen.