If your child has trouble falling asleep, we recommend the prayer “Put my baby to sleep”, which has been shown by experts to have very good results.
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One of the things that new mothers often do is pray for my baby to go to sleep.

It’s really hard to begin to understand why babies cry so much.

Over time, mothers begin to recognise the reasons for the crying.

Hunger (almost always), heat, cold, nappy discomfort, in fact they become experts.

But in the first few days of a baby’s life, it is certainly difficult to get the baby to sleep.

In fact, the more tired the mother, the more sleepless the baby.

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This is why the prayer to put my baby to sleep is one of the most common prayers used by mothers.

Although the most common cause is hunger, some babies are born with the clock turned backwards.

This means that they sleep all morning and stay awake all or most of the night.

This takes a lot of energy from the mother, even if she gets help from the baby’s father.

This is because her anxiety prevents her from falling asleep while the father tries to get the baby to sleep.

Obstetricians and paediatricians advise mothers to try to get the baby to sleep every time.

This is to quickly recover the energy lost during childbirth.

Some mothers are very lucky because their babies sleep peacefully through the night.

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Different reasons a baby may not sleep

Babies can wake up for a variety of reasons, which are listed below.


One of the first things a mother does when her baby cries is to see if the baby is hungry.

It is very unlikely that she has forgotten to feed the baby, but it is possible that the baby is not satisfied.

Sometimes the baby’s gas has not been removed effectively and the baby feels full.

But as soon as the baby relaxes, the hunger usually returns.

This is why they cry, to let their parents know that they are hungry or thirsty, even if the mother thinks it is not time to feed.

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The first thing you need to do is to relax so that you do not show your distress to your baby.

Allow your baby to calm down by comforting and stroking him.

Try to feed him until he is full, so that he does not fall asleep without eating enough.

If your baby cries because he is hungry, he will fall asleep as soon as he is satisfied.

Nappy discomfort

Once you have ruled out hunger, the next sign to check is the nappy.

The mother may think the nappy is not wet enough, but it is the baby who is uncomfortable.
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Check that the nappy is not irritating or too tight.

There are brands of nappies on the market that can cause allergic reactions on your baby’s skin.

This is why you should be aware of any allergies your baby may have.

Once you have changed your baby, try to soothe and comfort him and then put him to sleep.

Other factors that may be involved

If it’s not hunger or nappy discomfort, check the room environment.

It should not be too hot or too cold, as this can make your baby uncomfortable.

You can also try giving your baby a warm bath to help them relax.

You can check that there are no strange things in the baby’s cot, such as mosquitoes, ants or other annoying insects.

If none of these factors are bothering your baby, it is best to call your paediatrician.

He or she will be able to tell you what to do if your baby is unwell.

If your baby is in pain, it is very likely that he or she will not be able to sleep.

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Praying to put my baby to sleep

When a baby cannot sleep, it is a very difficult situation for everyone in the family.

Usually, when the baby cannot sleep, no one in the house can sleep either.

That is why parents say the prayer to put my baby to sleep to avoid a bad night.

Our Father, who art in heaven

Hallowed be thy name

I thank you, Lord, for the great gift you have given me

for allowing me to be a mother to this beautiful baby girl.

Thank you Lord that our family is growing.

And we know it is because your grace does not leave our lives.

Today I want to lay my baby girl’s life before you.

That you may protect her from all evil

And from every danger

Don’t let any virus or disease reach her, beloved Father.

I ask you to cleanse her little body with hyssop

So that no impurity can harm her in any way.

Lord, at this moment I would like to ask You

To send the sweetest of Your angels

To tenderly lull my baby who won’t sleep

To blow the breath of sleep on my baby

That he and all of us may rest

Lord, I pray that now as we go to sleep

You watch over our sleep

May your eyes be open day and night over our home

And please don’t forget to wake us in the morning.

I thank you in advance, beloved Father

And I bless you in the name of your son, Jesus.


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You can always count on God to protect not only your baby, but your whole family.

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