In this post we will see part of the history of the Virgin Mary in this invocation and the prayer to the Virgin of Salta is made in her sanctuary on Saturdays for pilgrims, but you can also do it from home in case of adversity.

History of the Virgin of the Hill of Salta

The apparition of this Virgin took place in Salta, Argentina, around the nineties, and she appeared virgen de saltato Mrs Maria Livia Galliano, a visionary who remained in absolute silence for five years without saying a word.

But it was in the year one thousand nine hundred and ninety-six that the Virgin revealed her name and said that she was the Immaculate Mother of the Divine Eucharistic Heart of Jesus, also known or called the Virgin of the Three Little Hills. Since her apparitions, great and wonderful miracles began to happen.

Later we will see the prayer to the Virgin of Salta.

Chapel of the Virgin of Salta

A sanctuary has been built in honour of the Virgin of Salta in the place where she appeared, in the north of the Argentine Republic, at the top of the second of the three hills, that is, in the middle, it is a place for meditation, reflection and prayer.

This construction in honour of the Virgin of Salta was built by servants and pilgrims, as a form of promise for the favour received, or simply out of admiration and for being believers of the Catholic Church, it is an architectural work made of stone and flagstone taken from the same place.

Its construction began on the first of May in the year two thousand and one, eleven years after the first apparition of the Virgin of Salta, from which date the tradition of praying the Holy Rosary every Saturday began. Below is the prayer to the Virgin of Salta.

Prayer to the Virgin of Salta

How do you pray to the Virgin of the Hill? This is the prayer to the Virgin of Salta: Oh, my beautiful and beloved Virgin of Salta, you who are the Mother of the Most Sacred Eucharistic Heart of Jesus, my faith is placed in you, I trust in your mercy, today I come before you to humbly ask you to give me the strength of faith that I need so much, so that I can be completely sure that you will take care of me and protect me.

virgen de saltaYou are the only hope I have left, because I have already exhausted all the resources in my hands, so now I can only put my hope in you, I hope you give me your compassion and do not judge me for seeking you as a last option.

virgen de salta

I am sure, dear Virgin of Salta, Virgin of the Three Little Hills, that you will not turn a deaf ear to my pleas, because here, at your feet, I am asking you to help me and to resolve the things and problems that are weighing down my life.

May it be the love that is in your divine heart that decides what is best for my life, I implore you, beloved Mother Virgin of Salta, to grant me this favour that I am asking for, if it is for the good of my soul, through the Heart of Jesus.

I ask you to give protection and health to each member of my family and friends, I ask you that they be well and that their future be safe and free from all evil, that your Virgin of Salta and the Virgin of Guadalupe guide my steps and those of all those I love.

Take my problem, Lord and Virgin of Salta. Take my heart, Virgin of Salta. I trust in you, Eucharistic Heart of Jesus. Amen I trust in you, Eucharistic Heart of Jesus. Amen. I trust in you, Eucharistic Heart of Jesus. Amen.

Prayer of Consecration to the Most Pure Heart of the Virgin of Salta

Pure and my Mother, I stand before you today to consecrate to you my heart, my whole life and my will, I ask you to lead me to the Heart of your beloved Son Jesus, so that you and my dear Virgin of Salta may dwell in me.

virgen de salta

With this petition I want you to know that I want to be totally devoted to you and that it is your love that guides my path, from today I want to be your faithful servant in everything you command me.

I ask you, Virgin of Salta, good Mother, to be the sweet companion of my life, please do not abandon me day or night, do not let me stray and do not separate me from you until the hour of the last day, and allow me to enjoy eternity with you, be blessed and praised forever, Virgin of Salta, Amen.

Where is the Virgin of Salta?

The Virgin of Salta is located in the province of Salta, Argentina, in the north of the country, and is visited by thousands of faithful at different times of the year. It is also known as the Virgin of the Hill, because it is located in the neighbourhood of Tres Cerritos, just 10 minutes from the centre of the city of Salta.

The video below features a song dedicated to the Virgin of Salta: