Nowadays there are many prayers, some of them are approved by the Catholic Church because they are addressed to its saints, others are not, for example, the Anima Sola prayer, which you will know today, is a prayer that is considered very powerful to bring back the couple.

oración al Anima Sola

Who is the Anima Sola?

oración al Anima Sola

Before knowing the prayer to the Anima Sola, it is necessary to know a little about the origin of this being, which is said to be a lonely woman in purgatory, desperately praying for deliverance.

The Anima Sola is considered a Catholic figure and can be prayed to in a purely orthodox manner. However, this method promises to obtain an indulgence for her or to pray for the salvation of souls in purgatory.

Only a baptised Catholic in a state of grace can fulfil this bargain. Therefore, unless one fulfils these conditions, it would be unwise to make a promise to the Anima Sola that one cannot keep.

The most popular image of the Anima Sola is that of a woman in a burning dungeon looking up to heaven. Her chains are broken and she looks at peace, as if the flames consuming her soul do not bother her. She is patiently waiting for the Saviour to forgive her sins, while her arms are stretched out as if the Saviour had sent the Queen of Angels (see: St. Michael the Archangel) to free her from her torment.

The Anima Sola is very popular, especially in Latin America; some people say that once you pray to her and work with her, the entity will stay with you forever. Some people work with what is known as black magic, when you work with her using this type of magic, it must be done with the left hand, because it takes away the other person’s free will: they will never know peace until they return to you.

oración al Anima Sola

For this reason, black candles and water offerings are generally used in dark magic invocations. Prayer to the Anima Sola is often used as a more coercive form of reconciliation work. On the other hand, when working with white magic, which is the purpose of this article, precautions are taken to work with the Anima Sola, it is important that you know that if you make a promise through prayer to the Anima Sola, you must fulfil it or it will have serious consequences, in white magic it works in a completely different way.

As an offering, prayers are used in her honour and also white candles which are lit to illuminate her path and God will receive her in his grace, a jar of honey is also used as an offering (because the person who returns will be angry, so she needs to be sweetened for you) or also a vigil of protection. Working with Anima Sola is risky in the sense that it is considered dark magic rather than white magic and has consequences; some believe that to invoke it is to summon a spirit directly from hell.

What is the legend of Anima Sola?

oración al Anima Sola

There are some legends about the origin of the anima sola, the first one tells us that the beginning of this soul was one Good Friday afternoon when Jesus Christ was crucified, a woman called Maria Celestina Abadengo brought water to the three men who were condemned to the cross, she gave water to the first two men called Dysmas and Gesmas, but for some reason she was afraid of Christ and did not give him water to drink.

When Maria Celestina Abadengo died many years later, it is said that she was sent to purgatory for refusing to give water to the Saviour, there are many legends associated with the Anima Sola, I leave you a video where they tell you another one about her, it is very interesting, it is part of the culture of many countries, for example in Mexico she is celebrated on the Day of the Dead.

Another legend tells how Maria Celestina Abadengo was a witch who practised the black arts, and when Jesus was carrying the heavy wooden cross through the streets, she ran out into the street as he passed her house and spat in his face. Thus he ended up in purgatory for his offence and insult to the Saviour Jesus Christ, paying for this mistake for all eternity.

Anima Sola Money Prayer

Oración a san cayetano

The anima sola can help you if you have money problems, you just have to do the prayer to the anima sola for money problems, do it with faith that if it works, if you want another prayer you can learn the prayer to San Cayetano for money and work is also very powerful sure you will like, then additionally I leave you a video with another prayer for money.

You Jesus Christ, my only Lord, you were the creator of this world, you are the only salvation for our souls, you are the heavenly being who gives peace to the spirits in purgatory, thanks to your love you came down from heaven to earth to give your life to redeem us and forgive us our sins, to open the gates of heaven so that we may have the opportunity to enjoy your glory.

I come today in supplication, humbly offering you this prayer, to intercede so that you may comfort the loneliest soul who is in this sad place, she is abandoned, she is very lonely, please I ask you for this lonely soul, free her from all her torments, have mercy on her soul and forgive her sins, free her from her sorrows.

Oración a san cayetano

O You who are so merciful, my Lord Jesus Christ, in these hard times, please hear my supplicant prayer and be gracious to my petitions, I am in great need of Your graces, Lord of my heart, great Creator of the world, You my Lord, who are the Son of the Most High, I am searching for You, please do not abandon me.

Listen to the soul alone, my great Lord, this soul who is in despair in Purgatory, she is so determined to do good with us that you give her the forgiveness she so desperately needs, she is not a bad soul, listen to her, my Lord Jesus Christ.

She who, out of her sorrow, presents to You our economic difficulties, including those of work, and prays to You for us so that each one of our financial problems can be resolved, listen to her and help us to resolve these shortages quickly, for my Lord, look at us with those merciful Eyes and listen to the plea of the lonely soul.

Listen to her who is there only to serve You, please listen to her plea, Father, that she is making on our behalf and relieve us of this heavy burden that we are presenting, please grant us Your goodness and Your mercy and Your blessed Anima Sola, the one who is so abandoned in Purgatory, who suffers pain and torment every day in this place.

Oración a san cayetano

To you, anima sola, that God always listens to you, Jesus Christ, His Son, also listens to you, I know that soon you will be able to enjoy the glory with them, please reach me the divine mercy and intercede for me to calm my urgent economic needs that are causing me so much pain and so much despair, talk to Jesus so that He gives a happy end to these hardships that I am suffering.

Blessed Anima Sola, please help me to achieve (Mention the favours you want) attend to my prayers anima sola, I promise you that you will always be present in my prayers, in this way you will shorten your lamentations Blessed Anima Sola, in you my dear Jesus Christ, I place my complete faith and I am completely obedient to your will, please listen to these prayers and stretch out your hands to us.

Jesus Christ please bless us, bless our life, bless our family with abundance of both material and spiritual goods, in return we will always strive to live by your rules my dear Jesus Christ, I pray this prayer in the name of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Oración a san cayetano

At the end of this prayer you must pray the Creed to the Passion of the Lord Jesus Christ, also pray three Our Fathers and three Glories in honour of the Anima Sola, all this will be done for a period of three consecutive days and during these days you must light a white candle and keep it burning until it is consumed, remember that if you make a promise to the Anima Sola you must fulfil it.

Remember that if you make a promise to the Anima Sola you must keep it, the prayer to the Anima Sola alone has consequences, if you do not do what you promise, all the graces that are given to you will be taken away if you do not keep your promise and your situation will be worse, remember this because it is important, this prayer to the Anima Sola alone you can modify it to get work, if you do it with faith it will work, if you want another prayer for this purpose you can choose the prayer to San Elias for money.

Prayer to the Anima Sola for despair

This prayer to the anima alone works to despair to make a person come to you and you can dominate, is very used this prayer to the anima alone to return the loved one totally meek, it is important to perform the prayer with faith and be sure that the person will return, if you want another option try the prayers to St. Valentine to recover a love, learn a little more about the oracion to the anima alone in this video is very interesting, do not miss it.

Today I turn to you anima sola, you who are a soul of peace, not of war, not of evil, that you have gone through purgatory, that every step you take is punished, today I come to pray this prayer to you anima sola, I come begging to ask for your favour, have mercy on me, this humble person who comes begging.

You alone anima, that you are an anima of God, I want that (write the full name of the person you want) returns to me, that he is always at my side, that he realises that he cannot live without me and that at my side he is very happy, I ask it to you supplicant, my dear anima Sola.

I am here today, I ask you to include me in each of his thoughts, to make me present also in his heart, in his deepest feelings, so that he cannot forget my image, so that he remembers in every moment of his day, all the good times we had together, so that he does not remember any problem we have gone through, I ask you, anima sola, put me in the heart of (name the person in full).

oración a san cayetano para el amor

Let him not have moments of pleasure with anyone, let him not have pleasure even when he eats because he needs me, let him feel desperate because he cannot see me, let him feel bad because he cannot feel me, let him want to call me, let him want to be with me, let his rest be uncomfortable, let him find peace only with me.

May he not experience a moment of happiness unless he is with me, may he not be at peace, may his despair only be soothed when he comes to me and when he returns may he be meek, may he come to me in supplication seeking the love that only I can give him, may he come in despair so that I may soothe him and may he remain here forever.

Anima Sola with you, white magic must be united so that (name the person in full) comes to me in desperation, that he comes completely surrendered at my feet, that he cannot live without me, that he is always looking for me, that he needs me with all his strength, that he loves me passionately, that his love is pure and only for me, eliminate all bad thoughts about me, I ask you Anima Sola blessed.

Oración a San Cayetano para agradecer

Make (state the full name of the person) see me in his dreams, make me be present in his imagination, make each of his thoughts be only me in him, make him come desperately to my house, and make him be dominated by my will with each of his steps, you alone, Anima, that you are in sadness and loneliness suffering for purgatory, listen to my prayer.

Anima sola blessed, take pity on this poor woman/man and remove all this pain that I feel in my heart, with the desperate return of (give the full name of the person) listen to my prayer and help me in this petition that I (your full name) will return the favour by praying for you and lighting a white candle for five days so that God will have pity on you as you have had pity on me and you will attain eternal rest and go to the light with Him. Amen.

At the end of reciting this prayer you must pray three Our Fathers, also a glory, this prayer to the Anima Sola you will pray for three days in a row, remembering that you must fulfil the promise you make to the Anima alone, if you cannot be punished, if you want another prayer of this type you can learn the prayer to St Benedict of Palermo for love.

Prayer to the Anima Sola for separation

Oración De Sanación

If you want to separate two people, your husband / or her lover can resort to prayer to anima alone, you just have to do it with faith, if you want another option you can make use of prayer to San Rafael to separate is also very powerful, in addition to this I leave you a video with a prayer to separate that is very powerful that you will surely like, you enjoy it.

Today I come to you Blessed Anima alone to ask for help, I invoke you so that with your great power you manage to separate two people who are together doing me much harm, please Blessed Anima Sola away to (Full name partner) of (Full name lover) as they are together and is not a good relationship as my husband / a friend / a boyfriend / a is leaving me and leaving behind everything we have built with so much effort together.

Ánima alone I ask you to take you to a place far away to (Full name lover) so that his lies and evil that have tied my beloved, (Full name partner) do not touch him any more, that this is completely forgotten (Full name lover) to be removed from his mind any trick that (Full name lover) has used to bewitch him no longer have power in it.

oración a san cayetano para el amor

May all the witchcraft and spells that (Full Name Lover) has used be removed, may it have no effect on (Full Name Partner) that they move away and do not want to see each other as my person is being hurt, I ask you Blessed Anima Sola I know that with your great power you will listen to my requests and take the reins to help me.

You know my blessed anima sola that my happiness is at stake and that depends on you, may your glorious power keep these people away from each other, keep (full name lover) away from me and my family I ask you anima sola, I also ask you to keep away from my home the bad neighbour and any family member who does not wish me well, keep away from my home the doubts, any insecurities and problems that are lurking (See: Prayer to Santa Muerte).

Away anyone who comes with weeds to sow discord and hatred in this quiet home, eliminate evil and selfishness in my partner, also eliminate any bad feelings that I possess, bring back to my family the happiness and joy that we so much deserve, I ask you Blessed Anima alone on my knees, I know that what I ask you you will grant me, I’m sure of it.

oración al Anima Sola

Anima alone blessed separates (full name partner) from his evil lover (full name lover) that together they have no pleasure, that they find no happiness near them and that they see each other and feel only contempt, that they reject each other, Anima alone sows hatred between them, that doubt and deception is always present between them.

O Anima alone blessed I call upon you in desperation, I call upon you with strength and with great confidence, eliminate all affection between them, that all witchcraft and magic be eliminated so that my relationship with (partner) grow and be better than before, I call upon you Anima alone blessed listen to my prayer and help me with my supplication eliminate all evil that is in my house to be happy again with (partner). I ask you supplicant Anima sola bendita, I beg you on my knees, I know that your great spiritual power will do everything I say, it will be so.

If you are successful in your petition, you must thank the Anima Sola for the favour granted by lighting a white candle for five days until it is completely extinguished and praying a prayer of thanksgiving.

Prayer to the Anima Sola for binding

Oración De Sanación

If you want to bind a person, the prayer to the anima alone is for you only you must do it with great faith that she will help you, if you want another option you can also learn the prayer to St. Elias of Mount Carmel for love that is very powerful, I leave you a video with an additional prayer that you will surely like, it is very powerful, do not forget to use it if you need it.

Oh blessed anima sola, oh soul of the sun and of the earth, you are the anima sola of heaven and of evil, oh glorious one, today I turn to you in need of your grace, I find myself a supplicant making this prayer, I do it with all my heart and soul.

I ask you, anima sola, that (name of the person) loves me and loves me as much as I love him/her, that he/she puts me in his/her heart and does not allow him/her to take me out, that he/she makes me present in each of his/her senses, so that he/she feels love, tenderness, peace, trust only for me, and also that he/she is faithful to me and desires my whole being, because I am (your full name) for him/her.

Oración a San Cayetano-para-abundancia y prosperidad

Please encourage him alone to come to me (name of the person you are in love with) totally in love, to feel immense sexual desire for me and no one else, that every thought he has during his day is directed to me, that he does not feel happy when he is not with me, that he comes to me (name of the person you are in love with) totally in love with me, that I am (your full name).

Anima alone I beg and I ask you with desperation that he comes to me (name of the person you are in love with) dominated, desperate with love for me (your full name) I know that I will make him happy, that every thought of love he has is for me, that the body he desires is mine and no one else’s, that he finds peace and happiness only with me.

Oración a San Cayetano-para-abundancia y prosperidad

May every one of his senses lead him to me, may he be madly in love with me, (your full name) may he not be able to live without me, may all his love be for me, I ask you on my knees blessed anima sola, I am desperate I want him bound to me and I know that with your help I will be able to bind him.

I know that you will listen to me anima sola and that you will bind him to me so that I can be happy, I know that you will remove from his mind any image he has of another person, bring him to me so that I can dominate him, I (your full name) promise you that if you hear my prayer and grant my request, I will devote myself to you and I will pray for you every Monday for two months so that you will have eternal glory.

Anima Sola prayer of thanksgiving

Oración a San Cayetano-para-abundancia y prosperidad

If the prayer to the anima sola has given you results, it is time to thank her, you can do it with candles and this prayer, remember that this is very important so that it does not have any kind of consequences and you are not persecuted, if you want another kind of prayer, you can choose the miraculous prayer to Saint Elena.

O lonely soul, you are the lament of a soul imprisoned, alone and abandoned in a dark dwelling. O lonely soul, soul of peace and of war. Soul of the sea and of the earth. O souls, you who are alone and abandoned, I accompany you in your pain. I have thought of you, I have done this because I know the sorrow and suffering you must endure in your hard and long imprisonment.

Oración a san cayetano

I offer you this prayer and this cup of water because I want to alleviate your pain and quench your thirst.

Blessed anima alone, no one calls you, but I call you. No one seeks you, but I seek you. No one loves you, but I adore you. No one remembers you, but I hold you in my heart. I offer you this lighted candle to help you find your way to the light.

At this moment I offer you my meritorious work and all that I have suffered, have suffered and will suffer in this life can never compare to yours.

I humbly pray that you will finish paying for your mortal sins of the flesh so that you can find the grace of God and be rescued from your prison,

With your grace you will be my benefactor. Amen.