Enchanting St Michael the Archangel can be useful for many things, but especially for defeating fierce enemies. Protect yourself by invoking these psalms to the great patron saint of the Celestial Vault.

ensalmos a san miguel arcángel

14 Psalms to St Michael the Archangel

By praying these praises to St Michael the Archangel, you will be able to fight your enemies with the mighty sword of the saint. They are quite strong and direct prayers, so think carefully before you say them, because they involve directing the ensalmos at a specific enemy:

-I (name of the speaker) invoke these 14 ensalms, which belong to Jesus our Lord. O God, together with the supreme power of the great Saint Michael the Archangel, I ask You to enchant (name of enemy) who seeks my irreparable evil. I wish that his evil energies never come to harm me, for he will be ensalted under the power of the Creator and St Michael. With his sharp weapon he will not hurt me, with his weapon he will not kill me.

May his tongue, with which he tries to insult me, never reach me, nor may his deeds affect me. The Virgin Mary will protect me from all evil and danger, as will St. Peter and St. Paul. O St Michael the Archangel, with your majestic sword make him humble himself before your presence and bring him defeated to my feet.

ensalmos a san miguel arcángel

-I (name of speaker) preach these protective psalms in the name of Jesus and the fabulous St Michael the Archangel. I wish that justice may overtake the fiercest enemy, that he may be condemned and crushed under the power of St. Michael and of Jesus, our God.

-I (name of speaker) prostrate myself at the feet of the Giver of Life and Archangel Michael, that he may immediately defeat my enemies. I expect you to come humbled before me as you humbled the devil in battle.

-I (name of speaker) invoke these protective psalms in the name of God and the Guardian, St Michael the Archangel. I hope to see each of my enemies defeated one by one, for from His hand I expect a resounding victory.

-I (name of speaker) preach these glorious psalms through the mediation of St Michael and our Lord Jesus. I have full confidence in their heavenly powers. I wish to see my enemies defeated like (name of enemies to be defeated). If any of them dare to interfere in my life for my evil, I myself will drive away their evil intentions.

ensalmos a san miguel arcángel

-I (name of speaker), in the name of St Michael the Archangel, the Blessed Virgin Mary and God the Creator, recite the following psalms of help. If I am forced to flee, may my fierce enemies not pursue me.

These ensalmos are very important for any devout Catholic to know, as is the novena to St Mark of Leon, which serves to tame enemies.

Ensalmos to St Michael the Archangel

During the ensalmos to St Michael the Archangel, a white candle is lit. Carve three crosses on the candle with a needle or a small stick that can easily pierce the wax. The following prayer is said

-For our Lord Jesus Christ, for Christ, for Christ, for Christ. Amen.

In the name of the sword of St Michael the Archangel, may all enemies who seek my evil be driven away. May plagues, sickness, financial and spiritual poverty, snares and other troubles be removed. I invoke this benevolent spell for my well-being. O St Michael, how great is your watchfulness over us from the heavenly paradise. Free me from the shackles that hold me back. Calm my enemies and follow the example of St Mark of Leon, who was able to tame them.

ensalmos a san miguel arcángel

May every evil person who wishes to harm me not achieve their unhealthy goal. May every lie that seeks to harm my relationship never do so. If they wish to slander me, may the mighty sword do justice. O Saint Michael the Archangel, under your wonderful wings I am protected.

In order for these ensalmations to St Michael the Archangel of Sorcery to be fulfilled, it is essential that the speaker repeats them for at least 3 consecutive days. However, if you are looking for other types of spells for these cases, the Black Holy Death is the one for you.

Incantations to St Michael the Archangel

To support the ensalmos to St Michael the Archangel, you can use this prayer to make your enemies flee from you.

-O majestic St Michael the Archangel, who has ascended to heaven by virtue of your infinite grace. You who represent struggle and power in the face of the tyrannical power of Satan, I now call upon you to protect me from my enemies who seek my evil and misfortune. Bring me forth in the face of adversity, so that none of my opponents may see my downfall or banishment.


You who unite your power with the seraphim who guard the vault of heaven, in their name I invoke this prayer. I take my leave of you, but not before thanking you for all the favours you have bestowed. Amen.

If you want to know more prayers like this, you should go to the great saint with his prayer of protection for different situations.