The Virgin and Child is one of the most common paintings in Marian art, in which the Virgin Mary, Mother of God, holds a child in her arms, referring to her son Jesus Christ.
Virgen con niño

Madonna and Child

Virgen con niño

The Virgin with Child in this case represents the Child Jesus, her Son, who came to this earth for the sole purpose of redeeming us and saving us from our sin. When we speak of the Virgin with Child Jesus, we are not referring to a representation of the maternal and sublime love of this woman who was chosen by God among all women to fulfil the important role of being the Mother of the Son of God, the Virgin Mary.

It is one of the most used images in the iconography of Marian art, if we refer to the artistic theme, it is one of the images adopted by the Catholic Church because it is so important on a spiritual level. Historically, it can be said that the first image of the Virgin with Child is still preserved in the catacomb of Priscilla.

Madonna with Child and Two Angels

The Madonna with Child and Two Angels is one of the most popular and recognised works of art of the Renaissance. The painter of this majestic work was Filippo Lippi, who was also a monk at the time, which did not prevent him from falling in love with a nun called Lucrezia Buti.

Virgen con niño

They spent two consecutive years in a romance that was kept secret until they both decided it was time to renounce their vows, and from this beautiful love were born two children, a girl and a boy. The author of this work, The Virgin with Child and Two Angels, Filippo Lippi, followed in the footsteps of his father, who was also a painter.

Such popularity of the Virgin with Child and two angels has a close relationship with the Virgin, Mother of God, since it can be reflected in this painting such image, in this beautiful painting the Virgin is very well represented by Lucrezia in profile and it can be noted how she is intoning a prayer in front of the child that at the same time is supported by two angels.

Name of the Virgin with Child

Virgen con niño

The Virgin Mary is given different names according to the place where she appeared and the miracles that she performed, in her different invocations, such as the Virgin of Fatima, she will always show that motherly love and protect us because we are her adopted children, the love that she feels for her Son she pours it out on all of us.

The name of the Virgin with the Child in her arms is nothing other than the Virgin Mary with her Son Jesus, who through this image shows us her great love and protection. She teaches us the true feeling of being a mother, of loving and protecting our children, and that is why she has served as a great inspiration to those who have had the great privilege of capturing this image in works of art.

The Virgin and Child Murillo

The Virgin and Child is a work of art by the artist Murillo, who always stands out for being baroque, he is an artist from Seville, born in 1617, his name was Bartolomé Esteban Pérez but he always signed his paintings with his mother’s surname, which was Murillo.

Virgen con niño

This great man is one of the best Spanish painters of the modern era and belongs to the second generation of Baroque masters. Murillo developed his art very well and dedicated himself to Seville and he owes his popularity to the religious themes and to this beautiful picture painted on canvas of the Virgin with Child.

Meaning of the Virgin with Child

The image of the Virgin with the Child in her arms is undoubtedly also known as Mary Help of Christians. This is how she came to be known more popularly as Mary Help of Christians, who today is the patron saint who helps us in great problems, failures and critical moments.

The Virgin with Child and St John the Baptist

The Virgin with Child and Saint John is a beautiful work depicting the Virgin with her son Je’su as a child and Saint John, who is related to Saint John the Baptist, who was the son of Saint Elizabeth. Although the exact provenance of the work is not known, it is possible to observe the feeling of sadness in each of them.

Virgen con niño

Everyone in the painting has their eyes closed, the Virgin Mary, the Child and St John, in this painting it is Mary who is holding the Child and at the same time she is embracing St John who is holding a staff in the shape of a cross. See this video below.