There are many versions of the Bible in which we can study and do our daily devotions, in this opportunity we will talk about how many historical books the Reina Valera Bible has.

cuantos libros historicos tiene la biblia

We will know how many historical books the Bible has (Reina Valera 1960)

In order to begin an exhaustive study of the Bible, it is important that we first know, for example, how many books there are in total.

Then how many parts it is divided into and the style of each of these books.

This will give us a much clearer idea of what we are reading.

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Now that we know how many historical books there are in the Bible, let’s enter the world of the beautiful history of the Bible.


cuantos libros historicos tiene la biblia

In them we see the life and work of each of the men and women who wrote each historical book.

We can also see the struggle of God’s people between their idolatry and unfaithfulness to God and their repentant return.

In each of these books the people had battles which they won and lost.

And, of course, the victories or defeats they had convinced them that the God they served was faithful.

The latter because of their disobedience to the instructions God had given them.

Many of them leave traces that still serve as examples of perseverance and faith today.

They show you how God expects you to act if you are His faithful follower,

And you learn that when we are unfaithful and disobedient to God’s instructions, the consequences are devastating.

But in contrast, we see the same God they have so often failed and turned their backs on.

Time and again He accepts them in their repentance and defends them from their enemies.

In these twelve (12) books we will see unique stories that will help us to mature in our faith.

We are now learning how many historical books there are in the Bible:

cuantos libros historicos tiene la bibliaJoshua

This man was a warrior among God’s people, a man of faith who fought to win victories for the people.

Always following and obeying the voice of God, the book tells the story of the Israelites’ journey.

Until they finally conquered the land and divided it among the 12 tribes of Israel, as God had commanded.



As the people of Israel continued to disobey God, when they lost their battles because of their disobedience, the people by whom they were defeated took them as prisoners.

So God, in His infinite mercy, raised up a group of men and women to help them.

And they were able to get out of the oppressive yoke of those countries. They were called judges, and they were there to judge the people.

And to make them walk in righteousness and to lead them on the way of holiness and obedience.

But many of these judges were also warriors whose hand did not tremble to make the voice of God obeyed.

Deborah was one of them.

cuantos libros historicos tiene la biblia


In this wonderful book we observe Ruth’s demonstration of love for her mother-in-law Nohemi.

After her husband’s death, such a demonstration of faithfulness is nowhere to be found.

And in the end, we see that when we act in faithfulness and love, God rewards our walk.

100% recommended for your growth as a Christian to be strengthened in faith and love.

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1 Samuel

This priest served God during the time of the judges and King Saul.

Let us not forget that the people asked God for a king and He sent them Saul.

Although in this attitude they once again despised the Supreme Being who had never abandoned them. cuantos libros historicos tiene la bibliawho had never abandoned them.

This had terrible consequences for the people, as you will read when you start reading.

We can also see that when King Saul failed before God, David was anointed as king by Samuel.

2 Samuel

Although David was anointed king, it was many years before he was crowned king.

This second book of the priest Samuel was written during David’s reign.

During David’s reign the nation was united, strengthened and growing.

But after David’s sins of adultery and murder, they began to suffer terrible consequences.

And not just God’s people, but his own family.

1 Kings

After David’s death, his son Solomon began to reign, and that is when this first book of Kings begins to be written.

A huge civil war broke out, resulting in the total division of a nation.

Two new nations were born, Judah in the south and Israel in the north.

2 Kings

This book tells the story of the conquests of Judah and Israel, one by Babylon and the other by Assyria.

And as always, these situations were the result of people disobeying God by not obeying His laws.

cuantos libros historicos tiene la biblia

1 Chronicles

In this book we can read all the genealogies from the time of Adam to the time of King David.

And it tells all the details of what happened during David’s reign.

2 Chronicles

This second book tells the same story as the first, but this time it goes into more detail about the southern kingdom.

This was, of course, Judah and the people who ruled it at the time.


God’s people had been in captivity for many, many years because of their disobedience.

Then they returned to their beloved Jerusalem and one of the people who led them was a man of God called Ezra.

He was given a real challenge and that challenge was to lead the people back to following God and honouring Him as He deserved.


This was a man whom God moved in his heart to move to Jerusalem to rebuild the walls.

He instilled in the people courage and faith that God would always help them and how to work with a sword in one hand and tools in the other to get the job done.

He joined Ezra in the hard work of turning the hearts of the people back to God.

And to rekindle that passion for the God who had never left them alone.

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And finally, to learn how many historical books the Bible has:


This was a woman who was a queen in Persia, she was Jewish and during the whole process of the story of this book.

She discovers that her stay in that country as a queen and the fact that she was chosen out of thousands to be the king’s wife.

It was no accident and she realises that it was in God’s plans for her to have the authority to deliver her people.

This is a wonderful story of God’s faithfulness to His people.

With this last book, we now know how many historical books there are in the King James Version of the Bible.

And we now know that there are 12 in all.

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