If you believe that witchcraft has been cast against you, pray this prayer of St Michael the Archangel to counteract it definitively.

Oración de revocación de san Miguel arcángel

Prayer for the Reversal of St Michael the Archangel

O mighty St. Michael the Archangel, since you are the one in charge of all works on earth, I make this request to you today at this hour, and I light a candle upside down to reverse my life, especially to reverse any black magic work, work or sorcery against me, and I promise to be your servant in body and soul.

Oración de revocación de san Miguel arcángel

I ask that the senses and matter used by my enemy be reversed and that everything that happens to me be positive and for my benefit. May the person who wants to harm me suffer as the Son of Almighty God suffered on the cross.

May everything he tries to do fail because he is doing things that are not of God or of the Virgin Mary, may he feel trapped by his actions, may he be desolate, without shelter and without refuge. May he also suffer the falls that Jesus suffered, and may the third fall be before me, so that he may ask my forgiveness for all the harm he has done me. Amen.

Prayer of revocation of the powerful St. Michael the Archangel

Oración de revocación de san Miguel arcángel

O victorious St Michael the Archangel, today I come to You to ask You to reverse every evil action against Me, that all the people who want to see Me in a bad light, may they be the ones who are evil and be punished, that everything they want to see Me in will be reversed and as a form of punishment I will triumph.

Help me to defeat these people who are the servants of the devil, just as you were able to defeat their leader, the evil one, with the strength and power of your sword. I know that with your help and that of the Virgin of Guadalupe, I will be strong and I will prevail under her protection. Amen.

Prayer of revocation to St Michael the Archangel short

O mighty and holy undoer of the evils of the world, righteous one of heaven who overcomes evil and greed, I come before you today on my knees to ask you to help me undo all the evil that my enemies may do to me and my family.

Oración de revocación de san Miguel arcángel

May every man or woman who works against Me have everything turned upside down, may I be the one to see them humbled and begging Me for forgiveness, Saint Michael the Archangel, the mighty hero of evil and injustice, I want my enemies to come to Me as I stand before You.

Oración de revocación de san Miguel arcángel

That in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit I can make my enemies repent of all the work they have done against me or my family, that they repent or realise that working with black magic and under the law of the devil is bad and in the eyes of God it is punished, so I do not want to wish them evil, but if they do not repent in time, their wishes will come back to them.

St. Michael the Archangel, I ask you to break all the evil that surrounds my home, that anyone who wants to harm me will repent, help me to have no enemies and that nothing bad will happen to me. Amen.

I promise to make your holy novena to you, St Michael the Archangel, so that this revocation prayer of St Michael the Archangel will have more power.

Work of revocation with St Michael the Archangel

To perform this work of revocation you must perform a prayer of revocation of St Michael the Archangel, to have power it must be done with great faith.

You will need a white candle, a blue candle, a glass beaker, a white ceramic plate and purified water.

Oración de revocación de san Miguel arcángel

A blue candle should be lit upside down so that the spell can be reversed, fill a glass with mineral water or purified water, then cover it with a white ceramic plate, carefully turning the glass of water as well as the candle, taking care not to spill the water.

Another white candle is lit in front of an image of St. Michael the Archangel, and the prayer is said in which we ask that all the evils that haunt us be returned to those who ask for it.

In the following video you can see a work with the prayer of revocation to St Michael the Archangel: