The chakras and the archangels are related in terms of the light and energy that they transmit to improve the organs of our body from any disease; firstly because the chakras are centres of light and internal energy and the archangels are celestial beings that help us to heal or solutions to our requests.

Chakras and Archangels

When referring to the chakras, it is important to note that they are inner centres of light and energy that can be awakened through meditation. They are usually depicted as spinning wheels in Western religions. The faster they spin, the more you are on the same level as the archangels.

These angels are celestial beings that can be contacted through meditation and through the connections of each of the body’s chakras. Each of the energy centres ‘spins’ in a circle and allows a vibrant call to be made to the celestial beings.

These beings respond with a healing of some discomfort, illness, disease, ailment, but also respond to the granting of our requests. In the area of the chakras we receive messages from these angels at certain times. This can be seen in the crown, heart and solar plexus chakras, where we will often experience touches of intuition. These are the names of the archangels and the chakras that correspond to them astrally:


    Red is the colour that represents love, like this angel. It is the first chakra and therefore your base colour, which has to do with realism and survival. Through this colour you can visualise objects such as pomegranate juice, rubies or roses as a solution to using the energy of your chakra to connect with this angel of unconditional love. It is also the colour of money, red in particular allows the circulation of money in our lives.



    This archangel is identified with the colours violet and orange. This angel corresponds to the second and crown chakras and is sometimes called the angel of joy. It is in the second chakra that meditation is most effective, it is about sexual and social satisfaction. It is also about freedom of mind and body (see article: Chakras and Mantras).



    The colour corresponding to the solar plexus or third chakra is yellow. Visualising objects of this colour, such as sunlight, lemons or buttercups, will help to connect your chakra energy with the illuminating energies of this angel.



    This archangel corresponds to the throat chakra and his colour is blue. To connect with this celestial being, you need to activate your throat (fifth chakra) through meditation and use blue coloured objects such as: the blue sky or a blue gemstone such as sapphire.



    The colour green corresponds to this chakra and archangel. It is the fourth chakra and corresponds to the heart, which guides us through life and helps us to open our hearts to be more receptive to love. So looking at bright green objects such as limes, leaves or emeralds can help us to connect with the energies coming from this angel.



    The colours purple and gold are associated with this archangel and the third eye chakra. This chakra consists of premonitions, intuitions and connecting with the inner self. To do this, it is necessary to imagine the centre of each chakra glowing in its corresponding colour, remembering that the chakras produce rays of light that attract the archangels and this is how their blessings are poured upon us.



    The name of the Archangel Gabriel means the power of God. His complement is hope and he is the celestial being of the WHITE CRYSTAL FLAME. Among his qualities are: Ascension, Divine Mother Consciousness and Purity. His ray is magnetised or magnified on Wednesday.

    In order to carry out the cleansing and purification of the seven chakras, it is necessary to be in harmony and balance with the universe, for which the seven archangels are of great help:

  1. We begin with the root chakra, the Archangel Uriel.

    To cleanse this chakra with this Archangel, it is necessary to place your feet on the ground and breathe 3 times, imagine that an orange or red flame enters your chakra and unblocks it, then place your hands on the chakra located in the pubic bone and bless it, thanking him for the stability that the Archangel Uriel gives you. Finish by giving thanks.


  2. Sacral Chakra, Archangel Zadquiel

    In order to find the chakra, it is necessary to go with the hands up to the area of the navel, there you will find the sacral chakra where you free yourself with forgiveness and transmutation. In this way you should visualise a violet flame that fills your chakra, eliminating all painful memories, you should also forgive to achieve liberation and connect with love. You can ask Archangel Zadquiel to cut you free from all guilt. To be grateful.

  3. Solar Plexus Chakra, Archangel Jophiel.

    When you have finished with the sacrum, place your hands on the pit of your stomach where the solar plexus chakra is located, where all emotions such as fear, low self-esteem, addictions and blockages to continuing with your life’s mission reside. To see this, imagine a yellow flame and ask Archangel Jophiel to cut and burn all these negative energies. Then breathe very deeply and release everything. Finish by giving thanks (see article: Temples of Hinduism).

  1. Heart Chakra, Archangel Chamuel.

    Next you can move to the chest, where the heart chakra is located, where the feelings of family and partners reside, affecting your bronchial tubes and lungs because of the sadness and anger stored up by painful memories. To help clear this chakra, visualise a very bright pink flame opening and clearing your etheric heart area. From here you should ask Archangel Chamuel to help you release all memories and sadness and end with gratitude.


  2. Throat Chakra, Archangel Michael.

    Before visualising, place your hands around your throat and then try to say: I ____________________________ full name, at this time release and release any negative decrees or affirmations that harm me and the universe. Then, without removing your hands from the same position, imagine a bright blue flame cutting through everything that you have held back for fear of speaking out and that is blocking your emotional stability. Archangel Michael with his sword is able to cut and release you from all your fears. Then you are grateful.


  3. Third eye chakra, Archangel Raphael.

    The third eye chakra is associated with Archangel Raphael; it is located in the middle of the eyebrow and represents intuition and thought. At this point place your hands on top of each other and begin to ask Archangel Raphael to help you clear your mind of critical thoughts, judgements and all the negative things that can feed and contaminate your body. Visualise a green flame entering this chakra and healing you. You are grateful.

  1. Crown Chakra, Archangel Metatron.

    This is located in the centre of the head, to do the cleansing place your hands there and visualise a soft indigo or violet flame to open the chakra and connect with the Universe. Once this is done, remove your hands to allow a golden flame to flow through the chakra, aligning and harmonising the organs involved.

    Once the cleansing is complete, place your hand on your heart to bow and give thanks to the Archangels and Masters who have been involved in this cleansing and purification of the chakras. It does not take much preparation to do this, just find a quiet place, connect with your breath and have faith as you do it.

    Faith is an extremely important element in achieving the cleansing and purification of the organism. The chakras are related to the organs of the human being and it is essential to create harmony and balance between all of them. The chakras and the archangels are essential elements to balance the life of the human being, the petitions made to these celestial beings help to solve any problem that the person has; for this reason their relationship is close and they are effective in granting the wishes that any person makes with faith.

    In Hinduism, this practice is very important, along with meditation, through which balance, peace and tranquillity can be achieved in the whole human organism (see article: Symbology of Hinduism).