Prayers are a fundamental part of our daily lives, there is always a prayer for every occasion, in this article we will teach you how to make the prayer of the meek lamb for the boss, you can also make a prayer of the meek lamb for your loved one.
Oración del corderito manso para el jefe

Prayer of the meek lamb for the boss

In many cases our boss is like a stumbling block to go forward or it also happens that he wants to step on you as if you were something worthless and it is for these cases that the prayer of the meek lamb for the boss has its great effect, we invite you to practise it and then you will see the amazing results, you can also make the prayer to the Holy Trinity for a very special favour.

Oración del corderito manso para el jefe

Oh blessed meek lamb, you who have always been calm and wise, today I come to you with a great need that troubles me, you have the power to change things if I ask you with a good heart and faith, through this prayer of the meek lamb for the boss I want to put it in your hands, you know he is not treating me well, we have difficulties and I do not want to lose my job that is the livelihood for my family.

I ask you today to listen to my prayers, I need your help and your benevolence, look how he has treated me, he has humiliated me and does not want me to work in that place anymore, I need the job and I only ask you to tame him so that he sees the need to ask for forgiveness for his mistakes towards me, so that I can be free and not feel less because of his threats.

Oración del corderito manso para el jefe

Today I come to you sad with a broken heart, I am in pain and oppression because of this problem and the difficulty it has caused me, I ask you to give me peace and to see with my own eyes how my boss repents and from now on treats me better, as I deserve as a worthy child of God, to come to me with pain and ask for my forgiveness, say the Christian morning prayer.

Little meek lamb, you know how my relationship with my boss has been and it has not been very good, he has let me down and made my life impossible, I cannot resign, if I do I will not be able to feed my family, my days will be complicated, help me in this painful moment I am going through, I know you can help me, tame him, make him change his mind, so that his heart is transformed by your grace.

Oración del corderito manso para el jefe

Blessed Lord, you who were meek, have mercy on us and help us to get out of this trial that you have put us through, I don’t want to lose my job because of this unjust cause that I have been subjected to, my boss doesn’t tolerate me and I come to you for help so that this situation is changed, thank you because I know that your love is inexhaustible and that you can change this situation for the better, for the positive, you are great and I give you honour and glory forever my God, I pray the prayer of Christian healing.

On this day I approach the throne of grace to ask for Your immediate help in this time of tribulation, You know the sorrows I am going through, do not leave me nor forsake me, I ask it through Your holy name, holy and merciful You are a good and kind Father who conquered on that wooden cross to be crucified for our sins, You are great King of kings and Lord of lords, to You we give all praise and majesty.


We praise and bless You for Your eternal love, You are powerful and we have no doubt of this, we know that we can come out victorious from this situation that has us in fear today, that does not let us sleep, help us and we will be grateful for life, imploring and praising Your name.

We know that You are a God of mercy and that is why we turn to You in search of Your consolation and the solution to this problem that has plunged us into sadness, but today we declare absolute victory over the enemy, he is defeated and neutralised, life has prepared a better destiny for us because only You God want it and You allow it, this boss who has touched us will be trampled and will be sorry for having hurt us, this situation has come to an end. Amen. Watch this video.