Saint Dominic Savio was a child dedicated to the service of God, who was not fortunate enough to spend his fifteen years on this earth, at that age he left to meet the Lord, know here the miracles of Saint Dominic Savio.
Milagros de Santo Domingo Savio

The miracles of Saint Dominic Savio

Many miracles have been attributed to this saint, miraculous healings that have been verified and led to his beatification. Thousands of his followers and devotees pray and venerate him every day, asking him to intercede and grant their petitions. Learn more about the miracles of Saint Cajetan.

Milagros de Santo Domingo Savio

Among the most outstanding miracles of Saint Dominic Savio there is one that happened in 1927 in the province of Salermo, in a province of Italian origin, it was a boy of seven years old who suddenly fell ill and worsened, he had a serious infection in the vicera and this was accompanied by a serious kidney complication.

When this diagnosis was given, there was great consternation on the part of his relatives, the same thing happened with the miracles of Saint Angela of the Cross, and after seven days this child, called Albano Sabato, became even more complicated, he presented a septisemia accompanied by nephritis and bilateral broconemonia, and that was not all, he was attacked by meningitis and almost died.

That was the worst day for the family, because they didn’t have any hope that the child would wake up alive, the doctor even had his death certificate drawn up, but to everyone’s surprise, including medical science, the next day the child was completely healthy.

Milagros de Santo Domingo Savio

In this child’s room, on a small table, was placed a holy card of the good Saint Dominic Savio, and also near it was placed a lighted candle, another holy card was placed under the child’s pillow, and they began to pray to him, asking him for the health of this sick person who was on the verge of dying, they already knew about the miracles of Saint Dominic Savio, and with great faith and devotion they sought his help, and he helped them as he had done to Saint Hilarion.

Having seen this, which seemed incredible to them, they carried out further tests on this seriously ill child, which proved the complete healing of this sick man who was in the final stages of his illness, which makes us know that it was a complete miracle.

Milagros de Santo Domingo Savio

Another important miracle that led to the beatification of this saint was the healing of a girl called Consuelo Adelantado, only 16 years old, she fell and this fall caused a fracture of the elbow with dislocation, as she could not immediately go to the doctor, everything was complicated, it was necessary to operate surgically to repair this considerable fracture, but even if the operation was done, the chances of recovery were very low.

During one of those nights of pain and sadness over what had happened to her, the girl had a dream in which a priest appeared to her and told her to make a novena to this saint and to put all her trust in him. She already knew about the miracles of St Dominic Savio, and in the same dream the priest told her that she would be cured by the following Friday.

Milagros de Santo Domingo Savio

The next day the girl, shocked by the dream, told her sisters and they decided to find out who the priest was who had appeared in her sister’s dream, and they found out who it was: a priest called Juan Cagliero, who had been a good classmate of hers when she was studying in Santo Domingo Savio.

The woman, who was only 16 years old, decided to believe in the dream that had shown her how to be healed and began the novena as instructed. On the following Friday, there was no improvement, her arm was still the same or even more swollen and painful, but she didn’t lose faith and at about 4 o’clock in the morning she woke up and prayed unceasingly, asking for the miracles of Saint Dominic Savio.

To her great surprise she was instantly well, her arm could move and she no longer felt the sharp pain, all discomfort was gone, the swelling disappeared and her arm was completely healthy, she stood up and told everyone what had happened to her, she went to Mass to thank and glorify God for this great miracle that had happened in her life, these two miracles were the main triggers for the beatification of this saint. We can pray to St Dominic Savio for pregnant women. Watch this video.