Saint Yellow Death; find out how she can bring you closer to money, learn her prayer to help you with your finances and what she tells you when you dream about her.

Santa Muerte Amarilla

What does the Yellow Death mean?

Santa Muerte can wear different types of robes, this is the garment with which she is covered, it is the objective of our request that will have the weight in the choice of the colour of her robe. In this case, the yellow colour can mean that the devotee is asking for help with money, finances, gambling, the protection of goods, the protection of business premises, better pay, good luck or anything to do with money.


Saint Yellow Death is also traditionally believed to be wise and inspirational to students, readers, scholars and writers, as the colour yellow is associated with being a bearer of light. Saint Yellow Death can lead us to divine light or eternal damnation, depending on whether our prayers to her are for good or for unjust harm.

She is much sought after in her yellow incarnation by people of money to preserve their political, economic or financial power, and by people of little economic solvency to buy their daily sustenance. We can know the meaning of the Saint Yellow Death because the economic fact is present in the daily life of all people and because the yellow colour is synonymous with wealth.

Prayer to Saint Yellow Death

For this prayer to Saint Yellow Death, wear light clothes, preferably yellow, light a yellow candle or candles, place on the altar near her image some sweets or a yellow fruit, such as pineapple, sweet potatoes or apples, and consecrate to her a cinnamon incense or one appropriate to the occasion, begin and end with two Our Fathers and a Hail Mary.


Saint Yellow Death, I invoke you so that I do not lack bread or money, keep me away from poverty and protect me in abundant wealth, keep me away from scarcity, bring me closer to happiness so that I do not suffer from misery. Saint Yellow Death, who wears the robe of light that protects us from the shadows, I ask you to take care of my goods so that my business may flourish and I may continue to feed my family, keep away bad luck, envy and money from flowing to me. Amen.

Saint Yellow Death, give me the inspiration to acquire knowledge that will help me to improve myself so that, thanks to your great goodness, I will not face times of scarcity, I implore you because God has given you the power to lead souls to their final resting place since the beginning of time, so I ask you, through your immense wisdom, to give me light so that I do not waste what is so difficult for me to generate. Amen.

Saint Yellow Death, always on the trail of my soul, watch over my steps as the angel that you surely are, so that I may not stray from the path of my Saviour, and that my enemies may not find me, so that neither gun nor knife nor any weapon may harm me, therefore I commend myself to your holy image, and deliver me from the eyes of envy that may not ruin my life, by the grace of the Almighty Lord, Holy Reaper, to your holy power I commend myself. Amen.

To dream of Saint Yellow Death

To dream of Saint Yellow Death dressed in her yellow robe means that she is warning us that these minor financial problems will soon be over, that many doors will open for us, and that we should therefore have confidence in our talents and virtues, that the coming days will be to our advantage. It is not a dream to worry about, its symbolism has to do with the coming of better times or with knowing how to secure our material goods.


To dream of the Yellow Death is perhaps a sign that it is time to secure our business or our person, although it is also a warning of a minor event that may trigger other events that affect our income, all because the yellow colour of the Yellow Death is associated with money.

It is a dream for which we must be very grateful to La Flaquita, and the most appropriate thing to do as a sign of gratitude is to dedicate to her, on an altar dressed in yellow, one or more candles of that colour, and also to say a prayer to her, so that she protects our patrimony.