Those who believe strongly in the protective virtues of the Cross of St Benedict tend to have it tattooed on their bodies. Find out in this interesting and detailed article what a tattoo of the cross of St Benedict means for those who wish to have one.

tatuajes de la cruz de san benito

Meaning of Saint Benedict Cross Tattoos

Unfortunately, many devotees of Benedict of Nursia cannot count on the precious object. However, this does not dampen the spirits of those closest to the saint. Since they do not have the cross of St Benedict in their hands, they decide to mark their bodies with the cross. Most of them have it tattooed on their backs or shoulders (common places for tattoos).

Both men and women who have the cross of St Benedict tattooed on their backs hope to be protected from gossip and slander. Insults and slander come from those we least expect. Therefore, a valuable meaning of St. Benedict Cross tattoos is to protect against betrayal and backstabbing from unexpected unscrupulous people.

tatuajes de la cruz de san benito

As long as the tattoos of the Cross of St Benedict are on the shoulders of the devotee, they will allow a superior strength to be bestowed. This stimulus will help the individual to face problems with fortitude. The same applies to making decisions at the right time. With tattoos of the cross of Saint Benedict on the arms, it will mean bravery and courage. It is worth mentioning that this saint was very brave when he fled from his village.

The cross tattoos of Saint Benedict are as much in demand on the body as the tattoos of the Holy Death, due to the great boom that this powerful saint has taken in Mexico as well as in the rest of the world.

tatuajes de la cruz de san benito

Saint Benedict Cross Tattoos and their power

The very fact of having this wonderful symbol on the body shows a clear commitment to St Benedict. Some people also get the medal of St Benedict, which is nothing more than the object in its entirety. Those who get these tattoos should not worry whether the medal or the cross work in isolation, because this is not the case. Both elements work in the same way and ensure the well-being of those who wear them.

All tattoos are personalised, but most parishioners who support St Benedict prefer to have the full inscriptions contained in the Cross of St Benedict. These initials have an incomparable power if one can clearly understand their meaning in Latin. The most important detail for those who want to get tattoos of the cross of St Benedict is that they will have the power to confront the evil intentions of the devil.

tatuajes de la cruz de san benito

In addition to all of the above, a tattoo of this magnitude will prevent Satan from taking over your body. In other words, you will never be the victim of an exorcism to remove the evil impurities that Lucifer deposits in your body. For this reason, the tattoo will take on a protective role to drive away the seeds of evil that the Evil One wants to deposit in Christians.

One of the functions of St Benedict’s cross tattoos is to avoid being susceptible to witchcraft or black magic rituals. It is said that a group of women destined to become witches were condemned for using the cross of St Benedict to cause chaos in a Benedictine monastery. It can also be used to ward off evil eyes and the wiles of opponents.

tatuajes de la cruz de san benito

Prayer for St Benedict’s Cross Tattoos

-Dear Saint Benedict, greatest protector of all monks and of the whole world. I come to you today to ask for your blessing for this tattoo I have chosen to honour you with. Make this beautiful image one of my most precious amulets. Be my protector through your imprint on my body. I hope that you will never abandon me in the face of the deceptions offered to me by the terrible Satan. Be with me at all times, that is why I reflect you on my body.

Generous Benedict, pious and merciful saint. Just as you fled from all that harmed you, in the same way drive away all evil from me. May all the evil intentions of my enemies come to nothing. Christ the King. Saint Benedict true. Almighty God, look with eyes of joy upon this humble tattoo. In your power I take refuge, so that nothing and no one may harm me. Amen.

Thus ends the prayer in honour of the cross tattoos of Saint Benedict.