Know in this article the miracles of St Philip Neri, these were a very important aspect of his life, is considered a very miraculous saint continuously many people turn to him in search of miracles.

Milagros de San Felipe Neri

Apostle of Rome

Born in Florence in 1515, Saint Pancrazio was the son of Francis Neri, a lawyer, and Lucrezia Soldi, both from wealthy Tuscan families. From the age of five, he was never known to have deliberately disobeyed his parents’ wishes.

Milagros de San Felipe Neri

Miracles of St Philip Neri

Once, when a sister deliberately disturbed him while he was reciting the Psalter with another sister, he gently pushed her away, whereupon his father rebuked him, which he lamented with many tears as a great fault.

He was very patient with his illness, and so gentle that he did not seem to know what anger was. When he was only eleven years old, he often visited the churches, praying and listening to the Word of God with singular devotion.

Such was his compassion, his reverence and respect for superiors, and his humility, gentleness and friendliness towards all, that he was much loved and commonly called “Good Philip”.

St Philip Neri was the founder of the Oratory and the Oratorian Fathers, Philip healed many people with the touch of his hand, and the resurrection of the dead is attributed to him both in his lifetime and after his death.

Miracles of St Philip Neri

Some of the miracles of Saint Philip Neri were performed to revive the dying. Giovanni Francesco, 14 years old, had a pestilential fever and the doctors gave up on him. For 17 days he lay like a corpse, without speech, without food, without movement; his only signs of life were a little warmth in his body and barely perceptible breathing.

Philip came and joked with the mother: “A very nice thing to do, to let this poor man starve to death, a little wine, please!” Philip gave the boy a few drops between his lips and he recovered in a few days. It wasn’t the wine, of course; it was the touch of Philip’s hand. Find out more about the life of this saint in this video.

In the same way, in 1560, with the touch of his hand, he cured Pietro Vittrici of Parma, in the service of Cardinal Boncompagni (later Gregory XIII), who had been left for dead by the doctors. St Philip did the same for Maurizio Anerio, who could not speak, had barely a pulse and whose doctors said he could not live. He also revived Lady Ersilia Bucca when she was close to death.

A good friend of St. Philip’s was Fabrizio de Massimi, who once asked for prayers for his wife Lavinia de Rustici, who was pregnant, she already had five daughters; St. Philip foretold him a son and named him Paolo; years later, after Lavinia’s death, Paolo, then 14 years old, fell ill with a fever that lasted 65 days. Every day St Philip visited the child, who patiently and courageously endured his long illness (See: Prayer to St Jude for Health).

Milagros de San Felipe Neri

A messenger was hastily sent to San Girolamo to tell Philip that Paolo was dying and that he should hurry if he wanted to see him alive. But the messenger discovered that Philip was celebrating Mass and could not tell him. Before he could finish, Paul died. The father closed his son’s eyes and prepared water to wash the body and linen cloths to wrap it in.

In half an hour Philip arrived. There he threw himself on the edge of the bed and prayed for seven or eight minutes, accompanied by the usual palpitation of his heart and trembling of his body. Then he took holy water and sprinkled it on the boy’s face and put some in his mouth. Then Philip blew on the child’s face, put his hand on his forehead and cried out in a sonorous voice: “Paolo! Paolo!

Milagros de San Felipe Neri

Then the boy, as if awakened from a deep sleep, opened his eyes and said Father, I forgot to mention a sin, so I want to go to confession. Philip made those around the bed withdraw for a moment and, placing a crucifix in Paolo’s hand, heard his confession and absolved him.

When the others returned, Philip spoke to Paolo for half an hour about his deceased mother and sister. The young man responded in a clear and distinct voice, as if he were in perfect health. The colour returned to his face so well that those around him could hardly believe that anything was wrong.

Finally, Philip asked Paolo if he was ready to die; Paolo said yes, he was.

A second time Philip asked him and Paolo said: Yes, willingly, especially to go and see my mother (See: Prayer when a mother dies) and my sister in Paradise.

Go and be blessed, and pray to God for me,” said Philip as he blessed Paolo. Immediately, with a serene face and without the slightest movement, Paul died peacefully in the arms of St. Philip.