Nowadays many people who attend a church write poems for evangelical Christian pastors, either to thank them for their work in the church or for their birthday, which is what we are going to talk about today.

poemas para pastores cristianos evangelicos

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There are many good reasons why many brethren in churches dedicate poems to their spiritual leaders.

And that is good, because it shows that the pastors are doing a good job and that the people love them.

As long as they do not take the honour and glory away from God, who deserves it.

Many of these poems express gratitude for the love and care they have received as spiritual children.

They are written to both pastors and their wives and are a token of love from their parishioners.

This is not a bad thing, because they are being written to as fathers, as people who have looked after their mental health.

poemas para pastores cristianos evangelicos

Poems are also written to them on their birthdays or on Father’s Day.

These are the ones that proliferate the most because it is on these dates that they are honoured for that special day.

There are poems written by people who have the talent to write them with great grace.

Poems that deserve to be in any poetry book from any publisher.

Those who write them are sensitive people, passionate about writing, and they pour themselves out in these letters, either out of

of thanksgiving, congratulation or simply to give a detail to a person they love like a father.

Pastors must be careful to lead people so that their true worship is to the God they serve and not to them.

and not to them, for they are but instruments of the living God whom they serve.

People may confuse honour with idolatry towards pastors, and this must be avoided at all costs.

Teach them in love to follow the right path, always giving glory and honour to the One who truly deserves it, which is the God of all.

who truly deserves it, who is the God of all power and praise.

Otherwise, they are poems of love from children to their parents and should fill the heart with joy.

Of those who receive them, which in this case would be the shepherds.

And this should not make them conceited, but humble.

To thank the Lord for helping them to be pastors of integrity whom the people love.

These poems for evangelical Christian pastors can also be given to anyone in leadership or non-leadership in the church.

or not in the church.

For they simply demonstrate the love of brothers for other brothers.

And the Bible tells us repeatedly that we should love one another.

And this can be one way of demonstrating that, by writing poetry.

Writing poetry for evangelical Christian pastors

This is a virtue that few have, because most people are not good at writing poetry.

But if you are one of those people with this beautiful God-given talent, then keep doing it.

Writing poetry for evangelical Christian pastors or for any person or situation is something that is very commendable.

There are many people who enjoy reading a beautiful poem, whatever it may be.

Writing a poem is not as difficult as it seems, you just need to keep a few things in mind that will help you with your task.

Here are some tips from a poet to help you succeed.

If you want to write a poem to your pastor or pastoress

* Decide what kind of poem you want to write.

This is very important because it will determine if you are new to poetry, I recommend that you go for the free style.

This will give you the freedom to write what you feel.

You also need to decide whether you want your poem to have assonant or consonant rhymes.

Since I am recommending that you go for the free style, you could use your own structure, without any meter.

If you try to make all your lines rhyme, the important thing is that you decide what you want to do before you start writing your poem.

you want to do.

These are things to think about before you start writing.

  • Category of rhyme.
  • Metre defined by the number of syllables.
  • Number of lines.
  • Voice, i.e. whether you will write your poem in the first person singular or plural, or if you prefer the third person.
  • You can also use literary references, and if so, which ones will you use?poemas para pastores cristianos evangelicos

* Speak from your heart

One of the things that will give your poem an important meaning is that you can write what is in your heart.

Let’s not forget that poems are simply part of our soul, our feelings and emotions.

That is why we have to write from the bottom of our hearts.

To get the right message across to the person you are writing to.

* Think about the message you want to send.

Another thing to remember is to be clear about the message you want to give.

Is it a message of thanks, friendship, congratulations or something else?

You should think about this before you write.

Writing poems for evangelical Christian pastors should come from your heart and from the love you have for your pastors.

* The use of literary figures

These will help you develop your poems because they allow you to use your imagination.

Don’t forget that they can be very helpful.

* Choose a place to write

It is important to choose a quiet place to help you concentrate and avoid distractions.

* Seek inspiration

If the poem you are going to write is addressed to your pastors, you should look to them for inspiration.

In their virtues, in the way they treat you or others, in their service to God.

The important thing is to decide which of these will be the motivation that will lead you to the inspiration to write this poem.

If you decide to write poems for evangelical Christian pastors who lead the church you attend, then you must consider that they deserve to have their poems written for them.

You must consider that they deserve honour and respect, but not idolatry and worship.

With this in mind, I leave you with a poem I found on the internet that I believe honours pastors.

It is by the girl who wrote it and her name is Rossana Basly and she is the author of this poem called

“Poem to my shepherd

Go and tend my sheep”, the Lord said to him.

and he fulfils this beautiful mission.

And always at his side, his beloved wife

Perfumes his life like a rose.

And the great Creator

gave them two beautiful creatures.

His voice can be heard on Christian radio.

Through this medium he wants to be with you.

He guides the light to the lost souls

with the faithful message of Jesus Christ.

He sows the Word with much tenacity.

He does it with joy and much fear.

He loves the children and the crowds

He prays for the blind and leads them to the light.

He comforts the afflicted and heals many.

With the gift and power the Lord gave him.

He has great patience and a special love

and leads them all to the heavenly Father.

Many who have listened to his gentle fatherly voice

and received Christ, have been able to overcome evil.

Even when he is in pain or sadness, he never complains.

He only cares for his sheep.

He is always preaching in this part of the world.

and with great wisdom he gives them the message.

He also went to other countries, that was his vision.

He obeyed the Lord and He gave him His blessing.

But he comes back to his flock and continues to look after them.

And we are all happy to have a shepherd like him.

My brothers and sisters, I ask you, let us always follow his example

and pray for all ministers, now and always.