Find out all about the Santa Muerte 7 Potencias, how to use them, the meaning of each colour and learn the prayer according to its potency.
Santa Muerte 7 Potencias

Meaning of the 7 powers of Santa Muerte

The meaning of the 7 powers of Santa Muerte is given by the image of La Niña Blanca, as Santa Muerte is also called, which has seven colours, namely white, black, gold, blue, yellow, purple and green, which represent each of her qualities, that is to say that her gift is empowered according to the colour of the petition that is requested, that is why the image of Santa Muerte with the 7 colours is very appreciated, because they are seven energies concentrated in one image.


Traditionally, each petition, each prayer is linked to the colour of the petition, so each colour has a quality associated with it; for example, red is used to ask for love, passion and peace between family members or those who are considered brothers, yellow is used to ask for solvency in business and for money to flow constantly into our hands.

The black colour in the Santa Muerte 7 powers is used to protect us from evil spirits and black magic works, it is a protective shield and is mostly used by drug dealers, criminals, policemen and those associated with danger.

The white tone promotes peace, harmony, purity of heart among family and friends, it also banishes negative energy charges that contaminate homes or workplaces.

Continuing with the meaning of the 7 powers of Santa Muerte we have that the blue colour is invoked in Santa Muerte to have better inspiration of intellectuality by the students, readers, academics and other intellectuals praying to him to have greater capacity of understanding, memory, wisdom.

The green colour is the power that will free us from the judgments that are not favourable to us, with the prayers based on this green colour, justice and legality will favour us.


The meaning of the Santa Muerte 7 potencies in purple will not help to transform bad energies into positive forces, it is appropriate to pray to her in this purple colour when we feel the environment as heavy and we do not feel well or when everything goes wrong. Gold is to ask for success in all aspects of our lives, it is associated with happiness and triumph in all that we desire.

The meaning of the 7 powers of Santa Muerte should not be taken lightly and should only be used for noble purposes, otherwise Santa Muerte can be charged in ways that we can regret, it is necessary to be aware that we are not playing with Santa Muerte, that by our bad actions, using her, we can be condemned, not by her, because the white girl does not harm, her scythe is a symbol of equal justice, but by the bad actions that we do with her seven powers.

Prayer to Santa Muerte 7 powers


This prayer to the Seven Powers of Santa Muerte is to obtain protection for our family, our business and to protect us from all evil, the indicated colour should be black to obtain a shield that keeps away all the evil that an enemy tries to do to us.

When we venerate Santa Muerte, who is endowed with the seven powers, each candle or candlestick must be of the colour corresponding to the petition that we pray to her, as well as the flowers and other elements.

Santa Muerte, I beseech you, as our protector and that of all your faithful followers, that with your mighty gifts you protect the health and sustenance of my home and with your holy power protect us from all evil.

May my enemies turn their eyes away from me and find their way to salvation, protect me from them, I beseech you in this humble prayer, that when I walk in dark streets or paths, do not forsake me, but drive away those who attack me, secure me in your protecting presence. Amen.


Holy Death 7 Powers, I entrust myself to you so that any weapon, whatever it may be, will not find its place in my person, remove from me and from my path those who wish to harm me, take my enemies to where you see fit, I ask you to be my guardian, protect me in this life and be my guide in the next, in which you will lead me to my eternal salvation, I ask you with all my heart as your devotee that I am. Amen.

What does it mean to dream of the 7 powers?

Dreaming of the 7 powers can have a very positive meaning in our lives. Each colour reflected has a different meaning, so a prayer is based on one of the 7 colours, depending on what you want to ask for. The same happens when we dream wearing clothes of a certain colour, in this way we can interpret what it refers to.