The Virgin of Chapi is the patron saint of all Peruvians. Together with the Virgin of Candelaria, she is one of the most important Marian invocations in the land of the Incas. Learn more about the prayer to the Virgin of Chapi and more.

oración a la virgen de Chapi

Short history of the Virgin of Chapi

The origin of the devotion to the Virgin of Chapi lies in the south of Peru, specifically in the city of Arequipa. Due to an earthquake in this province, the image of the Virgin was left undamaged in the rubble.

The earthquake shook the hill of Churajon with great force. The survivors were amazed to find the relic of the Virgin of Chapi in perfect condition.

In the place where the Virgin was found, a chapel was built in her name. After several modifications, it became a large sanctuary. In 1793, a priest decided that the image of Chapi should be moved to the town of Sogay because of the violent storms that had hit the town.

oración a la virgen de chapi

However, transferring the image was not an easy task as the Virgin became heavier to carry on the journey. For this reason, the men decided to build a temple to relieve the fatigue.

Meaning of the Virgin of Chapi

It is also believed that the Virgin of Chapi arrived in Peru via Spain in the 18th century. The transfer was made by a large committee of devotees, thanks to their deep devotion to this Marian invocation.

The name was given by the Virgin herself when she was taken to her shrine. The carriers heard the Virgin say “chaypi chaypi”. Theologians have concluded that this word is of Quechua origin.

The interpretation of “chaypi” is “here, here”, so the devotees understood the Virgin’s message to stop at this place. It is from this event that the Virgin of Chapi takes her name.

Oración a la virgen de Chapi

Prayer to the Virgin of Chapi

Many natives of Arequipa, as well as devotees from all over the world, like to pray to the Virgin of Chapi. You can make an infinite number of requests to her. In the same way, praying to Our Lady of Fatima can help you with your children, your family, etc.

-Mother of Chapi, I want you to give me your eyes so that I can see everything and never sin. O my sweet, give me your lips so that I may pronounce your great name and learn to pray; if I pray with your lips, I will know how to pray.

Chapi of my life, give me your blessed hands so that I may work and worship you with my work. Most excellent Chapi, give me your veil to protect me from the evil of the world; with your dress as a shield I will be able to reach heaven.

Oración a la virgen de chapi

O my Chapi, give me the grace of Jesus so that I may be happy for the rest of my life. Amen.

Prayer to Our Lady of Chapi for God’s intercession

-Most holy and glorious Almighty God, on this occasion we have gathered all the devotees of the Virgin of Chapi. We pray that you will cover us with your gracious blessings today, tomorrow and always. Our Father, allow us all to have our own judgement in order to find the path of truth.

Lord, we ask you to help us cleanse our hearts of all bitterness, together with Our Lady of Chapi. We ask You to help us, to protect us, to understand us and to bless us from Your heavenly throne.

We ask You, Lord, that Our Lady of Chapi may continue to be our chosen path. Amen.

To accompany the prayer to Our Lady of Chapi, it is necessary to know the prayer to San Marcos de León against the enemies, so that you can drive away the people who wish you harm.

oración a la virgen de chapi

Prayer to the Virgin of Chapi to ask for a favour

-Holy Virgin of Chapi, I ask you to come close to me with your mantle of light, so that you may relieve my soul of its acute pain. Allow me to live without the stain of sin so that I may be your rightful servant. Beautiful Chapi, I ask you to remove from me the darkness that blocks my path to bliss.

On this day I come to ask you a great favour (the request is written) with my heart in my hands. I know that you will not let my pleas fall on deaf ears and that you will find the best solution to my worries. Protect me forever under your holy mantle, so that you may be the way to my safe destination.

oración a la virgen de chapi

I pray for those who are sick and have no remedy, that you will free them from all kinds of sickness. May all the families of the world remain united under the holy sacrament of marriage. May all homes on earth be well founded in love, companionship, affection and brotherhood.

In addition to these prayers, say at least one Our Father, one Hail Mary and one Glory Be. Turn also to the prayer to the Virgin Mary, Help of Christians, for help from all evil.