The Red Death is the specialist in love and represents passion through blood. Know her prayer for love and all that pertains to this sacred death.

Santa muerte roja

History of the Red Death

It has a certain similarity with the history of the Common Saint Death, the second worshipped in Mexico, as well as the Virgin of Guadalupe. It is celebrated on the 2nd of November, except in some Mexican regions where the celebration usually begins the day before. There is a second date to commemorate the sacred red death, the 15th of August.

For the ancient Aztec civilisations, death was necessary to usher in a new stage in another place, beyond good and evil. The Zapotecs, Mixtecs and, of course, the Mayans had the same view of death.

Santa muerte roja

At the beginning of pre-Columbian times, the Spaniards tried to eliminate this culture of the Holy Death, initially by destroying villages and allegorical figures representing the Holy Death. Although the conquistadors partially eradicated this cult, it remained deeply rooted among the surviving indigenous peoples and spread more rapidly.

The indigenous people, for their part, began to venerate the Holy Death in 1795, when they began to worship the skulls they found in the villages of central Mexico. In Catemaco, in the department of Veracruz.

According to legend, a man saw the figure of the Holy Death on the boards of his hut. The man went to ask the priest of the region to consecrate the image, but the priest flatly refused, considering the request to be a satanic rite; something that still inspires fear today.

santa muerte roja

In 1695, the cult of the Holy Red Death was founded in Hidalgo, especially for people who needed help in love or to make some kind of amour and attract the person they loved. His devotion is controversial because, in some cases, he is used as a weapon to bind or wish that a certain person will not do well in love.

The origin of the Red Death is also syncretic, like its other representations in the other colours, due to the mixture between the pre-Hispanic Mayan world, the colonial world and the Catholic Church:

-The Holy Death, represented as a skeleton with the face of an owl in the kingdom of Xibalba.

-He is one of the horsemen of the Apocalypse described in the Holy Scriptures.

Santa muerte roja

-The image of the Holy Death appears in Hellenic mythological culture as a skeleton with a black veil.

-Mictlantecuhtli and Mictecacihuatl, as gods of death, represent the holy white death in the Mictlan, the world of death.

Meaning of the Red Death

The Red Saint Death is invoked for amorous offices. Her red mantle represents the colour of the blood that runs through our veins, the colour of passion. It is the blood that pumps strongly when we are close to our beloved.

If this sacred death is used for benevolent rituals, her favours are for love, for problems with your partner and for finding emotional stability in love. To attract the person you love, hold the red holy death.

Santa muerte roja

By invoking her prayer, this holy death can help you to obtain the impossible love you long for, reciprocated as you wish, without reservations or conditions. Her responsiveness makes it possible to remove misunderstandings in the relationship, as well as to expel a third party or an apple of discord.

What is the sacred red death for?

To attract love, to improve relationships, to allow impossible love to be reciprocated. It drives away any element that tries to interfere in the relationship, such as third parties or gossip that could break the trust of the relationship.

Prayer to the Red Death

The prayer to the Red Death is very powerful because it can help not only in love, but also in healing all negative feelings such as resentment and hatred. It can also help to strengthen family and couple love:

santa muerte roja

Most Holy Red Death, through this prayer I seek refuge in your passionate mantle to help me overcome all my fears. Most Holy Red Death, I come to you as your faithful servant that I am, so that you do not throw these words to the ground. I find myself longing for love.

My emotions are in conflict and I call upon you to find a solution. Wash my heart of all the bad feelings I feel and soothe this pain I am in. All around me are all the bad vibes like peripheral entities waiting to enter my life, making me immune to them and not piercing my good soul.

Santa muerte roja

Correct my sins, purify me with Your passionate and loving energy. Hear these prayers, for they come to you from the depths of my heart because of my suffering. I cry out to you for your help, otherwise I do not know what to do in this compromising situation.

() say the petition

Heal my heart, and in return I promise to be more devoted to your holy red mantle and to appreciate more what you do for me. If I lack love, then give me love, draw to me my soul mate, my other half. If I am filled with pain, drive it away and protect me under your veil of passion so that it does not return to me. Protect my family for it is the most selfless true love I have and will ever have. Amen.

Novena to the Holy Red Death

This novena is very powerful and effective in attracting love. From another point of view, it can even be used to make moorings.

Daily prayer (ejaculatory)

() Name of the person to whom this novena is dedicated

Holy Red Death of my heart, do not take away your protection from me at any time. Make ( ) always think of me and come back to me, because I love him/her.

Include three Our Fathers at the end.

Santa muerte roja

First day
Most Holy Red Death, you who have more than once overcome obstacles with your favours, showing that there are no impossibilities when things are done with love. Remove from me my enemies, all the bad vibes, those who wish to harm my relationship with () and thus cover us with your holy veil of passion. Make me victorious in all trials, and fill my home with happiness, with the grace of your protection.

-Three Our Fathers

Second day

Holy Red Death, you are my great and priceless treasure, never take me away from you, for I need you. You are the Mistress of Truth and Destiny. Most Holy Red Death, I come to ask you that the love of (*) be reborn in his heart and return to me, that he never leave me again and that he fulfil his duties as a bridegroom.

-Three Our Fathers

Santa muerte roja

Third day

Lord Jesus, You who overcame the powers of evil, forgave and gave Yourself for us on the Cross, together with the Holy Red Death, make her think only of Me, keep her away from the ways of adultery and the seductions of everyday life. Most Holy Red Death, the passionate power of your veil is powerful, so listen to my pleas for your help that come from the depths of my soul. May he (she) have eyes only for me, as I only think of him (her). Grant me this favour that I ask in this novena and I will light a red candle every 9 days.

-Three Our Fathers

Fourth day

Red Death, I ask you from the depths of my being to embrace with passion, as the sacred colour of your hand, the blood that flows in my veins. As God’s power is infinite and transcends all boundaries, so I come to you in this novena, for you are the Queen who sees beyond the darkness. Make him love me with madness and passion, intercede in his ungrateful heart so that he may return to me as on the first day. I also ask that love may never be lacking in my home, so that we may always be one family.

-Three Our Fathers

Fifth Day

Glorious Holy Red Death, I trust in you and in your absolute power, on this occasion allow me to abuse your virtues to make this request. I pray that he may return to me, that he may not be with anyone else, because I know in my heart that he still loves me as much as I love him. May his will and his thoughts be devoted to me, then I shall be happy because I shall have the love I have longed for, and I shall care for him as one cares for a red rose.

-Three Our Fathers

Santa muerte roja

Sixth day

O Sovereign Holy Red Death, whom the Most Holy Trinity has placed to reap the life of all beings who inhabit the graceful earthly plane, with your protective power I ask that () may fall in love with me more and more each day, that the flames of his passionate heart may increase and that the ice of envy and seduction may not extinguish it. Make him look not only at physical beauty but also at spiritual beauty, which in the end will never end with time.

-Three Our Fathers

Seventh Day

(-) Special prayer for the seventh day

Red Death, deliver me from all evil and danger, cover me with your holy red veil, which represents the blood in my veins and my overflowing passion I feel for (), so that we may enjoy the fullness of love forever. I ask for this special favour 7 days before the beginning of this majestic novena. (-)

-Three Our Fathers


Eighth Day

Wonderful Holy Red Death, I ask you with immense affection to return to me the affection of (), that his eyes of indifference become pious looks of love for me, that the strength of his heart beat for me, that I gladly await his return from here. When you are asleep, may you dream of me; when you are awake, may you think of me; and may you listen to this novena which I dedicate to you.

-Three Our Fathers

santa muerte roja

Ninth day

Red Death, protector and blessed, by the virtues you have learned from God, I want you to protect me from all curses, diseases, envy and bad vibes; and in return, grant me health, money and love, that my friends increase and my enemies leave. May he also return to me and ask for forgiveness, for all the unloving and harm he has done me in the past, I forgive him because I have never forgotten him. I wait faithfully for his love to rebuild our lives in harmony, peace and unity.

-Three Our Fathers

Offerings to the Red Death

If you make offerings to the Red Death with great fervour and devotion, your novena and powerful prayer may be more effective in obtaining a favour. The most important objects offered to the Red Death are

-Red roses, because they are directly linked to love, passion, emotional stability and carnal desire.

-Tomatoes, apples, strawberries, watermelons and other red fruits that go well with the altar of the Red Death.

-Wine, as it is a drink used in toasts that help to strengthen the bonds of love.

-Chocolate, it can be liquid or in solid state (in bars) for being the greatest gift used to woo someone.

santa muerte roja

-Cigars or cigars that are used to offer to any colour of the holy death. They must be lit and placed on the sides of the red holy death. When the person offering the cigar smokes it, he/she should smoke two cigars; the first is for well-being and self-love, while the second is to pray for the loved one.

-The incense should be special and with a pleasant smell, which serves the sacred red death.

-Water, because it symbolises purity and fidelity in love. The container in which the water is placed must be completely clean. It is not necessary to fill it to the brim. It is important to offer water to the Holy Death, whatever colour it represents.

-Bread, because it is the sacred breath that unites us at the table. The bread can also be wholemeal. It can be placed next to the wine and in front of the red holy death. The bread should be changed at least twice a week.

Santa muerte roja

-Other sweets, such as honey, as it is widely used in sentimental and amorous works for the Red Death.

-Red candles, which represent the light that acts as an intermediary between the supplication and the Red Sacred Death. When one is finished, it must be replaced immediately by another.

– Perfumes with red colour or red packaging, because pleasant scents attract love.

Rituals of the Red Saint Death

The following are rituals for attracting the love of the Red Saint Death. Many of them are effective as long as they are followed to the letter.

To attract love and friendship

Both love and friendship are two factors that every person must have in order to feel good and have good interpersonal relationships; in the same way, passion is an overflowing feeling as well as love.

To begin the ritual you will need the following

  • Bee honey
  • Red holy death
  • Red candle
  • red crayon
  • A sheet of paper
  • Bunch of strawberry santamaria
  • cinnamon
  • pin
  • strawberry lavender bouquet

santa muerte roja

The procedure is as follows:

First, the first name and surname of the person (male or female) you wish to attract should be carved on the red candle. Then, when the candle is finished and replaced by another candle, the name should be swapped, putting the surname first and the first name second. The name is carved with the needle.

Each red candle should be soaked in a little honey and ground cinnamon. The process should take about 9 minutes or, if that is not possible, for each candle that is extinguished. This should be done every 9 days.

santa muerte roja

Finally, with the red pencil and paper in hand, write the following sentence:

(*) Name and surname

Holy Red Death, my great Lady, I kneel at your feet to receive my cry for help, so that (*) may be mine alone, his thoughts mine alone, and his loving ways lead him (her) to the burning flames of my heart.

The prayer should be under a vase, surrounded by lavender flowers and strawberry feverfew.

To bring love into your life

To perform this ritual, you will need the following

  • Red candles and matches
  • an image of the red holy death
  • the rosary
  • 9 photos of the person you want to attract
  • a pencil

santa muerte blanca

Important note: The ritual must be performed for 9 consecutive days, between the hours of 22:00 and 23:00. The first day to begin should be a Monday.

The process of this ritual is as follows:

A specific wish must be written on the 9 photos for the sacred red death to fulfil. On Monday, the first day, the red candle is lit in front of the red holy death of the same colour and the following prayer is recited:

Holy Red Death, whom your children worship in a faithful and consecrated way, I come to you because I know of your powerful hand to succeed in attracting the person I have longed for since the first day I saw him. Grant me to be close to his heart, Protector Goddess, and I will be forever indebted to you.

Santa muerte roja

At the end of the prayer, place the Holy Rosary around the neck of the Holy Red Death and leave it there until the ninth day.

Ask again for the desire to draw closer to the person and to obtain his or her love. The first picture should be burned.

On the next day, another prayer should be said so that the ritual takes the right step:

Here is your child, who gladly comes to make his offering before your altar, bring him to my side and my debt to you will be eternal. Another image is burned.

To complete the ritual, the final prayer is said on the ninth day:

Today my great ritual ends. O Queen of Death, do not let my prayers go unheard. The ninth photo is burned, but the red candle is left burning. The ninth day ends with a vigil until the candle is extinguished.

Moorings with the red holy death

Before going on to explain the best known bindings with the Red Sacred Death, it is necessary to bear in mind that these bindings are very strong and therefore not everyone can perform them without obtaining optimal results.

The following is the process of binding the loved one:

-Obtain an image of the Red Sacred Death and place it in a secluded room where no one will enter to interrupt the ritual.

-10 candles, the better if they are all red, although white candles can also be used.

Santa muerte roja

-Red rose petals, with a ribbon (either black or red), a plate and a photograph of the person you wish to attract into your life and, of course, a photograph of the person doing the binding.

-Use a needle to write the name of the person you wish to attract and the name of the person who will bind it, along with the words “Thank you, Holy Death”.

-Light the first candle so that it illuminates the place and the red holy death. Then hold the two photos next to the portrait of the Red Death and write on the back: “With your power we will be united until eternity, thank you, Holy Death”.

-The picture of the Red Death should be placed in the middle of the other two pictures. Now it is time to tie everything together with the red ribbon.

-When all three are firmly tied together, they are placed on the plate surrounded by the red rose petals for the following prayer:

Love that burns, passion that attracts with the power of a magnet, make in the name of the Holy Red Death that (*) is always at my side, so that you dominate all his thoughts and are always directed towards me, from now on I will always be present in his mind and heart thanks to your power that you represent with your strong red colour.

Santa muerte roja

I need you in my arms, I need you to come to me and declare your love. With the power of the Holy Red Death, you will be bound to me for life to do what I ask of you. Holy Red Death, you who are the mistress of passions and love, you will remain united forever.

The next day, the second red candle is lit, in case the first one is used up, to repeat the procedure, and so on, until the red candle number 10 is used up.

Additional prayer for the bond

Before starting the rite, you must have 4 red candles, the photo of the person you love, ready for him/her to return, and the picture of the Red Sacred Death.

Note: Do this prayer for 9 full moon days.

By the energy of the whole universe, by the burning power of the flames of fire, by the air we breathe, by the water we drink, by the power of a heart madly in love and by every tear I have shed for love, I ask you, Holy Red Death, to bring me back, wherever she is, may her body and spirit return to me and remain here forever, so that she never leaves me again.

santa muerte roja

May his spirit unite with mine so that he falls in love with me twice over, so that he doesn’t think of anyone else, so that he isn’t at the side of another person, so that he returns to me meek as a lamb, I want him to belong only to me and nothing else but me, may my image always be in his mind by the power of the holy holy death.

Most holy Red Death, I know that by invoking your powers I will drive her lovers from my path. Make the mouth of ( ) always speak my name. Holy Red Death, I know you are listening to these prayers, I pray with faith that my love will return like a gentle dove and stay with me. Holy death, holy death, holy death, holy death.

Is the Holy Red Death bad?

For the Catholic Church and the ecclesial community it is, as are all representations of the Holy Death, since these devotions do not have the necessary characteristics to be considered “holy”. On the other hand, the Red Death is most often used for black magic and to bind a person by any means necessary. Both the novena and the binding processes are controversial and one should think carefully about the consequences.

Prayer to the Red Death for Love

Love has knocked at my door, Most Holy Red Death, but it has not been very good to me and that makes my heart heavy. I feel infinite helplessness to know that he/she is far from me and that he/she can be with someone else while I die here because of his absence. It has become impossible for me to love him/her, and that is why I come to you, so that a miracle may happen and he/she may come back. I want him (*) to commit himself (*) to me and to realise the infinite love I have for him, to be united in good times and bad, in sickness and in health, for richer and for poorer, until death do us part. Amen.

Santa muerte blanca

Powerful prayers of the Holy Red Death

Darling and love as fiery as the colour of passion, I feel for you (*) as you feel for me. I want to dominate your feelings and thoughts. Your mind and your actions are bound to the power of the Holy Red Death.

I call you (*), I need you (*), come and find me (*) and bow down before me (*), show me all your love (*). Holy Red Death, make all my wishes come true without fail.

Mistress of the night, Mistress of the high and low passions, of the whole universe, influence and dominate the mind of (*) to love me until the end of my days. May his steps be directed towards me, may his heart be devoted to me, may his body merge with mine, may his passion be twice as great as the passion I give him. Amen.

Holy Red Death Love Tie

The Holy Red Death is often used to bind a love, whether it is impossible, unrequited or because he has left your side. You can bind your love with the ritual described above and the additional prayer. Just remember that this ritual is at your own risk and do it with a lot of faith to reflect a positive result.

Santa muerte roja