This Marian image has its origins in the coastal waters of Margarita, where the living image of Our Lady of the Valley miraculously appeared after the hurricane of Nueva Cadiz in 1652. Prayer to the Virgin of the Valley

oración virgen del valle

In Catamarca, Argentina, she had her first apparition to a villager who saw traces of fire near a ravine, and when he went closer he found an image of the Virgin Mary; from that moment on he was devoted to Our Lady of the Valley of Catamarca.

The many miracles that are a faithful testimony of Our Lady’s mercy are fruits of devotion and faith; with these beautiful prayers to the Virgin of the Valley, let us honour the goodness and unconditional love that the Immaculate Virgin has given us.

Prayer to Our Lady of the Valley of Catamarca

oración a la virgen del valle

Whenever you find yourself in a situation of pain and sorrow, say this prayer to the Most Holy Mother of the Valley of Catamarca:

Immaculate Mother of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Mother of the Valley and of all of us, your children who, with the wonderful title of Virgin, venerate your image in every corner of Catamarca. Enlighten us with your light and shower us with your infinite blessings.

I ask you, beloved Mother, to look with favour and compassion on your beloved people of Catamarca, on the Diocese of Tucumán and on all the people of Argentina, so that your beloved Son may be honoured with unconditional love in every corner of the nation. Amen.

Prayer to Our Lady of the Valley on her feast day

oración a la virgen del valle

Celebrate and honour Our Lady of the Valley with the following prayer:

We come to you on your day, Blessed Virgin of the Valley, to thank and honour you for the graces and blessings you have bestowed upon us. Blessed are we to receive your divine presence on behalf of the people who worship you.

Give us infinite light in our joy today, your day, so that we may celebrate you joyfully; we lovingly ask you to fill with miracles the lands through which your most holy presence travels. Give us happiness without shame, that with joy you may protect us from all evil.

Today I humbly place myself at your feet for the devout service of the ways of the Lord which you lovingly illuminate for us. Amen.

Prayer to Our Lady of the Valley in Venezuela

oración a la virgen del valle

Oración a la Virgen del Valle

Most Holy Virgin of the Valley, on behalf of the entire Venezuelan population, I ask you to restore joy, love, faith and hope to your people.

To you, loving and compassionate Mother, who accomplishes everything, I ask that you take care of the lives of all those who are in despair; I ask that with your radiant light you show the way of truth to work for the good of all.

In these lands blessed by God, we thank you for all the love you never cease to give us, which makes us ever more certain of your most holy presence.

In the name of peace, I ask for love for all Your children who go out every day to work and who wish to fill the land with blessings; I ask You to restore faith and patience to those who have taken paths other than those of Our Lord. I ask for infinite blessings that will not abandon us in times of uncertainty. We thank you, Virgin of the Valley, and honour you with the ways of the Lord. Amen.

Prayer of thanksgiving to Our Lady of the Valley

oración a la virgen del valle

Prayer to Our Lady of the Valley

Beloved Patroness of the Valley, on this day I thank you with a heart full of joy and humility for your presence in my life, at your feet I find myself in the faithful service of your word, I thank you for your divine presence that blesses my life and those around me, I thank you for being at my side in difficult moments.

Sweet and devout Mother of the Valley, I thank you for your unconditional love and for the thousands of blessings you shower on me. I thank you for the bad moments when your presence made my actions right in the way of the Lord. Thank you, beloved Mother, that I place my life and soul in your hands to have the joy of being accompanied by you for the rest of my days and for eternity. May it be so, Amen.

Miraculous prayer of Our Lady of the Valley

oración virgen del valle

Most Holy Virgin of the Valley, to you I entrust my life’s journeys, into your hands I place those around me with great humility and love. Teach us to work for good in your blessed land, to you I offer myself and all my difficulties so that you may heal with your mercy and compassion.

Fill with light the homes of those who find themselves in times of uncertainty. Show them the ways of Our Beloved Lord Jesus Christ and give them the necessary tools to emerge from such storms.

You, with Your Immaculate Blessing, do not abandon those who need You, give them the certainty that they are blessed and accompanied by the Blessed Virgin of the Valley, so that with Your hands full of light and love they may reach others with the Divine Word of Our Lord. Amen.

Personal prayer of Our Lady of the Valley

oración a la virgen del valle

Immaculate Mother of Jesus and of the Valley, loving and merciful, listen to me, your faithful servant and devotee of your Word, who is in a stage of change and growth. Listen to me, Mother, and guide my steps; do not let me walk alone.

In the uncertainty of not knowing what is to come in my future, show me the way of our beloved Lord Jesus Christ, so that He may guide the way of man with love. I seek the Word of the Lord to give meaning and blessing to my life, happy to be a faithful servant of Your Word, honest and generous, show me the ways of the Lord.

Desiring to grow in serenity and unconditional love, in service and devotion to you, show me the Lord what my life means. Into your hands I place the new paths of my family, friends and others who need to receive your blessing. Amen.

In this video we share with you a prayer to Our Lady of the Margarita Valley:

oración a la virgen del valle