After infidelity, bad temper is the second cause of marital failure, so we will learn a prayer to St Michael the Archangel to tame the people we love.

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How difficult it is to deal with a person who has a bad temper!

It really takes a lot of love to put up with a bad temper.

It is a situation that, if not dealt with in time, can end the relationship.

Almost always the person with a bad temper is aggressive and does not measure his words.

There are some people who find the fact that their partner has a bad temper sexy.

But this is a situation that can easily get out of hand, because temper and anger go hand in hand.

If one of you has a bad temper, your partner is likely to get hurt, either physically or verbally.

For this reason it is not healthy under any circumstances to maintain, let alone endure, a relationship of this kind.

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Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who have this kind of problem.

And the hardest part is when they do not realise they have it.

Some people who want to take care of their relationship seek professional help.

These specialists help them with anger management and help them to change their character.

When people are in love, they do many things in the name of love.

For example, if a person is not in control of his or her character, but loves his or her partner, he or she will do anything not to lose them.

And this is valid, because in love and war, they say, everything is valid.

Other people pray to St Michael the Archangel to tame their partner.

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Let’s see why people pray to Saint Michael the Archangel to tame their partner.

St Michael the Archangel is the supreme head of all the angels.

His name means “He who is like God”.

This is because thousands of years ago there was an angel of extreme beauty and intelligence.

It is said that he was the favourite of God, and for this reason he was second in command.

Apparently, Luzbel, as this angel was called, let his ego get to his head and wanted to overthrow God.

To this end, he organised a band of treacherous angels with whom he rebelled against his Creator.

This is where the archangel Michael comes in, for he was the first defender of his Creator.

In battle, his battle cry was the same as his name.

With his strength and courage, the archangel Michael, with the help of God and other brave angels.

They drove Lucifer and his band of traitors from the kingdom of heaven.

This angel is now known as Lucifer, Satan, the Devil, or whatever you want to call him.

Because of the cry he used to fight the traitors, “who is like God”, the archangel Michael was given this name and the hierarchy of being the head of the angels.

Miguel and his working instruments
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In all images of this archangel, you can see him wielding his sword against his enemy.

This sword always accompanies him because it has a special power.

According to experts, it emits a blue ray of light that comes from the heart of Archangel Michael.

This ray of light not only illuminates, but also destroys everything it touches.

Many people call upon the Archangel to illuminate their path of life with his shining sword.

And also to fight the forces of darkness.

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He has a shield with the letters Alpha and Omega.

These Greek letters signify that he is the beginning and the end.

In the centre of the shield he has an eye, which gives the Archangel Michael all-pervading vision.

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The archangel Michael also possesses a scale with which he balances his love and goodness.

He uses it to give equal parts of justice and order.

It is also said that on the last day, by God’s command, he will weigh the good deeds and the evil deeds with his scales.

Every person will have to pass through the scales of the archangel Michael so that he can judge their deeds.

There are many people who pray to Saint Michael the Archangel to tame their partner.

They believe in his ability to defeat the dragon and in his brotherhood and justice.


prayer to saint michael the archangel for taming

O beloved Archangel Michael

who is the prince of all the angels

and at the right hand of God

I invoke you here and now, Blessed Archangel Michael

To enlighten us with your presence

Today I ask you, divine archangel Michael

To cut with your sword every evil spell that comes against me

Whether it be negativity, the evil eye, witchcraft, evil spirits, evil demons.

All perverse forces that want to rise up against me.

Defend me as the warrior you are against all evil

Violence, selfishness, envy and all visible or invisible harm.

Today I would like to ask you, blessed archangel Michael

That just as you tamed the dragon and cast him out of heaven

to tame the character of (name the person)

That I may be a better person and that we may get along better in our relationship.

Cut down with your mighty sword

His temper, his anger and all that I dislike

And enable us to live together in holy peace.


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Remember, dear reader, that the Bible says that whatever you ask, believing in God and according to His most holy will, He will grant you.

All you need is a willing heart.