All of us mothers are anxious for our children, if they are not in trouble, we pray the prayer of the righteous judge for the children to protect them from all evil and from all danger.
oracion del justo juez para los hijos


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Have you ever heard the saying: “Little child, little problem; big child, big problem”?

Indeed, anyone who is a parent knows that nothing could be truer.

When our children are small, we worry; when they are sick, we worry.

When they hurt themselves playing, when they are disobedient or when they do badly at school.

When they grow up, things change for the better!

Then we start to worry about their future, when they make bad choices, or when their group of friends is not the most appropriate.

oracion del justo juez para los hijos-3

The Bible says there is nothing more powerful than a mother’s prayer.

That is why we should cover our children with the mighty blood of Jesus every day.

Some pray the prayer of the righteous judge for their children, but the righteous judge is none other than Jesus Himself.

Psalm 7:11 of the Bible says, “God is a just judge.

There are some people who use the prayer of the righteous judge for their children as a protection.

So that their children will not be physically harmed, or so that no one can harm them.

prayer of the righteous judge for the children

By the power of your word

Lord, it is my will to dedicate my children to you today.

And they are holy, in the mighty name of Jesus.

For this I commend to you their lives and their future.

I commend to you their bodies and their minds.

And I ask you to watch over them and protect them from all evil and danger.

I consecrate and dedicate to you, Father, the lives of my children.

I ask you to take them out of the situation they are in today.

Lead them out of evil ways

I ask you to direct their path to reach you.

Teach them the way they should walk, teach them yourself

Sanctify them to the stature of the perfect man

and make them serve you with love and obedience

all the days of their lives

I cry out to You for the conversion, for the salvation of (name your children)

May You, Jesus, by Your great mercy and grace

Take their minds, their hearts

Open their spiritual eyes

That they may turn from darkness to light.

(If you want to know who is the light of the world, click on this link: What does Jehovah Shalom mean and why is it a blessing for my life)

And from the power of Satan to God

That they may receive your forgiveness through faith in Christ Jesus.

To bring them to true repentance for their sins

That they may come out of evil ways and evil company

That they may walk in the paths of righteousness

Let them all hunger and thirst for You, Lord.

Our God, take all my children captive now.

Keep them safe, reveal yourself to them, in the name of Jesus.

I now bless (name your children) with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus.

And I bind them to the truth and the mighty will of Jesus Christ.

And I declare, in the mighty name of Jesus, that they are with the Holy Spirit

To live by Him and be led by His love.

I declare that they are no longer troubled by the lust of the flesh

Who know how to subdue their passions and desires

And I cast down and destroy from their minds all the power of rebellion, unbelief, lack of fear and obedience.

and disobedience to You, Father

I declare rivers of living water to flood their inward being now!

In the mighty name of Jesus

I raise to You the prayer of the righteous judge for children.

I raise our cry now for the life of them all.

I snatch them from the eternal fire and claim them for Christ.

I bless them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

Thank you, blessed Lord Jesus, for we are sure that you hear our prayers.

Thank You that I see my children fully restored.

I ask that You will always keep them from evil ways and from evil friends.

And may You always, always hold them in the crook of Your hand.

All this I ask in the mighty name of Your Son, Jesus.


This is the prayer of the righteous judge for children, but you can pray any other kind of prayer for whatever you need.

For example, I recommend the prayer when I am sad and the pain is overwhelming me.

A little reflection

It’s not that we don’t have problems, because unfortunately there will always be something that troubles us.

The point is that we have an almighty God who is always there for us.

The Bible says in Jeremiah 33:3, “Cry to him, for he will answer you.

The problem, my dear friend, is that even though we have God at our service, we use Him as a last resort.

What do I mean by that?

We cannot wait until our children (or ourselves) are in trouble to make the prayer of the righteous judge for the children and seek God.

God’s Word says in Proverbs 22:6, “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.

And what better way than God’s way!

Friend, ask the Lord for guidance in bringing up your children wisely.

It is better to educate the child well than to punish the parent.

Many mothers ask themselves in disappointment, “Where have I failed?

Don’t be one of them, ask the Lord for guidance to help you in the difficult task of bringing up a child.

I recommend that you read the Word of God.

The Bible is profitable for teaching, for training in righteousness (2 Timothy 3:16).

Dear friend, God bless you.