Saint Elijah is known as a very religious prophet of God. He performed miracles such as raising a young boy from the dead and making fire rain from the sky. The following is the prayer to St Elijah of Mount Carmel.

Oración a San Elías del Monte Carmelo para Dominar

Saint Elias in the world of Santeria

He is a saint known for having half of his being in heaven and the other half here on earth. It is believed that the graveyard is his place of powerful energy where he walks around quietly and is the only place where he deals with people.

It is seen as a dark place where panic and fear are instilled. But at the same time the dead find their peace. The Great Saint Elijah in the graveyard is the king of them. He rules and manages them to use them for his work.

It is used extensively to bind, dominate and make couples separate or return to him on their knees. He uses his most powerful guardians to do the work, placing them in front of the people he wishes to work on.

Whenever he is prayed to with great faith, he responds and appears immediately to fulfil the request.

Offerings to Saint Elias of Mount Carmel

del Evangelio de san LucasAlways place a shot of bitter coffee, a glass of water, a shot of gin. Red crucifix. Black or red blankets. Candles. All this always in front of the saint. He does not eat, but when he appears, he turns his head.


Prayer to St. Elias of Mount Carmel for dominion

The separation of couples is not always easy, and even more so when the love in one of the people has not yet ended. Below you will find a series of prayers to bind, to dominate, to make it come back to you.

Prayer to bring back a love (Prayer to St. Elijah)

O great Saint Elijah, the one who helps to unite those who love each other. And you have the power to prevent them from being separated again. I implore you to grant me this request.

Baron of those who lie in the graveyard. I call upon you three times to grant me to return to my (name of person).

Who uses the strength of Samson and the Mother Dominatrix. I ask you to give me three of your most sacred spirits to watch over (name of person).

I want (person’s name) to think only of me and to come to me surrendered, full of desire. Longing love for me.

Lend me your angel Gabriel, so that with his whip of fire he may bring (name of person) to my feet.

O Saint Alocasia, who weeps everywhere, mad with love for her husband, bring me (name of person) to come to me mad with love for me.

Great Elias at the trot. Make (name of person) think only of me. That he has eyes for no one else. Make him feel how much he misses me. May he never feel desire for anyone else. But only for me.

May she never find peace until she comes to me. I thank you and I will be faithful to you, for I know that you will fulfil my wishes. (See article: The Prayer of the Meek Lamb to Tame, Rule and Bind)

Oración a San Elías del Monte Carmelo para Dominar

Prayer to St. Elijah of Mount Carmel to Dominate (To Call Me Desperately)

O Lord Saint Elijah, give me your light this day to ask you to bind (name of person) so that you remove from him everything that prevents him from calling me and he will immediately run to me and come back asking for love.

Remove all the people who are against calling me. Let him think only of me (your name). And call me as soon as possible.

I thank You for Your divine power, O Great Saint Elijah. I ask you with great faith, in the name of the Anima Sola and St. Elias (see article: Prayer to the Anima Sola for Love).

How to Step on a Man (Left Shoe Spell)

This spell is for domination. It should be used very carefully because when it is stopped. The person may not be the same. You will have him surrendering at your feet, desiring only you and falling surrendering at your feet.


  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Rosemary leaf
  • Shoes you wear often

Write your loved one’s name 9 times in succession on the leaf. Put the rosemary leaf inside the shoe. Fold the leaf and put it in the shoe.

When you have put it in the right shoe, stomp it on the floor 9 times. And say: “I dominate you, I make you fall in love”. Like the prayer to St Cyprian helps a lot (see article: Powerful prayer of St Cyprian to bind a woman).

Oración a San Elías del Monte Carmelo para Dominar

I invite you to watch a video of the prayer to St Elias of Mount Carmel for sovereignty.