The desire of every woman is to be able to become a mother, and sometimes these illusions are diminished by certain problems that the human body presents, here we present a solution, prayers to the Holy Pregnant Death can be of great help for this serious problem.
Santa muerte embarazada

Ritual and prayer to the pregnant Holy Death

As well as the red or white Holy Death, we can also find the pregnant Holy Death, to whom we can ask for those wishes and desires of being a mother that we want so much, when there are problems to have children we only have to resort to the pregnant Holy Death, here we teach you a ritual with her prayer to achieve it.

Pregnant Holy Death Ritual

Santa muerte embarazada

To perform this ritual you will need an egg with a white shell, a brush or marker to write on the egg, a box of cotton and holy water.

This ritual must be done at night and that there is a crescent moon, you must take the egg and hold it in your hands and always very concentrated on what you want with all your mind and heart, at this time you must pray three Our Fathers.

After praying to the Holy Pregnant Death, take a paintbrush or marker and write the name of the child you wish to have on the egg.

When the next full moon arrives, take the egg, bless it with holy water and make it into the shape of a cross and bury it, this symbolises that your wish will grow and develop like a seed.

You will then place the egg in a small box with cotton wool under your bed for 9 days. On the next full moon, you take the egg, bless it with holy water, making a cross, and bury it so that the wish will grow and develop like a seed. During the 9 days you must pray constantly to the Holy Pregnant Death.

Prayer to the Holy Pregnant Death

When you say this prayer, you must say it with deep faith and with the Holy Yellow Death, Santa muerte embarazadabecause it will not work unless you have devotion to the Holy Pregnant Death so that your request can be fulfilled.
If you do not have devotion to Holy Pregnant Death, your request will not be fulfilled.

Holy and Venerable Death, you who were also an infant, I ask you now to remove from my path every obstacle that prevents me from having children and becoming a mother, and that prevents me from being happy, having a family and living in peace.

Allow me to have this great opportunity that will bring me much joy and so I can have in an easier way this great family that I want so much, thank you for this great favour with (say the offering) all the (say how often you will make your offering and for how long), thank you Holy Pregnant Death for always listening to me, amen.

Prayer to get pregnant

There are many ways to ask the Holy Pregnant Death for this great desire to be a mother, prayers are part of this great favour as well as the Holy Black Death, is here where we teach you how to do it.

Santa muerte embarazada

You have to start by invoking Holy Pregnant Death for nine days in a row, consecrate a white candle, have jasmine incense and of course you can’t miss the holy card of Holy Pregnant Death that will always be near where you put the candle,

Santa muerte embarazada

Dear Angel of Death (say it three times) come (say it three times) embrace me (say it three times) with your angels of white light.

I ask you that your pleasant and luminous presence be the one who gives us the best news, I want to know very soon that I am in a state that I will have a child, as was the news of the pregnancy of the Mother of God, the Virgin Mary.

Holy Pregnant Death, may you be the one to help me with your light of white rays so that my husband and I can fulfil this great dream of being parents and in a short time we can conceive this child who will be the fruit of this great love.

I have the greatest faith in your divine power, I believe infinitely in your goodness and I also know how quickly you respond when a woman asks you with faith to work for conception.

Therefore, I come to you and I thank you infinitely for fulfilling this great desire to be a mother, I know that I will receive the positive answer that I desire. As a sign of eternal gratitude, you will always be in our hearts and in the heart of our son. Watch this video.