Today you will learn about the cross of St Bartholomew, it is not a religious symbol as such, it is just part of a legend about the saint, but currently many people say they have a lot of devotion to it, then know much more about this story to understand what the cross is about.

oración a san Bartolomé

The story of the cross of Saint Bartholomew

This legend is based on the story published in the book of San Cipriano, known as the treasure of the sorcerer, it is understood that this object is a kind of talisman that protects from enchantment, also many people usually appears naturally an image of this cross in the palm of the right hand, then I leave you a video where an individual shows us this sign.

This cross is formed with the lines of the hands as you could see in the previous video, remember that this is a non-Christian symbol, unlike the cross of St Benedict which is supported by the Catholic Church. Legend has it that when St Cyprian was a pagan, he tried to bewitch a woman called Justina on behalf of someone else.

When the enchantment failed, he asked the demon Lucifer why and he told him that the woman could not be bewitched because she possessed the cross of St Bartholomew. St Cyprian realised the great power that God had to protect through a figure, so he renounced his faith for the devil and converted to Christianity (See: Why baptism is important for Christians).

Cruz de San Bartolome

Description of the Cross of Saint Bartholomew

This talisman that Justina possessed has not been found, it is only known through descriptions, as I indicated, it is described as a powerful amulet against witchcraft and the evils of the eyes.

Some people try to imitate this cross and develop it in their own way, it is said to be made of three pieces of wood, in the shape of a patriarchal cross, by this we mean that it contains two crosspieces.

The upper one is larger than the lower one, the proportions are reversed, this cross of San Bartolomé is placed in a deep dish filled with rosemary leaves, ruda, the cross of San Bartolomé is covered with these herbs and completely moistened with holy water,

The cross is left with this mixture for three days, until midnight of the third day, when it is removed and a prayer is said. Many saints have objects associated with their faith, such as Saint Benedict the Abbot.

Prayer to St Bartholomew’s Cross

Cruz de San Bartolomé

Cross of Saint Bartholomew, I bless you in the name of Almighty God and Saint Bartholomew, they give you the virtue of the water in which you were immersed, that each of the leaves that accompany you for these three days, and the wood that is made, may serve me as an amulet to free me from the temptations of evil.

And may it bring the grace possessed by the blessed, I bless you in the name of God the Merciful, of our great creation, in the name of His Mother the Virgin Mary and of Your creation Saint Bartholomew, and of the Holy Spirit, be blessed. Amen.

You must say this prayer four times with great faith, knowing that you will be protected by this cross of Saint Bartholomew.

How to wear the cross of Saint Bartholomew

It is necessary to carry this cross in a bag made of black silk together with some herbs that will accompany you during the three days, you should always walk with it, in a pocket, around your neck, in your wallet, in your purse, it is very important to always walk with it, wherever you go, if you have any suspicion that you are being attacked, if you feel bad energy, if you see that your paths are closed or cut off, go to it.

oración a san Bartolomé

You must wait until the hours of the night, before going to sleep, take the cross of Saint Bartholomew out of its wrapping and pray the following prayer: Saint Bartholomew, I feel attacked, please intercede for me before God to give much more power to your cross, as there are many bad energies around me and I need help, do not abandon me and be with me and help me to overcome this situation I am in.

Finally kiss the cross of Saint Bartholomew, three times, remember to do it with a lot of faith, God and Saint Bartholomew will help you, he will be there whenever you need him.