Learn the prayer of St Benedict of Palermo for love through our article, learn it and then pray it every day.

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Saint Benedict of Palermo the black saint

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He was despised because of his colour

St Benedict of Palermo was a Premonstratensian layman. He was born in Sicily in 1526. He was of African descent. His parents were Christians who were determined to live in continence so as not to bring their children into their own condition, that of slaves.

But when their master promised to free their first-born, heaven gave them Saint Benedict. The ancient city of Sicily, where he was born, was renamed San Fratello (Holy Little Brother) in memory of this saint.

From his childhood, Benedict showed a great love for the Blessed Virgin Mary and an ardent charity. In his life as a young shepherd, he often withdrew into prayer and spent long hours on his knees in the plains.

In this way he attracted the persecution of his companions, in whose games he did not take part. One day, a pious hermit named Brother Jerome, who belonged to the company of St Francis of Assisi, passed by and saw the young man, the object of his neighbours’ ridicule.

He rebuked them and told them that one day they would hear again from the one they had treated so contemptuously, simply because of the colour of his skin.

Watch this video about the life of St Benedict of Palermo and his humble origins:

Prayer to St Benedict of Palermo for Love

To perform this prayer, you must first perform the following ritual so that it will be more effective when you do it.

Prepare an altar and place the image of Saint Benedict of Palermo on it; take two white candles and place one on each side of the image.

Learn about the encounter with the holiness of Saint Benedict of Palermo:

Then light the candles, first the one on the left and then the one on the right, and say the following prayer to St Benedict of Palermo for love:

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Just follow the ritual and pray the prayer in faith.

Su amor a Dios era infinito

O Saint Benedict of Palermo, remove from around me any man or woman who does not want me to be well, remove from my life any impurity, human or otherwise, and guide me in the ways of an honest, loving and joyful life.

I ask you to intercede for me before God, to fill me with love and happiness and to grant me His holy blessing.

I ask You, O Saint Benedict of Palermo, to help me find the person who will fill me with happiness and with whom I will be able to build a home full of joy and happiness.

May the person you send me find me and may we have a union based on true love so that we can take care of each other for the rest of our lives.

O beloved St Benedict of Palermo, I will be eternally grateful to you and to God, our Eternal Father, for what you are doing for me and I will consecrate my life and that of my family to the service of God. Amen.

Finally say an Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be and blow out the candles, this prayer should be said every day in the morning and evening with great faith and devotion.

You can also pray the prayer to St Francis of Assisi for love, which is very much prayed by the Franciscan faithful.

Here is a video of the prayer to St Benedict of Palermo for love:

Prayer to St. Benedict of Palermo against those who want to harm your relationship

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Stained glass window of San Benito de Palermo

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Solo San Benito ayuda a tener el amor

O beloved Saint Benedict, coloured saint, born of slave parents and made a miracle-working saint. With your pure and immaculate heart you kept your faith and hope.

Only you can protect me and understand my problems, I ask your help to keep away from me those who dare to slander and harm me.

Those who accuse me of things I have not done and who do not allow me to be happy with my partner.

Great Saint Benedict, with your great humility, protect me from evil tongues which, out of envy and malice, only want to keep me away from my wife (O).

I know that as time goes by you will put in their place those who wish to harm me.

That each of their lies will be exposed and that my person will return to the place it deserves, even if I have to go through a lot of pain to overcome, I know that you will be by my side to help me.

You will do justice and clear my name and I know that those who have insulted me will come to me humiliated to ask for forgiveness. O most holy Saint Benedict, you who worked miracles and healings, be my protector and hear my petition and I will be eternally grateful and a faithful devotee forever. Amen.

If you would like to pray another prayer for love, we recommend the prayer for love of St Anthony of Padua.

Saint Benedict of Palermo in Venezuela

Saint Benedict of Palermo arrived in Venezuela in the year 1600, brought by the Franciscan monks, in the province of Maracaibo, from where his devotion spread to Táchira and Merida, in his feasts different dances are performed, that is why he is known as the saint who dances, and is a mixture of indigenous, African and European traditions.

San Benito de Palermo is also venerated in Venezuela, so we will show you a video of how he is celebrated in that country every 29th of December:

To conclude this article, watch this video to see how San Benito de Palermo is danced in Bobures, Venezuela: