Everybody wants to do the powerful hand prayer to make a person come into your life to love you, because love is the engine that moves people.

oracion mano poderosa para hacer venir persona


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Nowadays many people know the powerful hand prayer to make a person come.

It is an effective prayer to get the love of the person you want.

According to the experts in this field, it does not matter if the person you love does not notice you.

As long as you make this prayer with a powerful hand to make the person come, they will come prostrate at your feet.

Everyone needs a little love and companionship in this life.

That is why people go to great lengths to get love.

There are also those who, for whatever reason, have lost it and want it back at all costs.

Those who have experienced this say they would not go through it again for anything in the world.

Although no one has died of love, it is a time of great pain and anguish.

For this reason, those who have lost the love of their lives will resort to anything to get it back.

And those who have not yet found it pray to all the saints to find it.

Let’s see what this powerful hand is all about.

This hand was originally used as an image for a Catholic devotional.

This is because it shows the Passion of Jesus through the stigma that can be seen on it.

The chalice and the lambs that appear in the image represent the power of the five entities.

Each one is represented by a finger.


At first, the image was banned by the Church because it was already being idolised.

But people ignored this and continued to paint and print the image of the mighty hand.

People were already used to worshipping images. Why do Catholics venerate images if the Bible forbids it?

This image of the miraculous hand was very popular with the Catholic faithful.

Instead of destroying it, as the Church had suggested, a new model was designed.

This was done with the intention of continuing to venerate it.

The excuse given by the Catholic Church was that it wanted to pass on its faith to the faithful through art.

The popular culture of some countries has changed the name of the Mighty Hand.

Today it is known as the Mighty Arm.

The Mighty Arm cannot be found on official websites as it is said to be still forbidden by the Church.

It is still forbidden by the Church.

However, this image is used by those who have unwavering faith in it.

For example, in the case of witchcraft and sorcery, this image has too much power.

Powerful hand prayer to make a person come

As the name suggests, this is a hand, and on each finger is a figure from the life of Jesus.

Traditionally, Catholics believe in various figures from the history of their religion.

They attribute magical powers of intercession to these figures.

It is not surprising, then, that they consider this hand, which contains a combination of five saints, to be very powerful.

For them, the image alludes to the blood of the Lamb of God.

And just as the blood of Christ is a fountain of living water, so the image has the same quality for them.

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For Catholics, the image is a powerful amulet.

That is why it is common for them to carry it with them at all times to protect them.

This is the powerful hand prayer to bring a lover to your feet.


At this precious moment, I call upon the mighty hand of God

to come into harmony with me and my spirit.

I come bowed and humbled at Your feet, asking for mercy

That You may grant me Your incomparably powerful hand

To give me Your help and protection in this difficult situation that I am facing.

I need Your blessed powerful hand to help me to

(name the person)

Fall madly in love with me

You who can do all things with Your power, I need You to control all her thoughts.

So that she can only think of me

Blessed mighty hand, I need you to bind her and lead her to me.

May she come humbled and surrendered in love at my feet

let it be your mighty hand that guides her steps to meet me

And let it be your mighty hand that leads the way that I too must follow

That in your most holy name we may both be one

Blessed mighty hand that can do all things

Make (name of person) go mad for my sake

That when he goes to bed and when he gets up his thoughts may be of me.

Let him want to see me, hear me and smell me.

Let her desire my body as much as I desire hers.

I have always left my worries in your mighty hand

That’s why I bring you this heartfelt request, for I know that

In them you have the power of knowledge

To heal and to achieve what only the dead can achieve.

So what I ask of you today, blessed mighty hand

Is the hand that can guide me to live my love with (name the person)

Don’t let us be overtaken by evil of any kind.

Protect us from falsehood, deceit and lies

With the power of Your mighty hand

Lead me so that I may also help my neighbour

And turn me from the evil way

Your blessed mighty hand, make me know the truth

And give me the love of (name the person) so that my heart may have peace.


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