Many people, tormented by the impossibility of finding the love of their life, make a desperate prayer for cigarettes, which are guaranteed to attract, sweeten and bind them.

oracion del desespero para cigarrillo


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There are many people who use witchcraft and sorcery to get love.

There are countless rites and spells that these people can use to please those who need their services.

Whatever you want, the practitioners of the occult sciences have it.

It doesn’t matter if you want to make a man or a woman fall in love, they claim to be able to help you.

It is not enough to say the prayer of despair for a cigarette, you must also attend a consultation.

This is where they can diagnose what is wrong with you.

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If your partner has left you for someone else, because he or she has had enough of your jealousy, or because he or she has found another love.

Specialists in the art of love can bring her back.

And best of all, she comes back repentant and humiliated, begging for forgiveness.

That is why more and more people are praying for cigarettes every day.

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Witchcraft and sorcery exist

These occult arts have existed as long as the world has existed.

Legend has it that there were angels in heaven who one day came down to earth on a mission.

While there, they met women of incomparable beauty and fell in love with them.

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It is said that these women were so attractive to the angels.

That they decided to leave the heavenly paradise for a paradise of passion.

And so they fell from heaven to live as couples with these women.

It is believed that when the angels lived as a couple with these women, they shared the magical secrets they possessed with them.

This is how magic and sorcery were born on earth.

As there is heaven, so there is hell, and as there is good, so there is evil.

The Bible says that it is a sin to practise any kind of magic.

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And sorcerers and magicians shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. Revelation 3:20

White versus black

Many people believe that so-called “white magic” is not evil because it is not used to harm anyone.

This division of magic is modern.

In the old days, anyone who practised magic was burned at the stake.

Over time it became popular and the division was created (very convenient for some).

Black magic is seen as bad or evil and white magic as good.

White magic is said to invoke angels and saints of higher status.

It is used for healing, prosperity and blessings.

Black magic, on the other hand, invokes lower beings and evil demons.

And it is used to bring evil to people, such as revenge and death.

Although people insist on dividing them for their own interests, magic is one.

And anyone who practises it is exempt from going to heaven.

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Prayer of despair for cigarettes

According to the experts, this prayer is one of the most effective spells.

However, the steps must be followed in the strict order given for it to produce good results.

The ingredients are very easy to obtain.

But again, none of the steps should be omitted in order to get what you want.


  • Cigarette of the brand of your choice
  • Photo of the person you want to bewitch
  • A red pencil

The Despair Prayer for Cigarette spell is done in three steps.

First step

Take the cigarette and use the red pen to write the person’s full name.

When you have written the name, take the cigarette by the butt and place it on the tip of your tongue.

Wet it with a little of your saliva.

Second step

Light the cigarette.

This should be done with a match, as using a lighter would make the ritual less effective.

Once the cigarette is lit, repeat the following incantation:

(Pronounce the person’s name)

As this cigarette burns, may you burn with love for me.

In the name of God, I invoke the spirit of Don Juan of Despair.

That as this cigarette was lit, so may you be lit.

Ignite the passion of (person’s name) for me.

May his despair be such that he wants to run into my arms.

After saying this word, take a deep breath on the cigarette and blow out the air 3 times.

The ash that comes out of the cigarette should be placed on the image of the person.

This should be done for 7 consecutive times, repeating the prayer before each inhalation.

After repeating this step 7 times, extinguish the cigarette and remove the remaining tobacco.

You should look inside the cigarette to see if the initial of the person’s name is formed on the cigarette butt.

If so, the spell has worked.

If you still cannot see the letter, you will have to repeat this step.

Step three

Take the photo of the ash and turn it ten times clockwise with your finger.

When you have completed the 10 turns, repeat the following prayer.

Don Juan of despair, help me so that (Pronounce the person’s name)

Don’t stop thinking about me

Fill her with despair so that she comes running to me.

Through this prayer of despair, make her go to bed and get up thinking of me.

May I be the only person in her mind

May all her thoughts be of me

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