For a long time, mothers have prayed to St Aloysius to keep bad friends away from their children, who could have a bad influence on their development.
oracion a san alejo para alejar malas amistades


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The fear of every mother is that her children will get into trouble.

That is why they pray to San Alejo to keep bad friends away from their children whenever possible.

Although some may deny it, there are certain people who have a bad influence on others.

For example, the boys who are off the path, they have a different view of life.

Unfortunately, they project this onto those who are still recoverable.

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So when young people start hanging out with such people, they become rebellious.

Because they want to live their lives like their friends do, without rules and, of course, without standards.

This leads to fierce arguments at home, which can break the peace in the family.

It is in the nature of young people to be free, but their youth also makes them less mature.

This makes them susceptible to any danger or situation that they cannot handle.

It is very easy at this age to make many irreparable mistakes.

For this reason, many mothers pray to San Alejo to ward off bad friends.

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What do we want as parents?

What parents want for their children can be very different.

But all parents agree that they want their children to have what they did not have.

And it is not just about economic or social stability.

It is also about better opportunities for personal development.

After all, that is what guarantees a better quality of life.

Many parents may not have gone to university, for example, because they made a bad decision at a certain point in their lives.

But there are also parents who did not study because they did not have the opportunity.

Both models want their children to have better opportunities than they had.

All parents in the world want their children to be happy.

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That’s why they give them what they need, so that it’s like that.

If the children get into problems that cause them to lose their peace of mind and happiness.

In the same proportion, the peace and happiness of their parents and relatives will be diminished.

Because we cannot imagine how difficult it can be for a parent to wake up and not know how a child who is locked up in prison has spent the night.

For this reason, we must always pray to San Alejo to ward off bad friends.

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prayer to saint alejo to avoid bad friendships

Children are our most precious possession, the greatest gift we can receive.

That is why we love them so much, and even though we know they must grow up and make a life for themselves, we want them never to leave our side.

We want them to never have to leave our side.

And that’s because the protective instinct that mothers have doesn’t end when their children grow up.

But it is the law of life that they have a life of their own, and we must always support them.

The only thing parents can do is to pray to San Alejo to keep bad friends out of their lives.

Why turn to St. Alejo?

It is said that Alejo was a man who lived in Rome many years ago.
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He was remarkable because, although he was the son of a wealthy family, he lived like a beggar.

But not out of eccentricity, but because he realised that opulence only serves to help your neighbour.

St Alejo dedicated himself to preaching the virtues of poverty and humility through his witness.

He was known for his selflessness and charity.

After his death, St Alejo is said to have performed countless miracles.

This gave him a large number of faithful followers who worshipped him.

According to historians, his life was a worthy example of humility and love for all.

Today, this saint is much sought after for his famous gifts of giving love.

But also because of his humility, he is asked to perform miracles that are difficult to achieve.

On this occasion, we offer you the prayer to keep children from going astray.


Blessed Saint Alejo

You who are recognised as the patron saint of love and humility

Today we come before you, humbled to ask your favours

Saint Alejo, glorious Saint Alejo

Who knew how to turn away from vanity and evil ways

I come to beg for your help, to help me with my children.

First I want to ask you to always guard their way

Their exits and entrances, and the place of their destination.

I also want to beg you divine Saint Alejo

That you keep away the bad friendships that could put him in danger.

You who are at the right hand of the Lord there in heaven

Intercede for my boys so that God may hear my request

And send for them a contingent of angels and archangels

To guard them from all evil and danger

And may they always keep the paths of their way illumined

That they may know who their true friends are

And may they reject those who would harm their destiny.

Blessed Saint Alejo

I thank you because you hear my prayers

And because I know that through your intercession they will be heard and answered.


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