Elijah is a prophet of God from ancient times, known for defending the faith and taking it to all corners. We will see how to pray the prayer to St Elijah Baron of the Cemetery. What are the most effective prayers?

Oración a San Elías baron del cementerio

Prayer to St. Elias Baron of the cemetery to cut off evil spells

Unique and excellent prophet Saint Elijah
Follower of the one true God, who lives and is almighty,
filled with all the spirit of the glory bestowed by God
who fought to defend the true God;
unique and of unbroken perfection, full of virtue
who has nothing earthly,
You hate evil and your enmity is with demons and Satan,
standing for what is right and true
and follower of your great mother, the Virgin Mary,
I ask you to help me and help me always to fight and defend myself against evil.

Oración a San Elías baron del cementerio

O great St. Elias, Baron of Mount Carmel,
who proclaims your great Lord God Almighty;
who guides those who are not on the right path,
who protects our bodies day and night.

At this moment. I offer you this prayer to St Elias Baron of the Cemetery,
asking for your help to drive away
and that I no longer have the evil demons
in my house, may they go away,
that they be kept away from me, whether they were sent by someone else
or that they have simply come into my house and taken possession of it.

Oración a San Elías baron del cementerio

I ask you, great Saint Elijah
that in the same way that you fought against the enemy
who did you so much harm,
with your guidance and discernment,
may I find how to repel and emerge victorious against the enemies
against the enemies of all those who wish me and my family and my family
and my family.

Give me your shield
to get rid of all evil spells,
magic, sorcery or anything that has to do with the world of darkness,
so that I can drive away and destroy all the evil that cuts our energies,
from the gossip of people who are envious and deceitful
and all the evil they want to do to us.

(See article: Prayer to San Alejo to drive away enemies)

Oración a San Elías baron del cementerio

I pray to You, O Holy Saint Elijah of Mine,
do not abandon us when we are in danger.

Make our home very peaceful, interesting for what I ask of you.
I do not want those who hate me to harm us.

I make this request in the name of Christ,
who is our Lord, and through His Most Holy Mother Mary,
may she intercede for us and give us her protection
from evil and danger
and may our way always be free to serve you.


Oración a San Elías baron del cementerio

Prayer to Saint Elias Baron of the Cemetery.

Saint Elias Baron of the Cemetery. You who bind those who love each other. And your power is so great that you bring them back. I need you to grant me your favour and allow me to fulfil what I so desire.

Lord of the dead. Who reigns in their tombs. I call upon you and your spirit. I repeat it three times to bring me back to you (…………), who are guided by the strength given by Samson and by our Holy Dominatrix. I ask you to give me three of your most precious spirits to protect me on all sides to (………..) (See article: Prayer to Saint Martha Dominatrix to dominate the loved one).

Oración a San Elías baron del cementerio

I need you to think only of me. To run desperately to me. And fall at my feet and beg for love and desire me.

Saint Baron, make your holy angel Gabriel, with his wonderful fiery whip, whip me (…………) in the side and come burning to me.

Saint Baron at the trot, bring me running back to (…………)

Saint Alocacia, since you run around like a madwoman begging for your husband, make me (……………..) mad for you. Make him run mad for me. Drive me mad with love just for me.

Oración a San Elías baron del cementerio

Saint Baron of the Cemetery, who always receives the angels of heaven, help you. Let them control the thinking of (…………..) and his will. So that he may have only me in his thoughts, so that he may miss me. I ask that he forget the one he has by his side and never remember him. And stay away from this lover. And never feel like being with him or her again. Nor feel like talking to him or her or seeing him or her.

Let him or her always be anxious to think of me, until he or she has me again. Humiliate him or her in front of me. That I dominate him or her and that he or she is always meek towards me. And be sorry for anything he/she has done wrong to me.

I (YOUR NAME) will always be grateful to you. I will always enlighten you, because I know that you will fulfil my requests (see article: Prayer to Santa Marta de Caramanchel).


Make an ointment, 9 prayers.

Do it for 9 consecutive days. It is recommended that it is always at midnight. Light a white candle and a black candle next to the saint. Offer him water and coffee. Do this for 9 days. Then throw everything away and on day number 9. Go and give money to someone in need.

I invite you to watch a video of the prayer to St Elias Baron of the Cemetery.