As a religious man, the phrases of St John Baptist de Lasalle are taken into account in the whole Catholic religion for their great content of reflection and to take them for life itself.

Frases de San Juan Bautista de Lasalle

The story of Saint John Baptist de La Salle

John Baptist de la Salle (French pronunciation: Jean Baptiste de la Salle) was born on 30 April 1651 in Reims, a city in the north-east of France. As the first-born son, his life began at the age of 11 when he was tonsured. Four years later he was appointed canon of the cathedral of Reims.


When his parents died, he took over the administration of the family estate. After completing his theological studies, he was ordained a priest on 9 April 1678. After two years he received his doctorate in theology, during which time he tried to be very disciplined.

He was also the founder of the Congregation of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, dedicated to the education of children and young people, and of St Thomas Aquinas. (See article: Sentences of St Thomas Aquinas).


At the time of Saint Jean-Baptiste de Lasalle, poverty reigned and there were very few among the fortunate and powerful. Among the poor, there were not many children destined to be educated and recognised in future society. He put all his wisdom at the disposal of these children, teaching them what poverty could not.

In order to be more effective, he decided to leave the city of Reims, he went to live among the teachers, renouncing his canonry and his patrimony, and founded an organisation that we know today as the Brothers of the Christian Schools.

Sayings on education by Saint Jean-Baptiste de Lasalle

1. Let obedience guide you, and you will see how God blesses you.

2. Devote yourself much to prayer, and try to do everything in a spirit of prayer. The more faithful you are in this, the more God will bless you.

3. St. Faustina also said that one should try to train oneself to accept to be rebuked and corrected. (see article: Sentences of St Faustina)



4. Work to do whatever you do with your eyes fixed on God and out of a sense of faith, so that you do not fall victim to uncertainty.

5. Devote yourself as much as possible to prayer, for it is this practice that usually brings graces to others.

6. Let God be your only resource in the struggles and weaknesses of nature.

7. Nothing will attract God’s blessing so much as faithfulness in small things, for one must be a humble man.

8. As long as you are obedient, God will support you with absolute purity.

9. It is necessary to love the brothers in order to correct them with gentleness and clarity, for this is the basis of all fraternity.

10.Do not be discouraged by sorrows and difficulties; life is full of them.

11.The presence of God will be very useful to help you and encourage you to carry out your works with perfection.

12.He who is ignorant of life should not be ignorant of his sins.

13.Your faith is as great as what you do with love.

Sentences of St. John Baptist de Lasalles to the children.

1. May Jesus live in our hearts forever and ever.

2. No one is happy in this world unless he works with his eyes fixed on our God in heaven, moved by his love.

3.God always calls us to take care of our schools for the faithful teaching of Him alone. Inspired by St. John Bosco (see article: Quotes from St. John Bosco).

4.We must remember to do good to all, as we would have good done to us.

5.Children are the foundation of a true and healthy faith in Jesus Christ.

6.To have received a good education is such a great advantage that with it you acquire many virtues of what is necessary.

7.The union between you is the first thing that must abound, patience and sacrifice are the basis of many fruits in the future.

8.I am glad that innocence abounds in your eyes, prosperity with our Lord. Also said by St Vincent de Paul.

9. Those who have faith in God will never be defeated, as St Vincent de Paul says (see article: Phrases of St Vincent de Paul).

10.We would be better off in life if, instead of building too many walls, we had built more bridges.

11.We must give children a heart, a feeling, a future. In short, we should put life into children.

12.Only children give us the most beautiful treasure.

These words of St. John Baptist de Lasalle have inspired many educators to put life into their Catholic pupils so that they can be of benefit to society today, even sacrificing their privileges so that they can be the future of society and not find themselves in problems that we do not want.