Known as a martyr for defending his faith. In his time he was a Christian doctor. His life was threatened because he defended injustice. We will look at the feast day of St Emilius and the prayers used.

San Emilio

Who was Saint Emilio?

Saint Emilius experienced one of the most difficult moments of his life. Together with some of his friends, he was martyred for defending his beliefs. At that time he was defending a great injustice against women.

They were abused, punished and gagged. Until they were left to bleed to death. And the more beautiful their Dionysia-like beauty was, the uglier they were gagged. At that time there was a doctor who was shocked to learn of such an aberration.

He wanted to make himself known and denounce these acts. He asked for the girls to be rescued and for their deaths to be prevented. But on the contrary, they ordered him to die as well. They wanted to create a cult in his honour. So they made him their patron saint.


The king, who was a villain, had ordered the end of Saint Emilio’s life, along with the lives of his friends and all those who believed and were Christians. Some renounced their Christianity to save their lives. Others went into hiding, and still others, like Saint Emilio, gave their lives to defend it (see: What did the first Christians do to survive?).

The story

In the year 484. During the persecution in which they were involved. Many Christians died. Speaking of Dionysia, she was a woman of extreme beauty. They tied her up and beat her to death. As she was being scourged, her only son watched (see: How the early Christians died).

She told her son not to lose faith because they were with God and filled with the Holy Spirit. They should not lose faith lest God forsake them. His son, though grieved, was also punished with extreme wickedness.


Dativa, who was Dionisia’s sister, as well as Emilio, who was the doctor at the time, and three others, were punished with extreme severity for their faith. Emilio and Tercio were skinned, and Dionisia, Dativa and Mayorica were burned.

They dragged him through the streets so that his skin stuck to the asphalt. He was thrown down from the top of the mountain with his hands tied each time. Next to him was a woman called Victoria.


She was given the choice of renouncing her faith or staying alive for her children. But she refused and was flogged on a bonfire with her hands tied. Until she died. There is not much history of these great martyrs who gave their lives to defend their faith. But the little that is known about them is so great that they have been beatified and made saints for their faith.



Saint Emilius and his companions








Servius and


It is known that they were all tortured by the Arian king. Dionysia saw her son die at the stake and buried him in the courtyard of her house. She later died with her sister. Saint Emilianus and the monk Sergius skinned them.

They were tortured alive and had their skin torn off as punishment for defending Christianity. They were thrown from the heights. The punishment was more severe because, according to them, he was more powerful in thought with his faith.

Prayer to Saint Emilio

O great Saint Emilius

who prays and intercedes for me from heaven

I beseech you. Keep me from the path of darkness and evil.

Keep me away from the demons who want the light of my path

Who want to make me sin and tempt me.

Make my faith strong so that it may not falter and that I may walk in the way of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Lord Jesus Christ (see: Is Jesus Christ God According to the Scriptures?)

Who paid for the sins of all and rose victorious from the dead.

Lay Your mighty hand on me and work a miracle for me.

Hear from me what I need, I pray. Help me to keep the way of the Lord.

Give light to my path, you who have travelled the world.

Set me before Jesus. For the heavens of the heavens.


San Emilio’s Day

The 28th of May is San Emilio’s day. Festivities are held in his honour. It is believed that pharmacists made him their patron saint. Because he was the doctor of his time and died a martyr, professing and defending his truth with his companions.