Saint Gertrude is invoked daily for the healing or salvation of cats and all souls in purgatory. Follow the prayer of Saint Gertrude in various cases that can be of great help, as well as everything related to this majestic saint.

oración de Santa Gertrudis

Who was St Gertrude?

St Gertrude was a nun who worked tirelessly to help many people. She acted as a nurse in many cases. She is called the patron saint of cats and the helper of all souls who remain in the limbo of Purgatory.

She was born in January 1256. Her destiny was already marked as she studied at a school for nuns as a child. Saint Gertrude was a kind of evangelist because she taught catechism and proclaimed the divine word, just like Saint Alexander, the Bishop of Alexandria. Gertrude had a family that always supported her in all her decisions, especially her sister. She was a confidante and accomplice in many of Gertrude’s works.

Little is known about her family, but they always supported Gertrude’s dreams. She was neither rich nor poor. She was simply a nun who helped others when they needed her. Her fighting spirit and altruism is comparable to that of Saint Rose of Lima.

oración a santa gertrudis

Her intelligence encompassed disciplines such as literature, theology and philology. She was also a letter writer, seamstress and cook, among other charitable works that helped her people. Many devotees dedicate themselves to praying to St Gertrude to save their cats or themselves from purgatory.

Gertrude decided to follow the dogmas of Christ after his apparition to her. The nun never had any quarrels or disputes while she exercised her office as a nun in the convent.

Prayer of Saint Gertrude in the Colombian Church

Gertrude was praised for her work and responsibility in the sacred precinct. Her religious episodes were looked upon favourably by Jesus and now she accompanies the Almighty in heaven as an assistant to the souls in purgatory.

In Colombia, one of the great temples was built in honour of Saint Gertrude. Many devotees come here to ask for a prayer from St Gertrude, for whatever reason. So far, it is the most recognised infrastructure for the devotion to this generous woman who gave the best of herself to help humanity.

oración a santa gertrudis

Prayer of St Gertrude for the Souls in Purgatory

-Almighty God, who has always glorified the blood and body of the risen Christ. Whose Holy Mass signifies every encounter with the Lord on Sundays and holy days. Through the holy souls in Purgatory, I implore you for the conversion of all sinners.

O beloved Gertrude, guardian of Purgatory, heal all the wicked in heart. Help those lost souls who cannot find peace. Listen carefully to this powerful prayer. Amen.

oración a santa gertrudis

It is worth mentioning that Santa Muerte is another very strong specialist in various fields. She has endless rituals that can get you out of trouble.

-Blessed be the name of Gertrude in heaven. Patron saint of cats and of souls in pain without salvation. Today, on this occasion, I ask you that if my soul is destined for purgatory, it may be saved. I hope to behave well so as to be worthy of all the virtues of God in heaven. I also long to join the choir of seraphim protected by the great Archangel Michael. Amen.

St Gertrude’s prayer for cats

By praying a St Gertrude prayer, you can watch over the welfare of your cat at any time. You can also ask for St Anthony Abbot, the hermit saint who protects the rest of the animal kingdom.

O Almighty God, you created animals to protect the earth. You made them multiply to become domestic animals. Saint Gertrude, O gracious saint, you who bless the feline kingdom. On this occasion I come to pray to you to help my cat, who is in a delicate state of health. Help him/her so that my heart may leave this constant suffering that overwhelms and consumes me.

-O generous Gertrude, saintly Benedictine who helped thousands of people. I know for a fact that you have special gifts for cats. So I ask you to take care of my pet cat. Provide for his health and well-being so that he may continue to be a joyful companion of life. Watch over my cat so that no persistent evil will overtake him. Amen.