San Roque is a saint who is said to have maintained a strong bond with the puppies because, at the worst moment of his life, he was saved by one of them. Without judgement or hesitation, he decided to give everything to San Roque until he was cured. For this reason, we offer you the San Roque novena to help you pray for your pet.

Novena a san roque

Novena to San Roque for dogs

At the moment of making a novena to San Roque, there are many considerations that we need to make about it. However, the most important thing is to be aware of what a novena really is. It is also important to be clear about the aims and objectives of the novena.

A novena is often used as a means of communicating with a saint. In a novena we can make requests, give thanks and pray for different issues that we want to address. In this case, we are focusing specifically on dogs and animals.

Novena a san roque

Another saint closely associated with animals and their conservation is St Francis of Assisi, who is credited with several miracles and stories involving animals.

1st day

Oh, dear Saint Roque, because of your

your history with dogs, I think

that you are the right person

to make this novena. On this

I pray to you for my pet,

I feel so much affection

for his being. Many may not

understand me, but in him

I have found more loyalty in him than

in many humans. I claim

that thanks to these

incredible animals, we have managed to make

more empathetic to the rest of the world.

to the rest of the world.

Even you, St Roch, who are

merciful, can claim to have been saved by the

can claim to have been saved

by the goodness of a dog. For this reason

I pray to you today

for his well-being and

and health. Protect him and let him

and let him know how much he is loved.

Novena a san roque

Day 2

Many are the cases of dogs

that roam the world. We see them

and are invisible to us in the face of the

cruelty of the world. They walk

from side to side without a loved one

to wag their tails or brighten

to brighten their day. They walk through garbage, endure

and scorn from those who think they are superior.

who think they are superior.

It is for them that on this second

day of the novena to San Roque,

I pray to you. I trust that you have a

wonderful plan for them, that

that you have the “perfect” one

who will be the best teacher in the world.


Novena a san roque

If you would like to take this prayer further, we recommend the prayer of St Francis of Assisi for animals. In the society we live in, it is an act of kindness to pray for those who cannot live with us.

3rd day

Not even the most innocent

are not spared from

from disease. On the contrary,

For after a certain age, sickness

disease often strikes many of our

many of our furry friends.

On this third day of the novena

San Roque, let us pray for the health of our

for the health of our loved ones.

Each day is more beautiful when we

hear that bark and see those

those eyes full of love for us.

for us. That is why we

pray for his health, that he

that he doesn’t suffer from pain,

or colds or anything else that might

affect his daily life. Love her

and protect her forever and ever

forever and ever, amen.

Novena a san roque

Day 4

There are few things more painful

than losing our pet.

For this reason, on this fourth

day of novenas to you, St Roch,

we pray for a long and prosperous life

for our furry friends.

Allow us to continue together

continue this adventure that has

from the moment we

we met. Always

I look into the eyes of

(insert your pet’s name)

I can’t help but think how

lucky I am to have

the best dog

and the best friend

a person could have.

novena a san roque

Day 5

In a world corrupted by the sins of man, it is

by the sins of man, it is easy to give our

to give our pets an unworthy home.

Our pets. As humans, we find ourselves

we find ourselves engrossed

in our problems and

and tend not to give them the patience and love that

and love that they deserve.

With this in mind, together with the novena to

to St Roch, we pray that our daily

that our daily schedules will be more flexible.

more flexible. Thanks to this fact

we will be able to give them the love

that they deserve. Amen.

Novena a San Roque

Day Six

People are cruel. There are many

cases of violence or

of violence or mistreatment of animals.

Although this problem has

improved in recent times, it can still be

that even in the middle of the

21st century, we still see

these cases. For this reason, on this

sixth day of the novena to San Roque,

we pray for the enlightenment of people to be

people to be more just with nature and to be more

more just with nature and the beings

and the beings that make it up.


Novena a San Roque

7th day

On this seventh day of the novena to St Roch,

we pray for the lost dogs. It is very

painful when our pampered ones leave home.

away from home. Therefore, with this prayer

we ask you to ease our pain

and let our paths meet.

meet. My concern for him

I feel for him, and my desire

to see him grows and grows every day. Please

Please, San Roque, protect

(insert pet’s name) and may it be so, forever and ever.

So be it, forever and ever.

Novena a San Roque

If your puppy has gone missing, we suggest you pray this prayer for lost animals to St Francis of Assisi. You can also ask St Francis of Assisi to intercede for you to be reunited with your best friend.

Day 8

Much pain is felt when we lose our pets.

when we lose our pets.

They leave a void that cannot be filled without the

without the hand of God.

The feeling of uncertainty

is simply unbearable,

because we know nothing about the whereabouts

of our precious puppies.

precious puppies. In view of this

on this, the ninth day of the novena to

San Roque, I ask for the protection

of the soul of (insert name)

let anything happen to him, dear

San Roque, love him and cover him with your

mighty mantle of love.

And may it be so, forever and ever, amen.

Forever and ever, amen.

Novena a San Roque

9th day

On this last day of the novena

to San Roque, we pray to become

better masters. You who

always knew how to be just

with the animals

You are the best reference

at the moment of making

these prayers. Help me to be

better, St Roch, to be a more

responsible, just and good

and good in my decisions.

The most important thing for the care

of a dog is to have an

excellent master. Therefore, I would like to

ask for your intercession,

now more than ever,

I must be better than I have been.

In the following video we include a prayer for dogs. If you have one, you can pray for it through this beautiful prayer, which invites the speaker to show more love to his pet.

Among other saints dedicated to animals, we have St Anthony Abbot, who throughout his life devoted himself to the importance of animals living alongside humans.