Saint Dominic is considered one of the youngest martyr saints of the Catholic Church, he died when he was only 15 years old, this man who suffered martyrdom like Saint Josephine for professing his faith in Jesus, he was a great disciple of Saint John Bosco, know here the prayer to Saint Dominic Savio.
Oración a Santo Domingo Savio

Prayer to St. Dominic Savio for study and students

Praying to Saint Dominic Savio is a great help when we want to do well in an exam and in our studies in general, so we must entrust ourselves to him in order to succeed in this long career of learning. You can also pray to Saint Cayetano Trabajo.oraciones a San Cayetano Trabajo.

O good, pious and martyred Saint Dominic Savio, who, in the wonderful life you led in your short youth, set an incalculable example with your great Christian virtues, taught us to love Jesus with great devotion and the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of Jesus, our Giver of Life, grant us that pleasing purity and may we also have that zeal for souls as you had.
Oración a Santo Domingo Savio

I ask you, through this prayer to Saint Dominic Savio, to help me to do well in my studies, in all the exams I take, in all the academic formation of my life, and also emotionally and spiritually, I ask you to be my guide and my ideal help, to be able to be someone in life and to have a professional development.

Saint Dominic Savio, I ask you to help me to die rather than sin, so that I may find the happiness we need to live with God forever in heaven. Amen.

Prayer to Saint Dominic Savio for our children

We can make a prayer to Saint Dominic Savio for the children and ask for the divine protection that we so much want for them, the children are a precious treasure that we always want to protect and care for more than our own life, with this prayer we can achieve it, you can also make a prayer to San Pancrazio for money.

Oración a Santo Domingo Savio

Glorious and blessed Saint Dominic Savio, you were a blessed child and a very exemplary and devoted son, you were also very affectionate and treated your parents and brothers and sisters with great respect, you were always dedicated and a very good student, you were an educated child who always gave of what he had, you were considered very charitable, besides being an excellent student.

When you studied at the school of San Giovanni Bosco, you were worthy of the trust and affection of all those who taught there, and there too you felt like a brother to all your classmates, and it was with this new family that you began your journey to holiness; at this moment I ask you to listen to us and to accompany us in these petitions that we make today for our children.

Oración a Santo Domingo Savio

You are a man more than blessed with the beautiful gifts that God gave you and also with that great devotion that you always had to the Virgin Mary, the Mother of God and our Mother, you were always a great example to all those around you and it was with your most humble devotion and love that you helped them, for this reason we come to you today and we ask you to be the one who, from this glory where you are, remembers all my children, all the children and also the young people.

We ask You to be the One who watches over their lives so that they never stray from sound virtue, we ask You to be the One who gives them the encouragement they need to continue if at any moment they falter in their studies, we ask You to keep them away from people who want to harm them, we ask You to be their protection against any adversity so that they never have bad company that could harm them.

Oración a Santo Domingo Savio

We ask you, Saint Dominic Savio, to keep them always away from temptations, to guide them always on the path of goodness, may the blessed mercy of God be their pleasant company, I ask you that they may not be the object of evil and may they fall into temptations, and if at any moment they fall, I ask you to bring them out of this abyss very soon, Saint Dominic Savio, we ask you, who have been named patron of children and also of young people, we ask you to meet their needs, do not allow them to suffer for any reason.

Give them consolation when they feel sad, help them in their anguish or distress, may they never lack food, shelter and even less education. You are good and glorious, because of your holy devotion to the Immaculate Virgin and the Lord Jesus Christ, I ask you to grant me what I ask you today with my heart. (Make the petition). Amen. Say this prayer three days in a row. Watch this video.